It was right after the forth book of Prince Caspian when other children came from our world to and islands far south of Narnia itself. The children come from a way different time then Peter, Susan, Edmund, and little Lucy. They take an adventure to take the servants and others in poverty from The Islands of Karia to a free land, a land called Narnia.

Village FreindsEdit

John, Mary, and Joseph Pevensie (grandchildren of Peter) were walking their way toward their bus stop. When Joseph said," John! I'm going through the sidewalk! What's Happening!?" "I am too, It's probably wet don't panic," John replied.

"But," said Mary,"I am two and I'm two spaces away. I wasn't sinking when I was there."

They got swallowed through the sidewalk, they then found themselves standing inside a wooden hut. It was about as tall as John, as wide as a mini van, but was really quite small. There was no door, but just a long rag. The Pevensies looked around they where amazed. The stories their Grand-aunts and uncle must have been true, for it was like the way they got in before they met Prince Caspian. They saw behind a small table was a boy probably twelve like Mary," Who are you people? How did you get here?"

"We fell through a sidewalk on our way to the School Bus," Mary said.

"School Bus is an odd name for a town, Is it in Archenland or Narnia?"

"No, it's in Massachusetts. What's Archenland or Narnia?" Joe said.

"Those are the more free lands unlike us in the Islands of Karia."

Just then a man and a woman came in and saw the three pevensies talking to their son. The ran toward their son and asked him," Are they one of them? Are they a Linos?"

"No mom and dad, they would have hurt me already if they were a Linos."

"Excuse me, but what is a Linos?" John asked politely.

"They are the ones who make us work for honor of the Pia, or a king basically," the man said," I'm Dastar, she is my wife Kasck, and my son Pars we are servants of Pia Lomin."

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