Silence still was in Kryn, he would not tell him the lowest security areas, the combination to Zerkaz’s room’s lock. Or anything else he had learned, like the escape shaft that lead to the core of Kibosh. And in return for his loyalty, the whip was slapped upon his back, scaring the flesh, "This isn’t going to do is it? Fine then, we’ll see what you think of the next thing I have planned for you."

Metal was lifted, red metal. The iron had raised in heat and was set upon Kryn, it was worse then the whip, not only did his flesh get harmed, but his inner organs heated up. He still was quiet, "That is not good enough for you? Alright, let me do the honours of letting it get inside you, even more."

The iron rod, with it’s dull tip was thrust into the back of Kryn, he screamed in pain of his body’s damage. The rod was left inside him, and the whip lashed him again, "Are you still not ready? I know you know the combination to Zerkaz’s lock. He was smart enough to barricade it so that it could not be broken. Him and taking diamondium and building a room with it. He had to steal so much of it, and even create the alloy to do such a thing. And now he is passing out swords of it. Of course, you are his heir."

Vrelk’s anger consumed him, and with his strong arms he pummelled Kryn. He took the rod out and beat Kryn yelling in rage, confused to why Kryn would not speak. He smashed the bar furiously, breaking bones. Kryn began to realize that he was about to die, and then his arm was set loose. In the fury, Vrelk had decided to plunge the bar at Kryn’s head. It had smashed the arm hold though, and dented the lock. Kryn took his hand out, Vrelk stabbed Kryn again out of anger and that gave Kryn time to grab the whip, which Vrelk had set back into the holster. Kryn whipped at Vrelk, hitting the man in the arm. This made Vrelk even more annoyed, he took the bar out and while plunging it back towards Kryn’s stomach, was whipped again, he dropped the bar. This let him have some common sense, he went to grab the whip from Kryn threw it away. Vrelk was so lost in the mist of his emotions that all he remembered of what he wanted to do was get the whip, he went running for it. Kryn took the moment of freedom to unclip his other hand, and then to get his legs freed, but Vrelk came back now while Kryn was undoing his second foot. The whip smashed into Kryn’s skull, he kicked at Vrelk, but Vrelk was standing away from Kryn. Kryn decided to ignore the pain, to ignore the blood that was coming of his body, to focus on his foot. In moments he had undone it, ignored the pain of the whip’s lash upon his back, the hot iron rod he had received in his arm and the pain of his broken bones. In a moment he had taken the whip Vrelk had and whipped his foe, in that moment he had ran, grabbed his sword from the table beside him and tried to kill Vrelk, but Vrelk had ran for his sword, and Kryn knew that he must run now. In the next moment, he had ran in full instinct out of the room and charged out of Equipoise. He had ran, any who tried to attack him were killed, if they stood in his path or ignored. Bullets chased after him, but they were not able to hit him, or at least kill him, his right arm was limp and his left held the sword loosely. He ran until he reached Kibosh, where adrenalin finally calmed and he fell over, Equipoise guards had given up the chase when they saw the speed he ran at and where he went. He fell in Kibosh, and awoke in Zerkaz’s room of defence, he was crippled.

His stomach was blanketed in a long bandage and his right arm was in a cast that gripped his shoulder and went down to his hand with a soft black texture. The elbow had a mechanism to bend, while relieving stress on the muscles and skin. It was also very soft at the joint. His fingers were let out, and placed in a soft tubes. Once again, Zerkaz sat by Kryn, his eye in an arc before he began to speak, "Well, you followed your first priority. You got back alive. Your back blistering, your insides burned and your bones crushed, but somehow you ran on beaten legs and reached here, and you were still alive. You always seem to get yourself a nice scar. But still you refuse to die...You might find it hard to eat, your stomach was just tied together and a lot of the stuff inside you seemed to have drained. We had to do a blood test on you, your AB. If everyone was that it would be easy, and it is good for you. We gave you some blood, but your bones are just held by some sterilized glue, it is calcium based so that your bones can get into it and it will turn into bone, hopefully."

"I would of been okay, if one of the gunmen hadn’t shot my leg and beat me unconscience."

"He must of done more, how did you survive if he drove you to faint and how did you get in such a shape, you have internal burns..."

"After he punched my head a few times, I awoke in Vrelk’s torture chair, he wanted to know the combination to this room and anything else I might know. Either way, he planned on killing me. But in anger he accidentally broke one of my arms loose. I escaped eventually."

"I see, well you did fulfill your top priority..."

"And I still have my blade."


A few months later, Kibosh had expanded on some of its arrogantly large unions and made a few new allies. Equipoise had attacked once, but it still was held back. The population had dropped by a few, but some enemy union members had also joined and some others had come from the society, it kept it all balanced in the end. Kryn was now able to move, though he wasn’t advised to fight with anyone. Instead, he was sent to get people from the society, the entrance was near Kibosh and it was slowly trying to expand on to it, but the elevator was a prime spot. Kibosh planned to have it soon, until then they would send people there, kill the guards and wait for awhile. Kryn also had been set into a high respect level, and with that he was asked if he wanted to have any markings like Zerkaz had. And of course, he did. It was a custom and though Kryn didn’t care for it, he knew that it would only have positive reactions. He stopped with his arms however, unlike Zerkaz. Zerkaz sent Kryn on the final battle, to take the elevator. Zerkaz had been leaving it alone, but he planned now to expand around it, allowing no one there, to that particular elevator of the ten that existed.

The area was strongly guarded, Kryn was given thirty soldiers. They moved quickly, killing everyone they came by. Zerkaz followed later, bringing ten soldiers. Quickly, they moved along the borders. Kryn moved on the interior of the battle, finding intruders until he also went to cover the net of halls. Slowly, only one person was covering a hall. Zerkaz withdrew, sending word across. The zone border took a smaller area and Kryn was left there, with his thirty guards. They stayed and recruited from the society that allowed only one child per family because of the large population. Most of the people were murders, rapist and in some cases thieves. Kryn never met a person who was as innocent as he was, no one came from Nirvana even. Zerkaz had open arms to everyone, no matter what they did he allowed them to join Kibosh or be executed. He would set them in a state he saw fitting and then forget about them, just see them as another person. He had one talk with them, and if he found them to be a ordinary person, never talk with them again. A few were set higher then a guard, but most were just left as they came. Soon, Zerkaz switched Kryn and sent in someone else. By then the population of that area had gone from thirty to forty and had gained two more barracks. Zerkaz was pleased by this, and decided to reward Kryn, even if he wouldn’t care about it.

"Hello Kryn, I remember you asked for more diamondium. Do you want to know how we make it?"


"Alright, come with me."


Zerkaz moved along the halls, to the forgery, there he pulled out a diamond and some titanium, "Do you know what diamonds are?"

"Yes, I was an intellect, they are pure carbon. Carbon is the atom to melt last, subliming at 3775K and has 12 protons."

"Yes, now the heat would melt the furnace so we have to grind this diamond, which also the strongest thing we know of," Zerkaz dropped the lump of carbon into the grinder, "Once it is fine enough we will put it into the diamond furnace." A few minutes passed, during so Zerkaz had set the furnace alight and put the titanium in, which melted into the sub furnace, and then the diamond was turned to dust, Zerkaz poured the dust into the diamond furnace, "Then we must wait for it to melt into the funnel, would you like to play a game of chess while we wait?"


The two moved to a corner across from the furnace and Zerkaz left to get his chess board. When he came back, they commenced in the battle of wits. Zerkaz was a good player, he played it on the database with the computer’s artificial intelligence updating itself frequently. But still, Kryn manoeuvred Zerkaz into a check mate within an hour, making moves within five seconds and waiting for Zerkaz to decide on the best of choices, even though they were not the best. Kryn utilized the queen and slowly worked on Zerkaz’s front line of pawns, while his knight moved about attacking the back lines. Soon Zerkaz lost his queen, and broke out with an all offence that focused on taking the king out quickly. Kryn took advantage by taking out the rooks and bishops. The king was quickly moved into the corner.

A few games later, of which the result did not differ, the sub furnace on the side of the furnace echoed with the drops of liquid carbon. Zerkaz moved swiftly, waiting for the furnace to empty the carbon and then shut the lid of the sub furnace with an iron pole. The titanium had already melted, and would evaporate under the carbon. But the carbon would hold some of it, just merge with the gas. The gas would slowly cool as the heat released slowly from the no longer heated, but sealed, sub furnace. A few moments was all it was given, it was drained right onto a thick block of ice. The ice would melt, and that would not give it a large chance to get into the alloy. Well melting, it would cool the slush into a block of diamondium. This process was very hard, the energy was hard to come by with the many batteries which stored it. Diamond was also hard to come by, the pressure of a volcano had to be emulated. Titanium also isn’t the easiest to find. After all this effort, diamondium was not the easiest material to create. If the titanium gas escaped, you would lose the titanium and the carbon would remain as it was before, a waste of energy. And after all this is done for the material, it still needs forgery.

Zerkaz added the successful diamondium with his other lump. He now had fifty cubic centimetres. But Kryn wanted an entire meter, something that Zerkaz did not have. Kryn was fine with the facts, practical thinking had left him to only know that he had to wait for such things and focus on them, not hope that they would be handed to him. And for that, he needed to find some, and Zerkaz knew exactly how to. Equipoise, they collected resources for there people to use, and they saved a large sum of it. If Kibosh took Equipoise, they would own a tenth of Doom, and that was rare. Zerkaz had been collecting a large population recently, as was the result of having Kryn stabilize the elevator’s zone, which had always been unclear of who owned it. With Equipoise under constant attack, there allies would come in. The allies would be weaker, leaving it open to attack them. Kibosh would bring in their allies also, and the enemy allies would fight with their allies. That would leave Kibosh some time to focus on Equipoise. Eventually, after a few of the allies were set free Kibosh would have reinforcements. While Zerkaz fought with Kibosh against Equipoise, Kryn would take on the enemy allies. If all went right, Equipoise would be left with no allies, while Kibosh had some survivors. The surviving allies would come into Equipoise, along with the recruits from the elevator. Kryn agreed with it, a bit bold but that was required in this society.

"Zerkaz, before you plan on attacking Equipoise, might you happen to have the following, and may I have use of them; black powder, requires a large stick, flat filter of about a thirty centimetres square, cloth, water, alcohol, powdered sulphur, ground charcoal, granulated potassium nitrate and heat resistant buckets that can hold four litres each. Brass, gasoline, corn starch and thirty centimetres long cotton threads?"

"Why would you need those? We have some though, and I trust you enough to use them."

"Okay, I’d like to use the furnace for awhile too, to make the black powder."

"Can you explain what this is all for, Kryn?"

"I plan on making an explosive, not many people know of them. They were used in historical times as weapons but now are just accidents in chemistry. I’m going to make it so that when a thread of sulphured cotton is lit, an explosion will occur."

"Interesting, I look forward to when you have finished it."

Kryn spent some time with the ingredients and soon was able to get Zerkaz to see an explosion, Kryn lit the fuse with a spark, as he had dipped the end of the fuse in gasoline, and threw the bomb as far as he could, pulling Zerkaz back as it exploded. Zerkaz only grinned, turned to Kryn and told him, "Make sure nobody here except for you knows how to make those, if Doom started using those as standard weapons we would all be dead soon."

"Don’t worry, if we leave the people ignorant, they won’t be able to duplicate such power..."

Zerkaz moved silently ahead of his large unit, with him were three escorts and he held a bomb, along with his escorts also. He began to review everything in his mind, reviewing his profiles on everyone who played a vital role. He wished he had Kryn as an escort, Kryn was reliable. That was why he was in the position he was in, not here. Vik, Zerkaz’s most unreliable escort out of his three specially chosen, was at the end of the triangle, two more escorts covered Zerkaz from the front. Zerkaz wore an titanium plate, his escorts took the light aluminium. Anyone who had been able to get some aluminium armour had worked for it, the gear’s value had increased recently. Few wore iron though, it was valuable on normal occasions and heavier. Anyone who couldn’t get aluminium had tried to get some aluminium-tin alloy, even if it wouldn’t hold well. They were nearing the border, soon they would need to move into combat. In the beginning it would be easy, fifteen guards against a hundred. But slowly word would get out and reach Vrelk. He braced himself for the battle that was to come.

Kryn moved a bit quicker, he went to Gailith and had asked that that they repay there safety now by helping take down Equipoise, that they invest in more safety once Equipoise is gone and that they prove their loyalty. Any who declined would be lowered in allied rank, with all those reasons, they gathered the small militia they had and moved for an enemy ally. Kryn also gave them a list, wrote Gailith on it and asked that they send one person with the list to another ally of Kibosh or theirs who would add their name to it and pass it on. At first thought, they wondered why they didn’t use the database, but Doom only had one network. That meant that if Kibosh planned an attack on them with computer messages, Equipoise could easily see what they were doing. After the first ally group was told and they began relaying the message, Kryn went back to Kibosh and made some bombs. He put them on a cart and decided to deliver them to Zerkaz before heading to help the allies. There he would negotiate with Zerkaz in not going to the help their allies.

"Oh, Kryn, you are here with a cart of your lethal containers I see, come into this room we secured."


Inside the former Equipoise room, the double loops were being painted over and soon the crest would be replaced with a large red hexagon, "So Kryn, is word being sent?"

"I have begun the ripple effect."

"Good, when do you plan on going to help the other unions?"

"I believe that I should stay here and help you with Equipoise."

"If you think so, then I will agree."


"Will you be my escort then?"



The next morning, Zerkaz sat down with his most respected elites and Kryn to decide the units. Each person who came had brought their profile, and each one was being passed around and placed in a pile beside the profiles of certain elites. Kryn saw his go beside Zerkaz’s, though he didn’t have any interest in the profile, he hadn’t looked at it for more then a glance during his life in Doom, though it was memorized. Each unit was revised after, they wanted the units to be balanced and able to cooperate easily.

By the afternoon, the units were set and Zerkaz moved out with now five escorts. Vik was in the back, along with another one of Zerkaz’s escorts, Kryn led the group. They passed along the routes, Zerkaz had sent units to surround the area. He moved along, following Kryn. Kryn grasped his blade, he felt a little tint of emotion, enough to make him want to suppress it. He fell back into neutrality. Kryn paused, the next turn would have guards. He turned and whispered so to Zerkaz. Zerkaz nodded. Kryn slipped ahead, a shout was heard and Zerkaz lead his four other escorts with him. He jumped behind Kryn, guarding his heir’s back. Vik was slashed lethally, another escort stepped in, holding his dagger in defence. The glass floors were soon abandoned with only the carcasses of death and Zerkaz set a defence in the intersection. They would have to wait for someone to replace Vik. Zerkaz had planned to go as deep as he could until such an event occurred, and then hold the passage, and that time was now.

But Kryn had planned on a full attack. Not a slow territorial battle that would slowly close in on the enemy. He could get into the core alone, but with a large group they couldn’t sneak into the core. This made three rash options available. Firstly, Kryn could stay with Zerkaz and wait for Zerkaz to advance. Secondly, Kryn could move to advancing units and aid them in battle. Or he could move on alone, reaching the core early.

If he took the first option, Zerkaz would remain safe and be able to advance more quickly, but more units would be killed. If he took the second option, advancing units would be able to advance safely and less units would die, but Zerkaz would be in more danger. If he chose the third option, he could quickly kill Vrelk, or he would be killed. Either he would be successful in his last meeting with the Equipoise union or he would have a repeat of his last meeting with Vrelk, and he wouldn’t be as lucky. Vrelk would contain his emotions and be prepared for Kryn’s neutrality on matters. Kryn decided that he would choose the first option, Zerkaz was his first priority. The best way to make sure Zerkaz was safe was to stay in Zerkaz’s unit.

Zerkaz had just finished dealing with another enemy unit, most of his escorts were new ones now. Only Kryn and Ezel were left. Vik was dead and Greg had been sent back to the poor clinic they had set up at the border.

Ten minutes later, another enemy unit came. Zerkaz moved swiftly and Ezel covered him. Kryn ran ahead of Zerkaz, killing the gunners ahead. Kryn moved over and took one of the foes from behind well they went after Greg’s replacement, Joshua. Another foe had been chasing Kryn, but Zerkaz had taken care of his heir. The blood stained floor that Zerkaz had taken refuge at was stained even more, it was getting a bit sticky in places but also slippery. That fact had killed one of the foes, who hadn’t taken that fact into his strategy. Zerkaz had his unit move the dead bodies into the entrance that the enemy was using, the barrier was catching them slightly off guard and making it another hurtle. Of course, they still crossed, Zerkaz was on the other side and Equipoise would greatly appreciate the death of Kibosh’s ingenious leader.

Another five minutes later, another unit came. They were at a loss now. The unit was large now, word must have reached Vrelk that Zerkaz was here. The unit held ten now, each holding an air gun. Zerkaz yelled for retreat, but as he yelled the order, Joshua was shot in the stomach. Another gunmen aimed at Zerkaz, and Kryn could tell that the foe had a good aim. Zerkaz was running, and the diffuse of air came from the old gun, it would still shoot though. Kryn ran forwards into the line of fire, uncaring whether he die from this shot or not. The adrenalin had died and he was now in his void, and fighting. The shot flew forward, it would have hit Zerkaz lethally, but it hit Kryn instead. The lead bullet pressed into the Kryn’s arm, he fell. In the moment, another shot was taken at Zerkaz as he turned back to see Kryn struck. The bullet dug into Zerkaz's heart. He lit his bomb and ran with Kryn, Ezel lit hers also and threw it among the dead bodies. While the sulphured wicks slowly burnt away, Ezel hurried to run away with Joshua.

A little while later, Kryn was facing Zerkaz. Kryn was in an arm brace and Zerkaz was just staring at Kryn in pain. His blood was being artificially pumped for the short time he wished.

"Hello Kryn, this is probably going to be the last of our conversations. I was infected with a lethal venom they can’t treat. You probably don’t care much, just noticing the fact that Kibosh will be weakened. You’ll be the next leader though, you’re a good heir. Before I die, which will be some time later today, I want to know that I leave Kibosh in good hands, and that this attack succeeds."


"I never got to know what your life was like very much, though apparently you are one of the innocent ones. I was born here, in Kibosh. I was the heir via monarchy, but I like to be progressive, right? So I hope you keep the same despotism I held."


"If you want my blade, it is under this death bed of mine. Promise you will keep the union in tact, alright?"


"Good, you always seem to think practically...So much to say and so little time..."

"What is it like having intense emotions?"

"It is wonderful, in life all there is to go after is happiness. Without that, what are we living for? Nothing, Kryn. You have some emotions though... Maybe that is why you care to act practical...Enough emotion to have some drive, and not enough to act unpractical...I am getting a bit tired now, hold Kibosh together, Kryn..."


And with that, Zerkaz decided that it was time that he took his last sleep, and Kryn decided to take Zerkaz’s blade, it was a bit different then Kryn’s though, it was slightly shorter and more thick, but it would do. He picked it up in his left hand, he took his own work of art in his right hand and focused on balancing. He would train like this, the light diamondium was a bit heavy, but Kryn could carry it. For the people of Nerquin were more developed in strength then the average human, and Kryn was above average with the elites.

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