Nemesis is a story that spans centuries about how humanity reacts when the sun's companion returns once more after 250 million years of peace.


"There are 2 things that set man apart from animals: our ability to plan and our inability to improvise." Mark Burgess, discoverer of Nemesis.

Mark Burgess was looking through his telescope and again he saw that odd, bright, star. He was an amateur astronomer but he still was the first to report this dim star. Years later it would be realized that his star was in fact a binary companion to the sun, but then it was just a red dwarf.Νemesis was the name he chose for his new star, since it looked like it was heading for Earth. No one took that seriously. Yet.

Chapter 1Edit

"Well, looks like I was right and we all are going to die. At least I know all who mocked me are going to die from my discovery" Mark Burgess.

"Why have I been called to congress?" Mark Burgess asked when he was told to head to congress immediately. He lived not that far from the capitol so it would only take him a few minutes to get there.

"You'll see." was the response of the man who called to tell him. Mark guessed, correctly that the caller didn't know himself.

Mark drove to the capitol and then had to prove he was who he said he was.

"About time," Senator George Chilton said.

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