Why think outside the box, when you can think outside the circle?

Long, long, ago, there was nothing. Nothing but an empty, black, void of nothingness. Then the great Sky Goddess gave light in the form of stars. And created the planets as homes for the creatures that depend on the stars. And then the Sky Goddess created the sun. It shone light on the earth, and all became day. And so the Sky Goddess created night, and brought the moon into the sky. And so the Celestials were created. The Sky Goddess created humans. She had one sister, called Mariannae, Mother of the Earth. Many know her as Mother Nature, and she gave wind to carry the seeds of the plants, and formed rain to give life to those seeds. And soon she had two sons. Jason, healer of scars, and Zom, bearer of wrath. The two sons fought for many ages, until finally, in a great outburst of rage, they killed each other. Mariannae was filled with so much sadness that it rained for 39 days and 40 nights. (There is some misconception about this, as it is commonly believed to have been 40 days instead of 39, but this is untrue. 40 days would have killed off the population). After this burst of sadness, Mariannae became filled with rage. She unleashed tornados, earthquakes, meteor showers, lightning storms, and every other kind of storm imaginable. The world would have died had it not been for The Sky Goddess's quick action, splitting Mariannae's power into eight golden shards, and scattered them out over the world. Mariannae was given human form, and sent out to gather the shards of Lightning, Wind, Ice, Meteor, Earthquake, Rain, Volcano, and Maelstrom.

Prologue: The PlagueEdit

Year: 2586
Location: Area 51, Nevada

The government have been researching a new form of energy based on weather. It has been 73 years since the idea was formed, and now the government has created an energy converter that utilizes the power of weather. The only question was: How can we get the weather? and (less importantly) What are the dangers?

James R. Brotzchlyn was a renowned scientist at Area 51, and one of the major workers on Project Powec (Power of weather energy converter). He was resaerching ways to create a more powerful energy converter. He so far had an energy converter that could obtain power from rain, strong winds and tornados, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, meteor showers, ice and snowstorms, lightning, and maelstroms. He had these "E.C.s" put in places all over the U.S. They automatically sent the energy back to area 51, put released a form of "Dark Energy" into the air. So far research had shown that this "Dark Energy" was harmless, but weather had been mild this decade. Until a strong tornado hit Kansas. It was the strongest tornado that the U.S. had seen since the beginning of the millenia, and enough energy was sent back to area 51 to power the 7 continents for thirty-five years. And a massive amountof dark energy was released.

Jake Zomhyl was a ten year old boy, and the healthiest on his block. Well, he used to be the healthiest kid, until he became very tired. And Jake Zomhyl did not get tired. And then he became feverish. Then he just couldn't even get out of bed. Which is why he is in the hospital. Along with 25 other people. Of any age. Of any race. Of anyone. The plague had begun. And no one knew where it came from.

Or how to stop it.

Chapter 1: WindEdit

Junt Zephyrkael (age 11) hated rain. He often wished he could create tornadoes that would disperse rain. Of course he did not tell anyone of this. He rarely told anyone anything, as he rather did not like talking to people. Junt loved sailing though, and wanted to help the sailers. He had heard that the sea would be calm today, with almost no wind. Which ment the sailers would not go far. But I am getting ahead of myself.

It was, ironically, a rainy day, when Rottey Zephyrkael, Junt's father, decided they should go for a walk. "A little rain never hurt anyone, right?" He had said. So Junt, Rottey, Marrk (Junts brother), and Gessae (Junt's sister) went for a walk. They were headed from their small, inland town to the coast, where it would be very windy. They had reached the dock when a gust of wind blew Junt into the water. He was unable to scream as water filled his lungs, and nobody saw him go under...

Junt woke up on a sandy beach. The wind was blowing extremely hard, and something was poking into Junt's side. He got up and picked up the item, and brushing off the sand, he saw it to be a small, golden, triangle. He really did not like the wind, as it was making his wet self become freezing. "I really wish this wind would stop." he muttered to himself. The wind halted. And as Junt watched a sailboat in the sea, he could not help by wish the wind to help the sailboat. And it was not until later that he thought about the strange thing that the wind blew the sailboat away as Junt watched. It would not be until later that he relized the truth, but unkowingly he had used the power of the weather while standing directy over a W.E.R., or Weather Energy Receiver. Some E.C.s too far away from Area 51 had to send energy to W.E.R.s, which would send the energy then to either another W.E.R. or the main energy storage unit (aka: Mesu) to be used for...governmently things.

Patient: Junt Zephyrkael
Symptoms: Chronic tiredness, fever, muscle fatigue. No apparent cause, similar to many other patients. Could be an epidemic.

Junt Zephyrkael was in a nearby hospital. It seemed that people all over the U.S. were experiencing similar, almost identical, symptoms, and the doctors thought that it was an epidemic. But the many "cluster points" had nothing worth noting about them, except maybe the "above average" weather conditions that occured there. But weather occured everywhere, so how could that be a common ground?

Chapter 2: RainEdit

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