This page has a list of characters from the story Nails. See also: Nails/Glossary.

Character SketchesEdit

(in order of appearance)

Chapter 1Edit

  • Pvt. Oya - A Private in the Japanese SDF.
  • Special Medical Director Dobashi - A medical doctor doing psychological research on Oya in an attempt to understand why soldiers follow orders....or not. Under the command of Colonel Masahiro
  • Seaman Shinsaku - works in the ship's galley
  • Colonel Masahiro of Defense Intelligence - director of Dobashi's research project
  • Lieutenant Shimousa - Masahiro's assistant, part of the ship's crew but "on loan" to Colonel Masahiro
  • Lt. Hardin - mentioned in the story - US Special Forces, puts Pvt. Oya in the hospital.

Chapter 2Edit

  • Captain Yutak - the ship's Captain
  • Admiral Dardtso of Defense Intelligence - head of the project to develop drugs for turning soldiers into order-following "zombies"
  • Lieutenant Fukusa - a military currier who brings secret orders from Admiral Dardtso to Colonel Masahiro
  • Lieutenant Junior Grade Murata - a junior deck officer, often supervises the loading of helicopters that shuttle mail and passengers via the ship's helipad
  • Naval Air Pilot Techiek - helicopter pilot

Chapter 3Edit

  • Lieutenant Hachihei of Defense Intelligence - planted by Admiral Dardtso within Dr. Dobashi's research project

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