This is a glossary of key terms used in Nails


A cannabinoid reuptake inhibitor. When used in combination with harmitryptoline, this drug allows people to remain alert and attentive to details, allowing them to reason and find ways to follow dangerous orders without adopting stupid and self-destructive strategires. AJK32 does not easily cross the blood-brain barrier, but it can be administered by way of the intranasal route.


An antidote for harmitryptoline, it quickly reverses the effects of harmitryptoline.


A drug that isolates the brain's mirror neuron system from lower brain centers such as those that control the human survival instinct. The effect of harmitryptoline is to make humans very open to suggestion. In a military context, a soldier's willingness to follow orders is heightened. Such a soldier essentially becomes a puppet, willing to do almost anything. At high doses, a soldier will even perform incredibly stupid and self-destructive tasks if ordered to do so. Major side effect: limits the normal function of higher reasoning centers.


Military Intelligence Headquarters in Tokyo.

Narita Naval Air StationEdit

60 kilometers from Military Intelligence Headquarters.


For authors: Nails/Meta WARNING! Plot details!

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