But he didn’t. He wouldn’t. What he wanted he held back. He kept conscience. If someone came, he had to at least have the knowledge of it. He thought some more, he felt tired. He hadn’t slept for awhile, but he could take missing sleep. He began to recollect the events of the day. He had awoken at the base, met with Ezel, Vik and Greg. They had planned to have a silent attack, until Greg slipped. If only Greg hadn’t slipped. That triggered the death of Vik, and the wounds Greg received. That led Ezel and him to change objectives and siege the chemistry lab of Equipoise for supplies. That led to this. Now he was here. Now he was laying with his brain in a buzz. He had recoverd a bit, enough to feel the pain of his overworked body. His legs hurt from running, his lungs hurt from the lack of oxygen and his head hurt with the impact of falling. It throbbed. But these were just the highlights, the pain was all around him. But then it struck him what came after Greg fell. He went to the lab, he did siege it with Ezel. He had ran though, and Ezel had disappeared. He had made the core his goal. His original goal. And then the emotion of dignity and respect filled within him. He thought of how Zerkaz had worked so hard to come to this point, he had died trying. And here he was. Laying about going and remembering. Here he was, just laying on the floor when he was so close to the core. He had to get up, and continue. He couldn’t lay about in the middle of a battle. He was in a battle zone laying around wanting to sleep. This wasn’t what he wanted to do. But he couldn’t get up. He just kept wanting to. He just kept trying to. But every attempt to get his legs up failed. His nerves refused. He pushed harder. He had to get up, his mind was now back together. He had reorganized and recompiled all the information and was now trying to get his body to do as he wished. But it wouldn’t. He tried again. And again. And again. And again. But still, he laid about. And again. And again. And again. He had to get up. He slid his arms now. If his legs were going to clamp, he would have to make his arms help him. He pushed up, and pulled himself forward. He kept pulling. He wouldn’t stop. He had to get to Vrelk. Vrelk was mortal, Vrelk could be killed. Why hadn’t he killed Vrelk before? He had to now. He pressed on. He pushed himself again. But he was surrounded in a haze of emotional thought. He didn’t even have any adrenalin left within him. And then he could finally see the turn he had made last time, into a unit of hydrogen gunmen. He couldn’t continue, unless he could get up. But his legs still refused. Perhaps Vrelk wished to see him. This time though, he would not be fortunate. Or maybe…

“I am Kryn! I demand an audience with Vrelk at once. Perhaps law could be useful for Doom, a merge with Kibosh would surely accelerate the speed of conquest.”

And before he knew it, Kryn was on a chair in front of the man who had tortured him. But this time, Vrelk believed that Kryn had civil terms. Of course, Kryn had his blades in a clamp on the desk. Five guards were also in the room.

“Please, do forgive me for my actions upon you. Do not mind the security, I must be careful.”

“Of course, a false security is better then no security, or is it?”

And that was as far as the diplomacy went, assassination had already struck before they had finished their introductions and pleasantries. For Kryn had clenched his fists and the claws within his gloves were gouged into Vrelk’s heart. He had by then taken control of his legs, slightly. He got up and tilted back as he guessed the angles of fire he would receive. He grabbed the clamp and clawed one of the guards, then another and he decided to move to the side after to avoid the shots. He then clawed the next three in quick succession. He had caught the door guard first, so no alarms were set. He now had control of the room. Now to get into Vrelk’s control room. He unclamped his blades and moved forward.

The control room wasn’t far, and due to the need for soldiers and the false sense of safety, no elites were in the core. They had all attended the blood bath. Kryn entered the room, the computer was on standby. In a moment, it was back into working.

First, he skimmed over what Vrelk had been doing, then he looked for any special information. He found it, the statistics of Equipoise. Their power was being strained through this battle, and their population wasn’t having enough support. Kibosh had taken their last elevator. He looked at how they were doing economically, and he even was able to skim over how the enemy allies were doing. It seemed that Kibosh’s allies were being successful. Kryn then decided to look into the temporary folders. He looked about, and then noticed two video files that had been recently taken at the Equipoise prison, around the chemistry lab. He had already guessed that the only logical prisoner of that area could be Ezel. His thoughts were verified when he watched the two. He could tell where it was leading, and he knew that Ezel was his heir. If Ezel died and he died, Kibosh would be left for a interval of time where they would be vulnerable, without an initialized leader. They would have to go through long steps of deciding who was worthy of Kibosh, and it could easily be the fall of Kibosh, if Equipoise didn’t take advantage. Though, Equipoise was also about to reach this vulnerability. Kibosh couldn’t miss the chance. If Ezel died and Kryn lived, he would be left with a less competent advisor.

But he could easily find where Vincent had gone, Equipoise only had three elites named Vincent. One was on the front lines, so there was only two left. But one more pointer was left, the Vincent that Vrelk had sent had superior genes. With a small look at the two Vincents' genes, Kryn saw that one was evidently more physically fit then the other. The Vincent he was after, who turned out to be the heir of Vrelk, lived in a cubicle three kilometres away from the core. Kryn set off, he’d get Ezel and then they would go to Kibosh, to call an attack.

The news of Vrelk’s death hadn’t spread, it wouldn’t until someone went into the conference room. Until then, guards were still guarding and escorts were still escorting. Kryn kept aware of his surroundings, and killed any who walked by him. In an hour and a half, Kryn was at the door of Vincent. He opened link with Vincent, yelling in anger now.

“Vincent! Free Ezel, now.”

Soon, Vincent was at the monitor, an angry grin in his face.

“Why? From what it seems, that black powder can’t break through doors.”

“Then I will close the diplomacy, just like I did when I killed Vrelk.”

“Stop bluffing. How could you kill Vrelk?”

“He is mortal, as are you.”

“And you, Kryn.”

“I know, nothing is indestructible. Even diamondium can be atomized.”

“Then I wait, you bluff of your assassination and you bluff now.”

“While I open this door, go try to contact Vrelk.”

“I’ve already sent a message to him.”

“Did you verify that? If I remember, I sent any data that I wished to archive to Kibosh and then destroyed the computer myself.”

“All right, I’ll go verify. You Kryn, try to pick that lock as long as you wish.”


Vincent walked away, and Kryn took one of his swords, the glass door’s lock would shatter eventually. He slashed at it, ignoring his hands’ protest. He raised it again, hacking at the small crack in the door. Each slash had a small chip or crack with its low vibration. Soon Vincent’s face reappeared at the monitor.

“You really killed Vrelk. And to think, I’m his heir. Vrelk was a great man Kryn, and I will have to avenge him now. Don’t even think about breaking open that door, unless you want a bullet in your head.”

But during the whole dialogue, Kryn hadn’t stopped hacking the door lock. He was almost through the door now. He raised his blade once more, and smashed upon the lock. It finally broke. He opened the door, and while opening the door he pulled his other sword out. But it was more the way he opened the door. He didn’t walk in, he more pushed the door open and then stepped back. Vincent, not wanting to step out, held the stale mate. Kryn reached to the side and opened link with Vincent again. In the small moment that Vincent was set aback by Kryn opening link with him, Kryn had jumped upon him and killed Vincent. Kryn then shut the door. All he had to do was get Ezel, and then go to Kibosh.

But he hadn’t expected that Ezel’s limbs would be shot. There she lay. But with her limbs, he’d have to call for Kibosh escorts.

“Are you okay?”

“Better then I expected.”

“Well, Vincent is dead.”

“I could hear.”

“How did they get you?”

“I slipped in some grease, that tunnelled into the prison. From there, Vrelk sent Vincent. If I had killed Vincent, Vrelk would have sent some other superior gene. They are having a population crisis, so they have taken steps to compensate for the deaths.”

“I know, I scanned through the database. I also sent some of the information to Kibosh. I’ll go call for some escorts.”


Kryn left the room, went to the computer and called for escorts, three groups were sent and they would hopefully reach the glass cubicle within four hours. Until then, Kryn and Ezel just had to keep the room from any guards, if any came. During that time, Kryn got Ezel some bandages and braces for her limbs.

“Thanks, a lot of people would have ran for Kibosh after killing Vrelk.”

“Such actions are illogical, if I left you in Equipose I would lose my heir, advisor and best escort. I also had to kill Vincent, now the next despot won’t be chosen as easily.”

“Kryn, are you always so logical?”

“It is what brought me to be heir of Zerkaz. On the topic of Zerkaz, why didn’t he have a heir?”

“The event was not possible.”

“I see. I think we should take a detour to the lab after, where did the materials I gave you go?”

“They were left in the prison, Vincent decided to send them back to the lab and take note of them. He guessed that they were ingredients for black powder.”

“Well, that makes it so that we should get the chemicals even more.”

And so small chat like this and shifted naps went on for around four hours, and two of the escort groups were present at that time. And one survivor of the ambushed one. There was therefore, thirteen people to escape Kibosh, five of which were carrying Ezel. They moved to the lab, Kryn emptied it of its usefulness and gave five of the escorts sacks to carry the chemicals upon their backs. This left only Kryn and three others fully mobile.

Few enemy units were crossed, those crossed were dealt with. Those who ran, would find out that their was no leader to warn. Kryn didn’t chase after them now, his main priority was getting to Kibosh, with Ezel alive.

In another four hours, they reached the sieged Equipoise zone of Kibosh.

Ezel was left to heal, and Kryn was no longer needed for the final blow. He only instigated it. Each unit had its instruction, the moral of Equipoise was almost gone now. Any Equipoise civilians could surrender, they would resign as Equipoise and be left with their crest embedded, only a red hexagon would be labelled over it. They would be limited so that they could not join the military, most of them would be left with only the option to be a hydroponic farmer, or engineer, if they could.

Soon, the Equipoise loyalists, who were mainly the elites, were all killed and Equipoise was now Kibosh. Had Zerkaz lived, he would have been able to have a second pilgrimage to Omega. But now, only Kryn would go. He would do it alone, just as Zerkaz had.

Kryn left the next day, he took with him his swords and nothing else, besides basic provisions in the case that he come within a hostile zone which would not provide him with nutrients. He left, and only Ezel would know where he was going.

“Hello, I think you are going to be the leader of Kibosh for awhile.”

“Why so?”

“Did Zerkaz ever tell you of Ultima and Omega?”

“Yes, when I became his heir.”

“The same for me, and now that Equipoise has fallen, the last real threat towards Ultima, I will pilgrim there also. When Zerkaz went to Ultima, they told him to defeat Equipoise. Now, we have defeated them. I am going to ask them for the next step.”

“I see. Have you plotted your course?”

“Yes, the map is in the Vault. I also left some cases of black powder in one of the closets. The thermostats contain blasting gelatine, still in a gel state. When frozen it will explode when cracked and when in the gel state it is stable until mixed with fire. The other material is nitroglycerin, the most destructive explosive you will have. Be careful with it.”

“Alright, make sure you are careful once you are out of the unions which have allied with Kibosh.”

“I will.”


And that was the last conversation he had. Now he walked along the corridors, resting at the glass cubicles of Kibosh’s allies. He told none where he was going, just that he was going to distant unions. Omega had received word of Kibosh twenty years ago, where were they now?

And so Kryn travelled, one step at a time. He was to travel one thousand kilometres. That was around half the distance of Doom, corner to corner. Kibosh was around the center of Doom, as Omega had installed them there.

All was a simple walk, eat, rest and then walk more for many days. Kryn was finding it simple, until he reached the border of the Kibosh alliance. There, Kibosh support no longer strechted and taxs weren’t sent inwards. He had only travelled three hundred kilometres, he had around seven hundred left. He moved forward, his blades were now in grip. He wore the hexagon of Kibosh, but it no longer protected him. For now, he was in a neutral zone, but soon he would be in the hostile zones. A hundred kilometres later, and Kryn was in the hostile zones. No longer would he be able to dock at random cubicles, these zones were small and killed all intruders. They flared up constantly, and died as fast as they came. He kept in tune with his settings, and kept silent as much as possible.

For Kryn was mortal, one lethal blow would kill him. He passed by few, but those he did he normally had to die. Though, from time to time, they would welcome Kryn. During this time, he would take their hospitality while staying very cautious. He did not rest while being ones guest, and if any of his hosts ever tried to pull off some stunt to kill him, as it had happened, he acted accordingly by killing the occupants. He left accordingly and made haste to leave the small union he was in quickly.


It had been awhile. Kryn wondered how Equipoise was adapting and if Ezel was keeping it submissive. But Kibosh was only a decoy, Omega was what mattered. Kryn was almost there. He kept walking, he had been walking for some time. He estimated that he was near, by where he thought he was on the map. He couldn’t rest. The zones were getting very hostile. He couldn’t even take the chance of hospitality anymore. He had to get to Ultima. They would let him enter Omega.

Guards shot. Kryn ran. Guards chased. Kryn stopped. Guards attacked. Kryn killed. Guards died. Kryn left. Such was the pattern now. It had been this way until now, this time it was different. Guards shot. Kryn ran. Guards chased. Kryn stopped. Guards stopped. Kryn talked. Guards escorted. Kryn stayed. It hadn’t been long, Kryn had waiting for the leader of Ultima for only a short time. The door opened, and a man stepped in.

“So you are Kryn, leader of Kibosh?”


“Do you know of Zerkaz?”

“I am his heir. He passed away recently.”

“Twenty years? That is rare.”

“May I speak with the leader of Omega?”

“What brought you here?”

“Kibosh has defeated Equipoise, may I speak with the leader of Omega?”

“Kibosh is pretty large now then, who did you leave in charge?”

“Ezel, the advisor that Zerkaz had left and I believe is competent for the occupation. May I speak with the leader of Omega?”

“I see, are you Zerkaz’s son?”

“No, I came from Nirvana and he believed I was competent. May I speak with the leader of Omega?”

“How long since you defeated Equipoise?”

“I don’t know, I left the day after. May I speak with the leader of Omega?”

“Why are you asking? Leave for Omega when you wish. How many females do you have in Kibosh?”

“Seven, though two were only recently born. Where is Omega?”

“Behind me. How is the diamondium supply in Kibosh?”

“Not much, I have with me most of it.”

“We don’t expect offerings.”

“I know, I have two diamondium blades.”

But the discussion was over, for Kryn got up and entered the door behind the Ultima leader. He followed the hall. It was long. After a long walk, he reached a door. He opened link. Before him, a message appeared, ‘Please insert password.’

Kryn paused a moment, then typed ‘Union was the first, Omega was the last.’

Then the door opened and Kryn looked. It was another hall. He continued his walk, until he reached another door. He opened link. Before him appeared a room, and a woman looked at it. He watched the woman get up and speak into the speaker, “Can I see your wrist?”

Kryn raised his wrist to show the Kibosh hexagons.

“I see, come in.”

The door opened and Kryn walked into Omega.


Inside, Omega did not look that powerful. There were twenty people. Omega couldn’t be called a union, but they viewed themselves as such. The woman who had greeted him looked at him again.

So you are the leader of Kibosh?”


“What is your name?”


“Do you know of Zerkaz?”

“I am his heir. He passed away recently.”

“Twenty years? That is rare.”

“Kibosh has defeated Equipoise.”

“Kibosh is pretty large now then, who did you leave in charge?”

“Ezel, the advisor that Zerkaz had left and I believe is competent for the occupation.”

“I see, are you Zerkaz’s son?”

“No, I came from Nirvana and he believed I was competent.”

“How long since you defeated Equipoise?”

“I don’t know, I left the day after.”

“Do you wish to know what we wish of you now?”


“That you stay here. Now that Equipoise is taken, Kibosh is the largest threat.”

“Are you planning to destroy Kibosh?”


“Why do you see them as such a threat?”

“They are now the largest union besides Ultima. If they were to develop an inferiority complex, they may attack us.”

“When you mean destroy them, you don’t mean attack them, but join them with Ultima, right?”

“No. We cannot connect with them at this moment.”

“What if I make a link with Kibosh, and tell Ezel to work towards Ultima?”

“That would take too long, we need to keep Ultima secret. If they ever learn of us they will attack.”

“No. They will strive to gain this power. They will be eager to merge.”

“Listen, how about this, I will hold off our army against Kibosh until you die.”

“Can I have a computer to let Kibosh know of this?”


Soon, Kryn was on a computer and speaking with Ezel.

“Ultima plans to attack Kibosh, unless Kibosh merges with them before I die.”

“Are they going to kill you?”

“No, but they are sending me on the dangerous expeditions with small units.”

“Alright, I’ll start having Kibosh advance in the direction of Ultima. Are they also fighting in our direction?”


“Why not?”

“They see Kibosh as a threat. They would have attacked if I hadn’t made agreements.”


And that was the end of the conversation. Ezel had to fight through the small unions between Kibosh and Ultima, while Kryn had to survive lethal and unimportant tasks. These tasks had time limits, and sometimes they had no productive, however minute, results. Take for example, when they wanted to see how long it would take him to escape a high heat hydroponic farm that was locked. He had almost died, as the fumes were toxic. During this time, instead of the machinery taking the plants, he had to harvest the plants.

Many tests they did shocked them at how he didn’t die. Harvesting the hydroponics was simple, he just had to harvest a certain amount, and when he was locked he just crawled through the ventilation. They once gave him a computer, and he had to hack into their system to unlock a door. The ceiling had a grate, which if he were to have the system detect him, would fall upon him. They had made him run down a long hall after they had set off their protective function to have close onto him. They had made him run an obstacle course in which he had to dodge countless lethal traps. They put him in an incinerator, giving him ten minutes to climb up to the top and exit, his fingers were blistered after from clinging to the small crevices in the glass. They had him climb a ladder while an automatic gun shot at him. They had him swim down a deep pool and pick up a small bead, not allowing him to come above the surface until he had acquired the bead. They sent him to siege unions alone, and with his only his fists. His blades were left in Omega. All this, he endured, so that Kibosh might have a chance to reach Ultima in time. Ezel was getting near, but Kryn was urgent.

“You have to hurry, Ezel. Tomorrow I have to dismantle a large bomb which will end up having a short circuit if I make a slight mistake. They are getting desperate, I have to siege single handed without any weapons. I’ve killed a few assassins in the night, though they won’t admit to ordering them.”

“Don’t worry, every person coming through the elevator is sent directly to the front lines.”

“Okay, I have to think about the components of a bomb now. Hurry. I don’t know how long I am going to be alive.”

The next day, Kryn set to work on the bomb. He knew that most of the wires were pointless, meant just to hold the bomb neutral and confuse him. If he pulled one, it would explode. He sat in front of the bomb, looking at which pack led to the other. It was an electric bomb, when the crystal inside gained enough volts it would charge the bomb and blast. It was at half a volt, it would blow when it reached five. If he short circuited it, the bomb would release the blast early. The half volt was enough to kill him. He couldn’t open the packs, or it would short circuit. He could try to cut the power, but in the moment his hand broke the wire, it would use him to short circuit. In four and a half minutes, he had it down to only three possible blast packs. It had only to charge another half volt. That would be thirty seconds. He looked at the packs, they were duplicates. Ultima had rigged it. He had a third chance of success. He grabbed the pack which held the crystal, if he could cut off the source of energy, he could stop the bomb. With rapid and precise movement, he lifted the cartridge while sliding his other hand and removing the crystal.

But it was too late, though the crystal was only charging the timer, the bomb was already charged and the crystal would only short fuse the bomb. If it had been legitimate, the bomb would have been dismantled.

The bomb exploded and Kryn was engulfed in flames, his hair burst with flame. Shrapnel had flown at him, and slit into his body and face. His hand was scraped and buckled into the bomb case. Gases emitted from the explosive, and filled his lungs. The fire kept burning, the blood kept flowing and his lungs weren’t getting oxygen. The bomb wasn’t built to cause instant death. Soon Kryn’s mind fluttered off, he held on. He blew out all he could, inhaling the air. He ran, but to no success. Chaos spread through his mind and pain impaled him. The heat of the fire, and the initial blast from the bomb were scorching his nerves. His skin was blackening, his throat and body was dry. His bones were heating up and baking his inner organs. The pain was too much, the shrapnel was warming up and etching into his skin. He fell, and let his mind go. In his fall, his head smashed against the glass, causing another pain he could toil with in his unconscience state.



Ezel was at her drafting table again, planning out the attacks. In a moment, Kryn would be asking for updates. She would tell him how close Kibosh was.

An hour passed, and Kryn hadn’t opened link.

Ezel began to worry. If Kryn had died, then Ultima was going to attack them. Ultima would surely be more powerful. Perhaps Ultima would be willing to allow Kibosh to join, if she could persuade them.

A week passed, and Kryn hadn’t opened link.

Ezel knew he had died. She had gone to the front lines, they were about to meet Ultima. Soon the last union was taken, and Ezel saw guards with the crest of Ultima.

“Take me to your leader.”

Soon Ezel was meeting with the leader of Ultima, the same man who had met Kryn recently.

“Hello, so you are Ezel?’


“You do know Kryn died?”

“I came to that conclusion.”

“Well then, let me explain what is going on. Omega controls Ultima, I am merely a decoy like Kibosh. Many unions know of Ultima, none of Omega. Omega needed to destroy all threats, the next being Kibosh. They don’t think the natives of Kibosh will ever truly convert from their red hexagons to our teal hexagons. They couldn’t kill Kryn though. He refused to die, and their agreement held. When they knew you were close, they thought of a task which would kill him, without making them seem like they had. That bomb was rigged. In order to reach the real wires, he had to have instruments which weren’t supplied. Even the crystal was a decoy. But I know what union is after Kibosh. Ultima.”

“Why so?”

“Ultima is nearest to Omega, and they plan to replace all of us with androids. They have developed the ability to, they have lost their purpose. I propose that we attack them, their caution has led to their fear.”

“Alright, how many soldiers?”

“Omega is one room, Ultima can’t infiltrate it. Take a large unit and they won’t be able to stop you. All of the Ultima residents have chips which alert Omega of their coming, but you don’t. You’ll be able to sneak into Omega.”


So now Ezel was crawling through a vent, with some escorts ahead and behind her. If Omega planned to attack Kibosh, they would feel the lash of desperation. They had made a union, tamed it and now it was getting them. Only because Kibosh now saw the threat. Omega’s fear was the reason for this.

And now they were stopped by a fence. Omega needed ventilation, but the fence offered them their sense of protection.

“What should we do, Ezel?”

“Don’t break it, Omega probably wired it.”

“Okay, what should we do?”

“I brought some explosives, I want you to lay this black powder along the grate. Then, with the nitroglycerin, put some on the other side of the fence. They built on a tilt, a mistake the architect made. Then we are going lay this thawed blasting gelatine on the wires of the fence, it’ll stay on. With a long sulphured wick, we will light it and run from the blast that is about to happen.”

And that is what they did. Soon, the sound of fire shot through the vent. But they had left it already, knowing of the toxins it would generate. The nitroglycerin had hopefully streamed down far enough to also blast the room inside. Soon the monitor opened link and the angry face of Omega’s leader looked at Ezel. Inside, the room of Omega had some fires, as of the chemicals they had been experimenting with.

“What is the meaning of this?”

“You killed Kryn. Next, you would attack Kibosh. After, Ultima. You will fall due to your precaution. Submit to Kibosh now.”

“Never, Kibosh must be destroyed.”

“Then we will have to destroy you.”

With that, Ezel set thermostats of blasting gelatine at the door and set them alight, after she had given herself some distance with a sulphured wick. The gelatine exploded and the door of Omega was barely dented. It held bars of diamondium within it which gave it a very powerful defence.

And the hall also was activated by the explosion. With the thermal wave of the explosion, the walls which Kryn had ran to evade began to close. Ezel looked down the hall. How could that distance be run? She started off, along with her unit. The distances grew between them. Ezel was far ahead of the others, she might just make it.

And then she exited the hostile hall. There was only half a meter left. She watched as her escorts looked at her with fearful eyes and were crushed between the walls. The walls slowed as they crushed the bones of the victims. But the force raised accordingly and the bodies were pressed.

“That’s too bad, I thought you would be crushed. Well, I’ll kill you all the same. Ultima is Omega. Omega will never attack us, for that would be attacking themselves.”

Ezel looked into the end of a gun which held more force then a hydrogen gun, while still being mobile. Soon, before she had realized it, a bullet was shot within her. By running through the hall, she had died by a bullet in her skull and a cramp, instead of being crushed between two glass walls.


Kibosh obliterated, Ultima would later convert to Omega. With the power Ultima had, compared to the small unions of Doom that remained, they would take over Doom. But with the higher society still sending the criminals to Doom unaware of the social trends, Doom would become a union in civil war. With such force spread across such area, the unions would revert to their small gangs. Nik Kay’s dream had failed, through those trying to embrace it. Then one day, someone would take in the idea of uniting Doom once again, and perhaps start another trend for a small interval of time. If they wished to ever escape their anarchic despotism, they would have to reach the society, one day.

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