[Two sets of five tones take form in a line
Alliterate well, make each end sound fine.]


Alliterating makes each end sound fine.

The End of the Gnomes

The Gnomes of Zurich gained Zorkmids down there
In caverns they dug, caves of depth and wear.
For years at the pick, they yearned for topaz,
White opal, amber, obsidian as
Gems of the ground when they knew gems from glass;
They sold gems for gold, not tin nor some brass.
Zorkmids are coins of a cold Yendor land.
The gnomes gathered wealth, gnomish gold in hand.

Then a lord of gnomes, his attention let
One Barbarian, a human who he bet
She would raid the gnomes, she would take the gold.
The lord told the gnomes, let defenses hold!
Grab your picks, daggers, your arrows and darts!
The Barbarian's body, thrash apart!
Protect our money, prevent a mistake,
Our giant treasure, not gone to here take.

The gnomes wielded well, feared not her wide axe
As gnomish arrows could gain distance max.
So there formed a queue of them aiming straight
At Barbarian. Alas, but their fate
Was to shoot themselves! Where some line are gnomes
All except the last, all let their own bones
Between them and the Barbarian so
Gnomish weapons killed most gnomes in war though.

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