Alpha First letter of the Greek alphabet, Alpha was the first sector of the society. Once Delta was built, they stopped accepting immigrants and converted it to Doom. Beta was later made into Doom2.

Doom Converted to hold the worst male criminals of the society, it had received a small population of females over the years and therefore rendered Doom2 slightly useless, which was the union of female criminals.

Equipoise Means “lawful” in English, this union was the last real threat to Omega. Equipoise hoped for the same as Omega and Union to a degree, unity. Kibosh defeated them though, so that they would not grasp Omega. Their crest was a bleu twin loop symbolizing their supposed eternal law.

Ezel Born in Doom, Ezel was advisor under Zerkaz and Kryn for four years. She was the last leader of Kibosh.

Kibosh Means “defeat” in English, this union was a decoy for Omega. Their crest was a crimson hexagon. It symbolised their power with the color of blood.

Klek First to use the atomic bomb, they set the cold war into a nuclear war.

Kryn Born in Nirvana, Kryn was void of emotion. He had a thought of pure logic. Later, Kryn had an operation which gave him emotion. Though he did master the ability to control his emotions, Kryn had a less logical thought after. He was heir to Zerkaz and vanquished Equipoise. He did not hold Kibosh for a long period, and was the second last leader of the union.

Mars Fourth planet from the sun, Roman god for war. Mars did not hold to its name. It was a weak union which refused treaties with Kibosh. They were ignored until later, when Zerkaz had Kryn practise battling upon them and they were sieged.

Might English term, a powerful force. Might was the second union which was created to stop Union. Once Might was defeated by Union, the less powerful unions moved in and kill Union’s now weakened forces.

Nelar Creator of the atomic bomb, they were the first to be destroyed, and by their own creation.

Nirvana Means “celestial” in English, Nirvana was one of the most superior sectors.

Omega Greek term for the end and also their last letter, this union planned to finish Union’s plans of uniting Doom.

Superior Sector A sector which holds strict laws and high standards for immigration, many see them as either wonderful or morbid.

Ultima Short form of ultimate, this union was the outer shell of Omega. Ultima spread quickly, while still conserving their forces. It was powered by Omega.

Union English term, a united force, following the same objective. First of the unions, Union was created by Nik Kay in an attempt to unite Doom. It defeated Might at the end of its time, which weakened it enough to be killed by the small unions which now existed.

Vrelk Last leader of Equipoise, Vrelk was killed by Kryn. He was not seen as one to follow the Equipoise theory, and so the people did not rebel against Kibosh after his death.

Zerkaz Third last leader of Kibosh, Zerkaz held Kibosh for twenty years. He pilgrimed to Omega in his first year as leader, and was assigned to defeat Equipoise.

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