a short story by: F.<話して~!!>

From the Volante universe

As soon as I returned to the ugly cold apartment-like hovel I had made into a makeshift home, I immediately crawled onto the bed I had scavenged from the side of some road near the back of a Sapiro highway. It was elevated at the head because I stuff old books and encyclopedias back there. The light dangling a few meters above me was cold and gave off an ill-green light.

My cat Minh was immediately by my side, rubbing against my arm. She seemed concerned, but she always was concerned whenever I came home depressed.

I reached over to pet her, and the wound on my side nearly re-opened. I shut my eyes tight and found the strength to reach over for the gauze. I pressed it against the wound.

Minh mewed in a concerned tone.

“Don’t worry about Annette, baby,” I said to the cat.

She tilted her head, and mewed instinctively once more. Minh started to crawl over my chest, and she curled up and fell asleep on my belly. I petted her and she began purring.

There were someone’s footsteps coming from the hallway. They were sharp, hard and hollow-sounding.

“Lotus,” I called. “Are you there?”

The footsteps quickened and sure enough, Lotus was at the door.

“Nemo Annie returns,” she smiled, stepping over to my bed. “Hello there Minh, how are you?”

Minh knew Lotus well, and she immediately allowed the girl to pet her.

“So, where’d you take your rounds today?” Lotus asked me.

“Down near Burung-Cerak,” I informed, wincing at my wound once more.

Lotus seemed disgusted.

“The guys down there are so dirty,” she stated blankly. “And they make you do such disgusting things.”

I shrugged impassively.

“A whore’s got to make money too,” I replied. Lotus giggled a little, and stood finally.

As she left, I could hear the sounds of her metal shoes echo down the hall.

“See you later, Nemo Annie,” she called back.

My real name is Annette Lien, but Nemo Annie is the nickname the other whores around here gave me. Big Bella gave it to me first, and for the first few years people used it, I had no clue what it meant.

Until I went through an old encyclopedia I had under my bed.

‘Nemo’, in one of those Earth languages, meant ‘no man’. In other words…it meant ‘nobody’.

It’s true I guess. I am nobody. I had no family to fall back on, I had little friends besides Lotus, Minh and another whore named Sweet Flag. And I apparently picked the worst places to get fucked. I find that really weird because a fuck is just a fuck, after all. I guess the name just stuck after people heard it so much. So, here I am now: Nemo Annie the Nobody.

Lotus’ assuring voice started to vanish as she went by, and I was alone with Minh again. Instinctively, Minh went over and closed the door. It seemed impossible because she was so small and the door was so heavy—but she closed it anyway. She crawled back to the bed, and we both started to drift off.

Before I could fall asleep, the sound of a cop’s siren came buzzing by. It stopped at the ground floor of my apartment complex, and someone came out of it.

“Freeze and put your hands up,” came a young man’s voice.

I was sure I recognized it from somewhere. A gunshot fired, and I heard glass break.

“Freeze!” he shouted once more.

Was it Eddie? It sounded for sure like Eddie.

Just to make sure, I sat up slowly—to make sure my wound didn’t open—and peered out the window. It really was Eddie!

He had a gun pointed at some thief trying to rob the nearby jeweler’s. Soon, there was silence. The next sound I heard from out there was a car door opening and slamming shut.

“Decent job there, punk,” a voice said derisively from the darkness.

That voice was familiar too! I heard a pair of cuffs rattle, and then a sick dragging noise. Another car door opened and slammed.

“Next time you do something stupid,” the voice said, “better consider that fact that Officer Hilarion might be on duty!”


I can’t believe it. Officer Hilarion?

Minh started meowing apprehensively. I couldn’t move to pet her or calm her down. I felt myself become increasingly angry, but I couldn’t move. The wound on my side started to burn. And I had a strong desire to kill.

A desire to kill officer Hilarion, and it was strong.

You see…the story goes like this…

It was just last week that this happened. I was down in the Peykah Kucing market. I’d just finished fucking some nasty beggar who had maybe 400 and was stupid enough to spend it all on me. I felt dirty, and in need of a bath, but I knew I’d at least get back to Minh and Lotus.

Down the Peykah Kucing road, though, a car—a police car—had pulled up next to me. The window rolled down, and I could see officer Hilarion. If I didn’t hate him so much, I would have said he was even a bit of a looker.

“Hey sweets,” he said in a drunk voice.

I was sort of disgusted by him, but I was a bit taken too. I was thinking, ah, what the hell. It wasn’t so late and I could probably take another fuck.

“You know it’s illegal to whore yourself in this city,” he mumbled, which I knew was totally untrue.

“Is it now?”

“Yep…better come with me, and we can resolve your punishment.”

What a sex hound! At the time, I said sure, and climbed into his car.

When I got in, I noticed there was someone else. He was young, maybe the same age as Lotus, and he was pretty hot. I mean it! He was SMOLDERING. His nametag said Eddie; he looked like he just graduated from the academy.

“What about your friend?” I asked him.

Eddie gulped nervously. He’s obviously never been serviced before. Officer Hilarion just chuckled, and he drove off down the road.

It took a few minutes but we finally got to where the officer wanted. It was on the bridge between the mainland and Hnông Ễr Lự Trứớc Piân. When he stopped, that was when I started to resent him.

He grabbed me by the hair and dragged me out to the edge of the bridge.

“Now Annette,” he chuckled. “If you don’t be a good girl then you’re gonna take a swim in the deep dark Hnông Ễr Lự bay.”

Now, Hnông Ễr Lự bay is not all that deep—but the bastard must have been drunk to not remember.

I heard his belt unbuckle, and his zipper go down. I started to cry because he was pretty much strangling me. He went in dry and fast. It hurt SO unbelievably much! And what’s worse was he started pulling my hair.

“Ow…that hurts!” I cried to him.

He stopped for a second, which was a world of relief. But right after I was introduced to more pain. He wanted to hurt me. This guy had crossed the line! I was supposed to service him, not allow myself to be brutally tortured!

He pulled my hair harder now. It almost came out of its roots.

“Do you like the pain?” he laughed. I shut my eyes to fight back the tears.

“No! Stop it!”

He didn’t like to listen to me. I felt cold and hurt where he had just been in me; I had been violated.

“Well Eddie?” he shouted back to the younger man. “Ain’t ya gonna have your way with this bitch?”

I looked at Eddie; his face was distraught and afraid. The guy wasn’t even turned on. He just looked sick.

Hilarion guffawed, and he kicked me in the side, HARD.

The steel toe of his boot left a mark—and that is the wound I have now.

I cried out in pain, and started to cry tears of rage. Eddie winced. I figure he took pity on me, because he walked over. He slipped a piece of paper that I was pretty sure was a banknote into my bra.

“Take it and leave, Annette,” he whispered in my ear.

Hilarion was already starting to get in the car.

“I don’t want to do this kind of shit,” he said. “I’m supposed to protect, not rape and hurt people. Please, if you know what’s good for you, go home.”

He pulled out of me and fixed his pants. He got into the police car and Hilarion drove away toward Hnông Ễr Lự Trứớc Piân. Soon, they were out of sight.

I examined my bra. It was banknote—worth 1, 000 cintu. In a way I was sort of relieved it was over, but I was still so scared and in pain. I had never been so violated in my life, and I’ve been a prostitute for a while now. I’ve never been hurt so badly, or left a client with a wound ever. That bastard had to right to hurt me, and he knew it.

“…supposed to protect, not rape and hurt people…”

Eddie’s words were so vibrant in my head, maybe because he was right. Policemen were supposed to serve and protect their country, not become a terrorist to people. I guess I was made a terrorist victim.

Down the Peykah Kucing road home, I made myself swear never to go down this road ever again.

Minh was licking my arm now. She must have sensed that I was getting angry. By now, Eddie and officer Hilarion had driven off, but even without his presence, my wound still burned.

I hated this life. How is it so fair that someone who came from such an esteemed family—even if they are dead now—be forced to become a whore and a liar? It was unfair. There was no way to escape it…I was trapped inside myself.

The room started to become so cold; so foreign. Even Minh seemed to become some strange stowaway cat I had never seen. My room did not seem like my room anymore, but to some other person who was probably happier than I was. My world was becoming uglier and more unknown to me—until I fell asleep.

Then, there was darkness, and only darkness.

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