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NOTE: plot details follow, below!

Plot Outline/SummaryEdit

Chapter 1Edit

  • Eating Nails
Private Oya is faced with the task of eating nails. The reader has no idea why someone would be trying to eat nails.
  • Testing.....testing
Dr. Dobashi debriefs Oya after the nail eating test. The experiment was a failure. The drug being tested cannot be used at a high enough dose to prevent the self-survival instinct from keeping the test subject from doing something dangerous. If the harmitryptoline dose is increased enough to overcome the instinct for self-preservation, then the test subject becomes a total zombie, with totally disrupted cognition.
  • A new beginning
Colonel Masahiro of Defense Intelligence has received new orders. Something must be done to speed up the progress of the research. Masahiro orders Dr. Dobashi to start using a previously untested combination of drugs. Also, Colonel Masahiro believes that the army privates who have previously been test subjects are not ideal for the experiments. Lieutenant Shimousa becomes the new test subject.

Chapter 2Edit

  • Anything you say, Doctor
Lieutenant Shimousa responds well as the new experimental subject after being exposed to a combination of drugs that has never before been tested. The new drug combination allows her to intelligently follow orders while under the influence of a high dose of harmitryptoline.
  • AWOL
As a dramatic demonstration of the power of the drugs being tested, Dr. Dobashi helps Lieutenant Shimousa get off the ship. Suddenly Dr. Dobashi confronts a new reality: he has the means to turn soldiers into efficient automatons who will never question their orders. Who can be trusted with this power?
Colonel Masahiro decides that Dr. Dobashi is no longer needed, but before she can "terminate" him, Dobashi tries to place her under the influence of the drugs.
  • Awash
Dobashi places both Colonel Masahiro and Lieutenant Fukusa under the influence of the mind control drugs. Colonel Masahiro gets an overdose and stops breathing.
  • CPR
Dobashi and Fukusa are able to revive Colonel Masahiro. Dr. Dobashi calls for an emergency medical evacuation of Colonel Masahiro. Captain Yutak, glad to be rid of the project, allows Dobashi and Fukusa to leave with Masahiro on the evacuation helicopter.

Chapter 3Edit

  • Medevac
Dr. Dobashi, Colonel Masahiro, Lieutenant Fukusa and privates Oya and Hachihei are flown to land. Lieutenant Fukusa uses his connections with Military Intelligence to start a search for Lieutenant Shimousa. Captain Yutak gives Fukusa a message to be delivered to Admiral Dardtso of Defense Intelligence.
  • Narita
Dobashi, Masahiro, Fukusa, Oya and Hachihei arrive at Narita Naval Air Station and are re-united with Lieutenant Shimousa. Colonel Masahiro, still unconscious, is taken to hospital. Hachihei is revealed to be an under cover Defense Intelligence agent. Naval Air Pilot Techiek agrees to provide transportation. He drives Dobashi, Fukusa, Shimousa and Hachihei into Tokyo. Oya, having been injured by Hachihei, is sent home.
  • Tokyo
Techiek knows where Admiral Dardtso lives. Will it be easier to get to the Admiral while he is at home rather than while he is at Defense Intelligence Headquarters?

Where does the story go from here?Edit

Masahiro and Dardtso have been part of a secret war between the Japanese and North Korean intelligence agencies. The use of synthetic psychoactive drugs by the Japanese military starts in 1937 when a Japanese Military Intelligence officer learns of MDMA from the SS. Japanese Military Intelligence begins experimentation with MDMA as an adjunct to the Japanese policy of merging Korea's ruling class with Japan's. After the end of World War II, Kim Il-sung learns about the use of MDMA by the Japanese and initiates a North Korean research project into the use of MDMA and other drugs.

During the Korean War, USA military forces discover evidence of the North Korean military research project (based in Pyongyang) involving the use of MDMA and other drugs. MDMA and other drugs are then researched as part of US projects such as MKULTRA. With the help of the CIA, in 1967 psychoactive drug research is renewed within Japanese Military Intelligence after a surge in North Korean infiltrations in to South Korea. Suspected North Korean agents captured in South Korea are taken to Japan for interrogation and experimentation with drugs such as MDMA. Upon learning of this practice in 1975, North Korea starts a retaliation program: North Korea abducts some Japanese citizens and subjects them to drug experiments. In 1980 the Japanese government learns of the MDMA and other drug experiments that have been carried out by Japanese Military Intelligence and forbids the military use of psychoactive drugs on civilians.

In 1981, Admiral Dardtso (then a mid-level Military Intelligence officer) is placed in charge of a new secret research program to continue military drug research. Emphasis shifts to attempts to bring down the government of North Korea, using Japanese drugs delivered against the North by South Korean agents. The plot is discovered and Korean Air Flight 858 is targeted as retaliation in 1987. When the Cold War winds down and Japanese government spending drops, Dardtso shifts efforts towards control of Japanese government officials in order to maintain funding for Military Intelligence and prevent discovery of the on-going illegal drug research program.

Some old ideasEdit

I'm in a corner now. All I can see is some sort of Manchurian Candidate plot, and that has been done a million times. What is a new way to twist it? JWSchmidt 01:54, 4 Apr 2005 (EDT)
The first thing that came to me when I read your additions was that some kids somehow break into the base and steal some of the drugs, looking to get high, and antics ensue. It may sound unlikely that kids would be able to break into a military base, but if the Civil Defense Force is anything like the police in Japan, it would be no problem. I read in the newspaper last week that some Japanese Policemen chased a pair of car theives, only to have their own patrol car swiped when they tried to arrest them. Keystone Cops. Nothing to do with the story.... --MikeDockery 00:24, 6 Apr 2005 (EDT)
There could be motivation for theft of these drugs from Special Medical Director Dobashi. These drugs that make a soldier follow orders might be the perfect date rape drug. Pvt. Oya could go on shore leave and talk about the drugs, leading to the theft of the drugs from the ship. Alternatively, Dobashi would probably have a lab/office near where the ship docks with a big supply of the drug there kept under less security. JWSchmidt 00:37, 6 Apr 2005 (EDT)
If the drugs being tested by Special Medical Director Dobashi are able to make someone follow orders, maybe they fundamentally influence the brain systems that are required for belief, preventing an individual from questioning certain items held in memory. It has been a popular idea in many cultures that if you REALLY believe in something, you can make it happen. The quantum consciousness theorists have proposed that brain activity can influence its own quantum events. Maybe a person on the Dobashi drugs would have a greater than normal capacity to influence quantum events in the brain, resulting in some sort of "super free will". JWSchmidt 18:41, 7 Apr 2005 (EDT)

New ideasEdit

  • To twist the story even more. As can be deduced,

Shimousa is still under the influence of the drugs. So, I would suggest that she is also a spy too but not resistant to the drugs. The key point here is that she is aware that she is doing the wrong thing, so as soon as "she is back", she will try to betray the Doctor.

I don't think Shimousa remains under the effects of the drugs for long, but this kind of "twist" could be useful for advancing the plot past Nails/3. Lieutenant Shimousa is the Military Intelligence Officer who is stationed on Captain Yutak's ship. She decides that Dr. Dobashi has no workable plan for learning the truth about Admiral Dardtso and his drug research program. On her own initiative, she decides to make use of Dr. Dobashi's efforts as "cover" for her own plan. She contacts Admiral Dardtso and warns him that Dr. Dobashi is coming to his house. She also makes sure that Dr. Dobashi sends a record of his work and suspicions about Dardtso to a collegue. Having been warned, Admiral Dardtso makes it easy for Dobashi, Shimousa, Fukusa and Techiek to break into his house. However, Admiral Dardtso has a small commando team waiting inside to intercept Dr. Dobashi's team. Upon entering Admiral Dardtso's home, Dr. Dobashi, Fukusa and Techiek learn that Shimousa has contacted Admiral Dardtso to warn him and that she is a Military Intelligence Officer. Their reaction of surprise convinces Admiral Dardtso that Shimousa tricked Dobashi's, Fukusa and Techiek into her trap, however, inside Dardtso's home Shimousa secretly records Admiral Dardtso bragging about the illegal drug program he runs. Shimousa tells Dardtso that Dobashi sent a description of his work to another scientist. Admiral Dardtso asks for a demonstration of the drug combination and Shimousa pretends to give a dose of the drugs to Dr. Dobashi. Dobashi realizes that he has not been drugged. He names a doctor in Japan as having been the recipient of the information about the drug research project. "I told him to send copies of the CD to 10 other people unless I meet him within 24 hours." Shimousa takes Dr. Dobashi (still pretending to be under the influence of the drugs) to meet his friend. Admiral Dardtso kills Fukusa and Techiek because they know too much. Shimousa and Dobashi take the recording of Admiral Dardtso to the National Police Agency. An order goes to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department that Admiral Dardtso is to be arrested, but a spy within the National Police Agency tips off Dardtso. Two days later Dr. Dobashi is debriefed and told that his life is in danger from Admiral Dardtso, who has gone into hiding. Dobashi is asked to help crack Dardtso's organization and reveal what it had been up to. Shimousa asks Dobashi to reveal the effective drug combination and use it on Admiral Dardtso's spy in the National Police Agency who has been identified.

Why does Lieutenant Shimousa, on her own initiative, decide to make use of Dr. Dobashi's efforts as "cover" for her own plan? I'd like to have her first be contacted by an Interventionist who wants to prevent the newly discovered drug combination from being used on Earth. This would put the Nails story within the Exodemic Fictional Universe. Shimousa would get just enough help from the Interventionist so that it becomes possible to take down Admiral Dardtso. At the end of the story, Shimousa and Dobashi (and their contact in the National Police Agency) would be the only remaining people on Earth who know about the drug combination which can allow mind control. The Interventionist would offer them a choice: either have their memories erased or be taken off of Earth.

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