Nutter had just come down the stairs. He had a tiny kitten to keep him company. The merchant who had sold him the kitten had told him wild stories. The kitten might not be too powerful at first, but it was very agile and hard for any enemy to harm. It could kill his enemies, and every time it killed a few it would suddenly become bigger and more deadly - possibly becoming a huge killer monster over the course of months or less!

There were people who questioned Nutter's common sense, but he wasn't crazy enough to believe that.

Nutter had been heralded from birth as the instrument of Thoth who was desperate to recover the amulet. His older brother had just graduated from Page to Herald when Nutter was born, and he had immediately started heralding about how Nutter was destined to journey underground and retrieve the Amulet of Yendor, which so many before him had died in quest of. He didn't know why everyone kept saying his brother hadn't wanted a sibling and was out to get him.

Pausing at the bottom of the staircase, Nutter checked his inventory one more time. He had hoped to know more than two spells, but his brother had been certain that he knew all he needed to get started. His brother had assured him destiny favored him, but seemed slightly surprised when his investment program in lotto tickets had paid off so well. For a mere fifty percent commission, his brother had helped him outfit himself with a powerful magic proof cloak, a sheath without sword, a wooden quarterstaff, magic rings, potions, scrolls, a wand, and his two spellbooks.

Despite all this, he vaguely felt as if he had forgotten something, despite all his brothers help. Oh yea - he hadn't brought any food.

He briefly thought about going to buy some, maybe selling his potion of monster detection to buy some and then returning to the dungeon. Of course he knew that was impossible. Whenever anyone left the dungeon, people bought them drinks in exchange for stories of their marvelous adventures. They often bragged about how they were going back one of these days, but somehow never did.

Sewer RatEdit

He started out to walk past his kitten, but had to stop - his kitten was in the way! He began to realize that all creatures, no matter how large or small, occupied an equal amount of rectangular space which he could not walk through.

He walked around his kitten into a corridor to his left, the kitten at his heels. It soon got in front of him, and blocked the entire corridor until it wandered into a corner, allowing him to slip past diagonally. Soon he saw another room. There was an ugly rat in the doorway. One sniff told Nutter it was a sewer rat.

He wacked at it with his staff. His cloak was superb protection against magic, but little good against ratbites. He was horribly mauled, one quarter dead (hitpoints down from 12 to 9). No more Mr Nice Guy. Zap!

He might be a little slow in the resource management department, but he was actually pretty good at summoning mystic bolts of killing energy. He had wanted to get together with a bunch of wizards and study their spellbooks in exchange for letting them see his, but spellbook writer's guild rules forbade this. Nutter had only managed to learn one other spell, an enchantment that would make him run faster, except that he had never been powerful enough to cast it.

He stepped over the dead rat and into the room. With disgust he noticed the kitten behind him eating the raw stinking sewer rat. His brother had warned him against eating raw meat under any circumstances, but sniffing the corpse would have been enough. How could anyone eat raw meat?

Untaken WaterEdit

There was nothing in the room except for a purple potion. Nutter had no idea what this purple potion would do. It probably was not needed yet, so Nutter put the potion into his pack. Then Nutter thought that he heard some water splashing on coins.

"Did you hear the water?" he asked his kitten. The kitten purred.

The next corridor was somewhat long, but lead only to a dead end. It seemed strange that someone would build this corridor to nowhere. Nutter looked behind him but could not see far enough through the dark corridor to know whether the kitten had followed him. He decided to examine the dead end, just in case he would have missed a further tunnel. Then he noticed that the end of the corridor seemed unusually fast. He touched and some of the dirt fell. Then he found what seemed to be a doorknob.

Then suddenly the door seemed obvious. Nutter wondered how he did not see it before. He grabbed the doorknob and tried to push and pull the door. The door resisted at first, but eventually it opened. Then came the light; apparently each room in the dungeon was magically lit, even though the corridors were dark.

In the room ahead of Nutter was a spout of water, a fountain. There was also a scroll in one corner, and a sick-looking zombie slowly approaching Nutter!

Nutter thought about conjuring another bolt. As he thought, the action around him seemed to pause. Then Nutter noticed that it was only a small zombie, apparently a zombified kobold who was shorter than Nutter. Then Nutter decided that he would try saving his power and fighting the zombie with the staff; the zombie did not seem so strong.

Then he advanced toward the zombie, and the kobold zombie crept forward to meet him. Nutter struck first with the staff. The zombie fell dead and disintegrated. Nutter had been worried, but the zombie never had a chance to attack.

The zombie did not drop anything, but Nutter went to take the scroll that was lying in the room. The label on the scroll became clear only after Nutter moved closer to it. In large capital letters, the message on the scroll was VE FORBRYDERNE, gibberish in uppercase letters.

Nutter looked at the three scrolls that he had carried into the dungeon. TEMOV was create monster, VENZAR BORGAVVE was light and KIRJE was earth, but what was VE FORBRYDERNE? Nutter looked at the scroll some more, but had no idea. Perhaps he could use the scroll now, he wondered, and that would reveal what it does. However, Nutter hesitated. Maybe he needed to save the scroll for later?

Or maybe the scroll did something bad? If someone was going to leave a scroll on the floor this close to the dungeon entrance, the scroll might be worthless, but it might be malevolent, and that was quite likely for a dungeon of dangerous rats and weird zombies. Perhaps a scroll labeled VE FORBRYDERNE does something bad, like create a monster?

Then Nutter noticed his own TEMOV scroll of create monster. It seemed bad enough; not only had Nutter forgotten to bring food to the dungeon, but he had brought a useless scroll that would only summon a monster to attack him.

He stashed the scoll in his pack and noticed Kity eating the dead undead. He took out his empty potion and put it under the water, only to find splatters near the top. Odd...he pulled it away. Indeed, the water was sinking past an even more clear substance. He'd have to leave it be. But now...what would he carry the water in?

Looking back at his zombie eating kitten, Nutter found its eyes to be unusually large and black. Whatever, he needed to find something to carry the water. Sitting around only made him hungry, so he took a drink from the fountain and looked inside to find a few coins to pocket. Time to move out in search of food.

Stroke of DeathEdit

Another dark corridor, he'd walked across half hoping that food would just be left somewhere. However, only a lesser than lesser wraith appeared before him, pointing a finger at him. He knew all wraiths cast Lethal Death when they first meet a crawler, so he quickly raised his magic proof cloak. The dark dart of death passed right through the cloak and struck him, though he only felt a slight pain. didn't look like the cloak had filtered anything! Whatever, he'd have to strike out. His staff struck the wraith, though to no effect. It moved closer, probably wanting to attempt to strike him with Touch of Death. He struck out a mystical bolt thing and saw the wraith vaporize before him, a magical energy revitalizing him...though not his hunger. His cat, who still hadn't shown off any killer powers, glared at where the wraith had been. No food for it this time.

The next room had to corridors by it, and an unlit torch standing tall in the center of the room. Nutter figured he'd collect everything and put the torch in his unused sheath. Walking away to the left exit, a troll came walking through the entrance. Nutter jumped back, this made no sense. The cave just went from sewer rat to zombie kobold to lesser than lesser wraith...and now a troll???Nutter quickly took flight for the other exit, a place Kity had already run off to. He soon ran over a trap door, tripping on the evident handle. However, it seemed to be unable to open. The looming figure of the troll blocked out the light from the other room, and Nutter desisted, running off hoping that this corridor would not be a dead end. He came to a fork, left or right. He didn't know which way he ran, he just ran some way. Nutter felt himself run onto nothing, and fell down a pit.


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