Nathan Greene (February 5, 1968) is a famous French musician known for his taste in multiple genres, like metal, pop, rap and classical.

Discography Edit

Solo albums (Jazz fusion, experimental, blues rock) Edit

Blood and Sword albums (1985-2006, hard rock, heavy metal) Edit

  1. Blood and Sword (1987)
  2. Blood and Sword II (1991)
  3. Death-defying Men (1998)
  4. Blood and Sword III: Rise. Destroy. Conquer. (2001)
  5. The Fallen Nation (2003)
  6. Blood and Sword: Revolutionary (2005)

Collateral Men (1990-1995, rock, pop) albums Edit

  1. Blessing of Time (1990)
  2. American Adventure (1992)
  3. Fortunately (1994)

Grand Life (2000-present, rock, pop) Edit

Infinite Doom (1993-present; tech death metal, doom metal) Edit

Classical works Edit

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