Story by Neon19. Please do not make dramatic changes to the story without permission.

Chapter 1: Neon the Trader Edit

.....In the Coclavi dessert, of the year 1200, a covered wagon was tapping along. Pulling the wagon stuffed full of trading goods, a brown horse was drove by Neon. In the distance, Comoropo town villagers rushed to the market square to greet him.
....."Asca Di Gagrez! Where are you? Asca Di Gagrez!" A young trader called, searching for the town's leader. They would need his word before they could start the great trade. Because, this was a great trade.
.....Every soul that had ever once been to a marketplace, or even just talked with someone who had talked with someone who had been to a marketplace, knew of Neon. And knew of the great, exotic things that he had to trade. Because Neon got things from only the most rare sources. He was widely known, but rarely seen. Unless, of course, you were a world-known silk trader, or a world-known goldsmith, or artist, or jeweler, or carpenter. Then, you were often visited by him.
.....Aproaching Comoropo at a steady trot, Neon looked through the crowd, trying to find any familiar faces. "There's Asca Di Gagrez... and there's Jaga Gagrez..." Neon thought has he looked.
.....A few minutes later, Neon entered the Comoropo marketplace.

Chapter 2: The Comoropo Inn Edit

.....Hopping down from the front of his wagon, Neon tied his horse to a post and went to the back of his wagon to unload his goods and start his trading.
....."People of Comoropo! Today, I bring you, to trade for your lavish silks and royal gold, a good that a king would willingly give his kingdom for... A commander of great skill, his army for... Heskmoslavian silver!" And at that, Neon produced, from a smooth layer of cloth, a large silver goblet. Around its cup were blue, green, red, and yellow jewels. Its rim was decorated with gold. Some people gaped, and others cheered as if he were king.
.....After holding the goblet of great value up high for all to see, Neon rewrapped it in the cloth, and kept it in his hand so noone could steal it. Many traders rushed up to him, and staked their offers.

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