The Nerkquin planet was a planet well past earth’s time. The intelligent life had remade their sun when it was dying, replacing it with a new artificial sun named Proto that would duplicate itself if it malfunctioned and it charged itself with its own energy.

They lived in peace for awhile until discoveries of atomic power’s destruction were made. With this power, Nelar, the country which had discovered the destructive power of the atom, held superior over the other countries. This led to jealousy and fear, and those two emotions when mixed make people lose reasoning. In time, the countries gained the information that they envied for and feared. Klek, the country which felt the highest threat from Nelar, took advantage of the tension and fired upon Nelar, destroying the country. This invoked more fear in the other countries and the tension finally let loose, triggering a nuclear war with all the countries. Those who tried to keep the peace were fired upon, the countries seeing the weakness and seeing the advantage they held. In time, the entire planet became radioactive, and highly over heated. All life was becoming extremely mutated and most of it died.

In time, the few survivors adapted. The atmosphere became extremely toxic and the greenhouse effect magnified greatly. Proto burned up Nerkquin and slowly the entire planet became a dessert, the equator slowly beginning to reach such levels of heat that the sand that was left from the dried compost of the plants was starting to redden and in short time would turn into natural glass. In a few million years, the entire planet would be one glass orb hurdling through space, its surface boiled.

The superior intellects of the survivors, which were few as the mass majority were mental and physical defects, and the majority were fewer as few were alive, realized that the planet was over heating and soon the deep mines that the survivors hid in for protection from the radiation and heat would also be too large a temperature. Above the atmosphere would burn them, and below they would be sent to extinction from the core. They decided to build a building that would be closed off from the outer areas, setting themselves in a closed system.

The building was built to have a low energy exchange and to develop its own mass. In order to do this it was layered, the outer shell was made of carbon and then tungsten, layered individually. Tungsten is the atom to boil last, at 5933K, and carbon is the one to melt last, subliming at 3775K. After the outer shell was made to hold the small world, they insulated it with radon. The large gas, as it was ten to five times larger then its container’s atoms, stayed inside the container and had the lowest thermal conductivity, 0.0000364W/cm*K. They powered the vessel with thermal generators, placed after the radium because they would likely melt otherwise. After the power source layer, more radium was pocketed in carbon. Eventually enough heat was hindered that the structure could sustain life until the carbon and tungsten mixture melted. The water was placed at the core, as it contained hydrogen. All the elements that had a high thermal conductivity or specific heat were placed in the core, the walls were hollow and contained radon so that the core would not generate too much heat and dispense into the building.

People lived in this building for years, and eventually the outer world they were floating in, as the planet had melted, was forgotten. They sank down into the core, which was only around 3500K. The ball sat in this heat for many years, the temperature raising slightly. Billions of years later, the core finally was fully deluded into the other layers, now Nerkquin was an orb of glass that had mountains soaring towards Proto, the core having little gravity. The glass was slowly starting to boil more, that went into the atmosphere and magnified the green house effect even more. Slowly the heat was beginning to surpass the maximum level of mass being solid. The temperature rose even more in the last living world of Nerkquin.

However, after billions of years of hard labour, Proto, the sun that was supposed to be indestructible, finally fell apart. This stopped the energy sent to Nerkquin, but Nerkquin still had a green house so dense that it held in the heat that it had received for all the years. Millions of years passed, and slowly the glass in the atmosphere turned back into liquid and it dropped to the lower areas of the atmosphere. Some more millions of years later, a small amount of time in this odd planet’s life, the gases in the atmosphere slowly drifted off into space or mixed into the glass. This caused the heat to drop some more.

The glass in the atmosphere hardened after this, and the inner planet followed suit millions of years later. The small world of life was captured in glass, the heat was cooling and they had stuck themselves into an amazing refrigerator powered by heat. Very slowly, it began to freeze.

The manuals were read and eventually they decided to head into the glass. They dug a tunnel through it and for many generations they became a culture of glass miners, just they did not care for the glass. They disposed of the glass by sending it down into the abyss, where the second world was. Those who had stayed in the ship became a culture of people waiting to be saved. Some of the glass they received was converted into energy, as they had learned to turn mass into energy. Most the energy they made was converted to heat energy.

Eventually, the miners reached the surface, staring about at the beautiful glass landscape, the way the star’s light was shattered into rainbows of light that struck the ground and lit the floor into a soft glow, and a snow of glass flakes which had drifted onto the ground. Fractured rainbows came through it from the top and bottom even more. How the mountains shot the light at even more odd angles. The miners had lived their lives seeing little of this, and were shocked at it all.

Soon, seconds which really had no scale to the trillions of years that had taken place in this planet’s history, they began to become colder, the wind drifting ever so slightly, which made rainbows with the glass dust, but they had never felt wind. It was freezing, and soon they remembered what the point of all their labour was, to bring the people from the abyss.

The entrance looked so great to them, and when they walked past the miners that had begun because the glass had stopped coming, they entered the large building that had been the home of the people for billions and billions of years. They were greeted as saviours, and soon the great home of the last life on Nerkquin was abandoned, the scientific research was all noted and crates were taken full of data.

Finally they reached the surface of the glass planet, everything had been melted down, fused and then solidified. The only food they had was the food they grew. Soon domes were built and mass to energy generators, MEGs, were setup. They began to setup duplicates of the EMG and soon turned the glass into energy, and then that energy to mass. They also would charge the energy to mass generators, EMGs, with other energies. Soon soil formulas were made and the required atoms were mixed. Soon the planet received a new sun from the original documents of how Proto was made. The new sun was named Alpha and they revised the notes, editing them with the sciences they had learned throughout the billions of years inside the closed world. A new eon had begun. But soon population rose, and they once again shrunk into the depths. They made a giant condominium. In there, all life lived. Society fell back, and survived by using the technology of the past.


Kryn was now an adult. He had black hair, one of his more obvious signs of mutation, which was at chin length at the longest point, the back of his head, and at the shortest point, his fore head, it was at the upper area of his eyes. His skin was pale, as everyone had very pale skin. He wore an expression of neutrality, as he was a very neutral person. He was slightly taller then his peers, and was lean in build. His posture wore neglect to respect and honour. His eyes were teal, but his main fault within the society was that he had registered for the void status. Such things were a great disgrace for the sector, more the family, to have a relative with such a class. They virtually did not contribute to the growth of the society and were given a small amount of resources in return for their help, if they were allowed to stay within the non-isolated society. Everyone had an occupation, and with the occupation gave them their authority, respect, honour, resources in return for the help they are supposed to give and many other things. It was one of the most important things to attain. Money did not exist, each thing you took was valued upon the respect one gave you and how much resources you had taken already. Those who did not use their monthly portion to a large extent were seen as generous and would most likely be promoted. But Kryn had turned away from this system and decided to ask for a void status, with occupation also came responsibility. He could have asked for a very high occupation for the mind, he had the grades and ability to learn more. So of course, the shame he was given was even larger. He had been disowned and sent to the lowest of districts. There the people were isolated from rest of the population. Few chose this life, but Kryn had.

"So what occupation have you registered for?" his mother had asked, expecting to hear a very intellectual one.

"I asked for the void status." Kryn answered in the monotone voice he always had.

A pause held before his mother left the room, dismayed at the humiliation she would receive. She had expected more, she rarely was able to talk, never mind see, Kryn. The few times she had noticed his oddness, she just thought it was a phase.




The next day he had been sent down one of the many glass corridors to a glass elevator, from there he had been sent down another glass corridor to a one-way elevator, before entering his escorts verified that they wished to use the glass elevator. He had been put in it, the escorts staring as the glass doors closed in front of them. At the bottom of the great glass complex that the society lived in was his new home. All people were relocated to another sector once they received occupation. This let the cultures integrate and evolve.

He was given no tinted glass cubicle, just told to do what he wished in the sector named Doom. Each sector had its own laws, Doom was a group of low lives and the majority were deported there, for some very important law they had broken a number of times. This meant that an organized government was hard to establish and the people who tried and did not soon give up were most likely assassinated.

Kryn moved along the opaque glass corridors, he could hear a group was following him and stopped, turning around and staring at the person seeming to be the leader in the group of six people. The leader showed a relaxed posture, though still ready to act on impulse. He was alert and aware of his surroundings, but showed now attention to them until required. His eyes were a pale blue, his golden hair was covered by a hood, which was at ear length all around. He was of average height and had a slightly lean build, though he had a strong body. He carried a blade with him, it was a translucent white. His shirt was compiled of crimson hexagons, a large one in the center of the chest area, the same for the others. His arms looked reptile like, as they were covered in the crimson hexagons, a large one was on his back, but it was covered by his shirt. This was the largest difference he had with his companions.

"Hello, my name is Zerkaz, and we see you are new around here. Well, why don’t you come with us and I’ll explain how things work around here." Zerkaz stated in a sly tone.

"Okay, do you happen to have a blue print of this sector?"

"We have it on a database, three dimensional."


The translucent halls were narrow, at least the ones Zerkaz and his five escorts were using. At one point Zerkaz even decided to turn around because some voices could be heard in the distance. Not a word was spoken and everyone was tense. They reached some stairs and hurried down them with little sound. Kryn noticed that their shoes were worn extremely and seemed to be very old. They hurried along the borders, finally Zerkaz froze as he realized that both entries were being blocked, hopefully the two were not allies. He moved to where he believed the groups would meet.

There they met in the darkness, as the lights were shattered, and it turned out that the two groups of three were both on guard, and they had found intruders. Immediately, Zerkaz tackled through the group as they reached for their knives. The five men followed, and Kryn hurried but was pinned down to the glass floor by the guards. They knelt down, one of them stared down at him and talked in a low voice of authority while having a knife at his throat, "Seems you’re pretty low for Zerkaz, why are you traveling as an escort?"

"He wanted me to come with him, I was just sent here."

"New, eh?"

"Yes, can I ask a question?"

"Sure, what?"

"May I be freed?"

"Well that was our enemy you were siding with, but I’ll give you some mercy for being new. Get up."


"Why are you thanking me? I’m just giving you a chance."

Kryn got up to his feet, but before he could even begin to move, the leading guard had already dropped his blade of rusted steel and pounced Kryn upon the clear floor like a starved beast. Kryn was the prey. Kryn yelled in shock, he felt pressure on his sides as his arms were pressed against his stomach and soon he was beginning to be choked. He bit the large hand that was covering his nose and mouth, not letting go as the new victim pulled at his wounded hand, blood rose out of the skin and soon the man had to let go, Kryn slowly gaining the advantage by getting up. It was his turn to pounce on the predator. Soon he began to press against the vein behind his foe’s neck, pinning him down to the floor, the man struggled to punch Kryn, which was done gracefully. Kryn rolled, and shot up as soon as he could. His enemy followed with an agility learned through years of experience. Soon they were upon each other again, kicking and punching where they could, working to escape the other’s grasp. Kryn reached over to the other’s eyes and pressed, harder he kept pressing upon them and the grasp that bound him so tightly lightened. He took advantage of the situation and ran for the knife the guard had dropped. The other guards stepped in at this and began to corner him to the wall, he raised the knife and jabbed at one of his new enemies. They pounced, their knifes raised in fury. Zerkaz came in now with his five escorts, they pulled out their blades of steel and sliced the necks of the offenders. The fight lost focus of the bloody Kryn and shifted towards Zerkaz. Soon the two groups of guards lay dead along with the escorts, two dead and another deeply wounded. The three left, apparently healthy, took Kryn and the wounded guard, they traveled slowly still but hurried along a quicker path.

It took almost an hour to get to Zerkaz’s sector, and shortly after to his multiple cubicles. Kryn was set down on Zerkaz’s living room couch and the injured escort was given the free bed to recuperate. It would take until the next day before Kryn would awaken and the escort, unfortunately, would never. Even the next day, Kryn would be very tired and dizzy, as he had lost much blood and the blades that had been held against him were rusted steel. His body would be covered in bruises, but that was the least of his problems. He would take some time before a full recovery.

But the next morning, even with his infected cuts being blocked by scraps of paper and elastics, Zerkaz wanted to talk with Kryn.

"That was a good fight you had there, probably could have killed the guy yourself if you hadn’t gone for that knife. We watched it, wanted to see what you had to offer, and it seems that you have much to give us. Will you stay loyal to us?"

"I can see that you will not bring harm upon me, unless I become a threat to you. So I will stay with your group, but now I must rest."

"Alright, we’ll talk when you’re better."

Kryn slept for almost another day. When he awoke inside the glass living room he could see Zerkaz on the computer. He felt a bit better now, they had given him fed him and gave him new bandages while he had slept. Now he could think straight and talk, though he dared not get up.

"Hello, Zerkaz, what time is it."

"It is the evening, what is your name?"

"Kryn, I came here be-"

"If I wanted to know, I would ask. Why are you here?"

"...I am here because I asked for the void status and not a superior status that I could have easily received."

"Interesting. Looks like we have a good investment here. What type of superior status could you get, physical or intellectual...Or is it just family respect?"


"Good, we have a fighter with brains. Very good. What sector did you come from?"

"Nirvana, top floor. Low population because it has a high standard to relocate there."

"Lucky you, from the top to the bottom. Were you high for the global standard, or your sector’s?"

"My sector’s."

"Good, very good"

"What do you plan to do with me?"

"Well, I was going to have you be a guard until I thought like promoting you, we need guards, lots of them. But I don’t think that guard work is what is for you...Perhaps you should take a type of guard for awhile though, get you used to the system. Would you like to be an elite guard?"

"May I know what that is exactly?"

"It is a personal guard that normally leads a group of guards, you fought with the elite guard of that unit. You would also be my first choice as becoming an escort. Yesterday I had five escorts. Basically, they are still guards, but their focus is to protect me and not the zone. I own the largest zone, almost three percent. Zones are the area a group owns. Groups are called unions, this is Kibosh. Our largest foe is Equipoise. They are a union wanting to invoke law upon Doom. If they were to own Kibosh, they would own more then four percent of Doom. Once you can stand, I will show you the map of Doom."

The next day after much more rest, Kryn was able to stand, Zerkaz was still on the computer. Kryn stood up to ask Zerkaz, "What time is it?"

"The afternoon, I see you can stand up now. Would you like a look at the map?"


Doom took up two thousand five hundred square kilometres of space, not including height. In order to not introduce children into it, they had Doom, for males and Doom2, for females. This made the Doom sectors less populated, as few arrived at them. Still, when an population of more then a 50 billion sends the extreme criminals, and sadly some sectors are strict enough to send one even for choosing the void status, you will end up with a high population. And because the massive building had been alive for the past hundred thousand years, at some point a female could of ended up accidentally taking the one-way elevator. She would have been trapped, and when she reached the bottom, sadly, raped, this was a world of people banished for braking supreme law. Later, this would lead to a pregnancy, and if at any one time of being pregnant, as it would most likely happen more then once, there was a girl, that would lead to more children. Slowly there would be more females. This would lead to more children. Same could have happened in Doom2. However it happened, many possibilities exist, there was a small population of females in Doom. No females were sent to it, just born into it. Some males also, and that is why there was two types of Doom occupants, native and foreign. Some unions only wanted native but most didn’t care as long as they liked how the person was.

Kibosh had only five females. The average was around one per every hundred males, for unions accepting all. For the native unions it was normally around one for every male.


Kryn was promoted directly from void to elite. He held the southern hall, which lead to the Mars union. Mars held an area of four halls, Kibosh was moving upon them with slow grace. Kryn was given orders to take an entire unit and conquer Mars, the name they chose did not suit them. Kryn took a unit of thirty, enough for a total population of about fifty.

Kryn would attack from the east, move over to the first three way and send ten of his soldiers south to take the south eastern area, he would then hurry over to the four way and stabilize the western corridor.

Martian guards were out by time Kryn had gotten to the four way. Kryn hid away and let the fight do its self out. He hurried down the west hall to the area he had sent his subunit. They had not as many guards, but only half what the other group had to fight. He took out his long knife, thin enough to pierce through a body and a steel strong enough to not become dull. He ran over and jabbed his knife through a body wearing the Martian crest. The victim fell upon the glass. Kryn moved quickly to attack the other elite guard, his bloody knife slashing through the body, he pressed the knife into a high angle to avoid the ribs, plunging into a lung. He pulled his knife down and sent it into the foe’s heart. He had taken the opponent by surprise, and the seven guards left were soon disposed of. He stole the weapons of the dead guards and brought three of the guards with him, the others brought back the wounded. He ordered the northern Mars gate’s lock be broken, and soon it was.

Inside, Kryn set his soldiers to surround the room, they slashed at the enemies and the leader of the union worked to flee, though he couldn’t for all entrances were blocked. Someone stabbed him harshly and soon the rest were mangled across the floor, the glass smeared with red in places. Kryn ordered the dead be checked for valuables and then checked for Mars’ treasures. Once all was taken, he headed back to talk with Zerkaz.

Once back at the room Kryn had learned to see as his own, Zerkaz was waiting there, he spoke in his calm voice, "How was Mars? I kept them around for a test."

"Twenty surrendered, and are in custody. We searched for all their valuables and I sent back the wounded. We had four casualties. Seven wounded."

"Good, the casualties are to be expected, the wounded also. I am planning an attack on Equipoise, would you like to be enlisted?"


"Good. Until then, hold the Mars area, we’ll send some people there. You mainly should worry about that large hall, most will attack from there and need to pass it to enter central Kibosh.

"Okay. How many guards will I have?"



Kryn held guard, few dared challenge Kibosh. Those who came planning on taking Mars found themselves attacked by Kibosh guards. Soon word spread and most databases edited the border change. Kibosh held allies with many, most did not wish to fight with such a force. Including allies, Kibosh had a zone of twelve percent. This zone was called a safe zone. Many allied with Kibosh for their large zone, which gave a large safe zone. Mars was too brave and filled with dignity to ally with Kibosh, they did not wish to ally with anyone.

At one point, five Equipoise soldiers entered Kryn’s zone. He had his knife on him and recognized the crests worn. In a quick motion the three guards with him plunged upon the enemy, and he stabbed at the elite guard, on his way gashing the arm of a unharmed soldier. The elite guard pulled his knife out and met Kryn’s. Kryn took a split-second to move downwards, the enemy followed. But once the enemy had begun to pull his arm down, Kryn sliced the hand. In reflex, the knife dropped. This left the elite in a hard situation, bend down to get his knife, attack without a weapon or run. He ran. But Kryn gave him no chance, he slashed the neck as the other elite turned and the blood flowing was enough to ensure death, but behind him the soldier he had passed by had taken the dropped knife. Kryn turned to a guard charging him, he waited for a moment, pretending to be shocked, until the guard nearly reached him and ducked. The guard tripped, slicing upon Kryn’s back as he fell. Kryn took no time with his new wound, he jabbed the guard with his knife and took the other knife with him. His three guards had finished their fights, Kryn’s two surviving guards had killed the foe who had deeply wounded one of Kryn’s guards.

Kryn was brought back to Zerkaz again, as he was bleeding severely. When Zerkaz saw this, he ordered for some bandages and Kryn was set into his original bed. He did not take as long to heal, once his back was scabbed he could walk. He couldn’t bend too much though, as that would crack the scab. Slowly the scab healed and was replaced by another scar, as he had many now.

He held the Mars area for awhile more, fighting whoever came and many times enemies would retreat, an unfavourable occurrence. But after holding the area for such a long time and new guards being sent to his area, as anyone new was set as guard, Zerkaz finally chose to attack Equipoise. The zone took up a massive area, between five and six square kilometres. For this, Zerkaz called upon the help of his allies. Unions like Mars size did not need other’s notice, but an area of slightly more then one half percent of Doom, were worthy.


Kryn had been enlisted, and he was set to kill any enemy who retreated. He would be at the sidelines, vital for victory yet only a nod of recognition in the end. He had ten soldiers.

Kryn left five minutes after Zerkaz left with his massive unit, which held many subunits. But Kryn would not be in the hand of cards Zerkaz played, Kryn would already have been played at the beginning, and what he did would not be analyzed until after the battle.

Few ran, as their own zone was under attack. Any who came running in a whirl of panic were soon dealt with, as they ran alone or in small groups. No elites came, as they were to hold in battle until death. Kryn and his unit waited, in silence, waiting for the odd run away who ended up taking their path instead of another one, of course, he did have a hall that could get to one of the foe’s allies.

Eventually, the sound of battle seemed to be for the foe more then Zerkaz. When they looked at the battle it showed more pale blue loops, stained in red, of Equipoise then the crimson hexagons of Kibosh. He ran in, his long dagger raised high within the air. It plunged into the back of a guard’s chest, then it slid up to another’s throat and down again to hit another guard through the ribs and into the heart, piercing the lung also on the way.

Kryn continued his executions, his unit had stayed to hold the hall. Kryn took lashings, but he had learned not to react to pain, he barely felt the slashes. He countered each strike upon him with a lethal strike. He worked his way towards where Zerkaz should have been, and Kryn slashed all enemies in reach. His skin was smeared in red, but he had adapted to not bleeding much now. Still his slashes worked, and guards would pile onto him. He would slice at the unorganized arms and slowly work to kill the mobs, the mobs being as inefficient, though they would still hurt him as they fought with others of Kibosh. His right hand was badly hurt and he used his left hand to attack, one he only trained in dexterity in practice. Dead corpses lay and he still worked to the center, silently killing all his foes. He went through patches of Kibosh subunits, he needed to help Zerkaz. When he chose that was too high a goal, he chose to help the subunit he was in currently. But in groups he found it harder to jab at foes, he headed farther into the sea of Equipoise guards.

Finally the guards were disposed of, one area of Equipoise claimed. Equipoise lost a seventh of their area that battle, they had one point twenty seven percent left of Doom, instead of one point forty five. Zerkaz wished to see Kryn after.

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