Narita Naval Air Station

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Captain Yutak said, "I called for a medical evacuation helicopter, but it won't be here until two hours at the earliest. I'm terminating this research project, Dr. Dobashi. Pack up your filthy drugs. I want you to fly off my ship with Colonel Masahiro."

Dobashi nodded, "Yes, sir! Will there also be room on the evacuation helicopter for the Military Intelligence courier?"

"Yes, it is a large helicopter. I want all of you off this ship, including the two army privates."

"I'll tell them to be ready to go."

The Captain asked, "How could this happen? Was she insane? What made her think she could use Lieutenant Shimousa as a test subject? Why would she use these drugs on her self?"

Dobashi wanted to say as little as possible, but he also wanted Yutak to be asking as few questions as possible. "Masahiro got new orders from MIHQ and then she seemed to go to pieces. She became extremely aggressive and insisted that progress be made quickly on the research project."

Captain Yutak grabbed Dobashis shoulders, "What about you? I thought you at least had sense. Why didn't you come to me and warn me that Masahiro was falling apart?"

Dobashi shrugged, "I failed to recognize how desperate she was until it was too late. I assumed she had permission to make use of Lieutenant Shimousa on the project."

"As an office assistant, not a test subject!" Captain Yutak released Dobashi, turned and hurried away down the hallway.

Dobashi found privates Oya and Hachihei in their cabin and told them to get ready to leave the ship. He then went to his cabin and got his bags. He packed his clothing then went to his office. He prepared three more spray dispensers with drugs and then packed up all the drug bottles and burned all the data files with his experimental results onto a CD. He then erased the computer's hard drive. He returned to Colonel Masahiro's office and packed the guns and ammunition. Dobashi then went to the visitors cabin and checked on Lieutenant Fukusa.

The Lieutenant complained of hunger so they went to the mess hall. Dobashi could not eat. All he could do was play silly verbal games with Fukusa in order to try to judge if the drugs were wearing off. Finally Fukusa said, "You're testing me. To see if the drugs are still working."

It occurred to Dobashi that a military courier would have training in how to resist interrogation and psychological warfare techniques. He asked, "Does it bother you that I am experimenting on you?"

"You have told me that we must bring justice to criminals. I worry that we cannot do this alone. Shouldn't we tell Captain Yutak what is going on?"

"I spoke to Captain Yutak. He will help us by getting us to shore as quickly as possible. After that, we can seek additional help. But for now, I do not want to involve the Captain in my troubles. There is already danger enough for him without increasing the risk of making it look like he might have had something to do with Colonel Masahiro's drug overdose. No, lets leave Yutak out of this, at least for now. I'm already feeling bad enough about what I did to Lieutenant Shimousa. I would like to find her and make sure she is okay."

"I can find her."


"One call. I can start a search for her."

"Come on, then!"

Dobashi and Fukusa went to the Communications Center. Lieutenant Fukusa flashed his credentials and said he had to check in with his unit commander. He was allowed to use the Captain's ready room for privacy. Dobashi waited nervously. The call seemed to last a long time. The Communications Center came alive with activity as the evacuation helicopter started making plans to land on the helipad. Finally Fukusa emerged from the ready room. Dobashi asked, "Did all go well?" Fukusa nodded.

Dobashi said, "Okay, lets collect Oya and Hachihei and get to the helipad."

Captain Yutak came around the corner, "Oh, there you are. Lieutenant Fukusa, please step into my ready room." Dobashi again waited anxiously for Fukusa to emerge.

Dobashi wondered if an experienced commander like the Captain could take control of Fukusa. The conversation might go, "When did you last see Colonel Masahiro? Oh, so you spoke with her today. Did you notice anything unusual? She was holding Dobashi at gun point?" Dobashi had tried to prepare Lieutenant Fukusa with specific orders, but it was impossible to anticipate all contingencies.

After less than a minute Fukusa joined Dobashi and they went in search of Oya and Hachihei. Dobashi guessed, "A message from Captain Yutak to Admiral Dardtso?"

Fukusa replied, "Yes. He also expressed concern about Lieutenant Shimousa, so I mentioned the fact that you had asked me to initiate a search for her. The Captain asked me to keep him informed of the results of that search."

Fifteen minutes later they were on the evacuation helicopter heading for land. Colonel Masahiro still had not regained consciousness and was on assisted respiration.


After an hour, the helicopter received a midair refueling. That was the only thing that broke the monotony of the flight. With nothing better to do, Doctor Dobashi kept looking from Lieutenant Fukusa to Colonel Masahiro. Would the Colonel regain consciousness? How soon would the drugs loose their effect? Fukusa finally said, "I think the drugs are wearing off, Doctor."

Dobashi asked, "Do you feel well? No headache, not vision problems?"

Fukusa replied, "I feel like I could loose my lunch if we get more turbulence, but otherwise I feel fine." It was hard to speak over the noise of the helicopter without shouting.

The Medevac doctor left Colonel Masahiro's side and asked Fukusa, "Do you need more motion sickness medicine, Lieutenant?"

"No, sir. I'll make it."

The doctor went back to monitoring the Colonel.

Dobashi suspected that the harmitryptoline had worn off first, allowing Fukusa to fully recognize that he had been slavishly following Dobashi's instructions. The AJK32 was probably still having effects on Fukusa's thought processes, but without high levels of harmitryptoline, the currier's thoughts should have once again been under his own control. Dobashi anxiously watched for signs that Fukusa was now outraged by what Dobashi had done, but Fukusa seemed content to wait peacefully for the flight to end.

Finally they were over land and then it was fifteen more minutes to Narita Naval Air Station, located just east of the international commercial airport. As soon as they landed, Colonel Masahiro was efficiently loaded into an ambulance. Fukusa, Dobashi, Oya and Hachihei then got off the helicopter, retrieved their bags from cargo and walked to the hanger.

Dobashi could not believe his eyes. "Lieutenant Shimousa!"

Shimousa waved casually, "Are you following me, Doctor?"

Dobashi asked, "Is there some place we can talk, in private?"

Fukusa said, "Follow me." He led them into the office complex along the south side of the hanger, up a flight of stairs and into a small lounge. "It gets much busier in here in the evening, but now we should have the place to ourselves." He turned to Lieutenant Shimousa, "Well, Shimousa, I've had a dose of your medicine, so I know you were not really responsible for your actions, but I don't appreciate the trick you pulled on me. I still do not understand why you had to take my seat on that mail 'copter."

Shimousa shrugged, "You were just in the wrong place at the wrong time, Lieutenant. Dr. Dobashi was trying to impress Colonel Masahiro by making me do something outrageous. Speaking of the Colonel, Captain Yutak mentioned she is not well. I assume the ambulance was for her."

Dobashi asked, "You spoke to the Captain?"

Shimousa quickly gave an account of her flight, "The pilot of the mail 'copter was very friendly. As soon as we landed he suggested that we get a drink. Since I was still under the influence of the drugs and you had ordered me to flirt with the pilot, we ended up going to a bar over by Narita International Airport. That's where we were when the military police found me."

Fukusa explained, "Dr. Dobashi wanted to find you, so I used my contacts to start a search."

Shimousa continued, "Yes, the military police told me that your helicopter was inbound and that Dr. Dobashi was trying to find me. While I waited for you to arrive, I made a shore-to-ship call and told Captain Yutak that I would wait here for you. He told me that the research project was over and that I was not to participate in any more experiments."

Dobashi explained, "To say that Colonel Masahiro is not well is an under statement....she almost died, an apparent drug overdose, but not before she pulled a gun on me and threatened to 'terminate' me. Then she explained that the drug research project is illegal, forbidden by the Self-Defense Forces Act."

Shimousa was surprised. "I've read the Self-Defense Forces Act; required reading at the Academy. It includes things like a ban on chemical warfare, but...."

Fukusa had gone to the back of the lounge where there was a row of four computers. He quickly brought up a copy of the Self-Defense Forces Act from the website of the House of Representatives. "You know, the entire Military Intelligence budget is kept off the public record. There could be a ban of some types of drug research that would not be easy to find."

Dobashi said, "Colonel Masahiro said that it is in the public record."

Lieutenant Shimousa suggested, "Sometimes that means that the House read a law into the Register, but for laws that regulate top secret agencies only the code number is public...the text of the law would not be public."

Oya sat down in front of one of the computers and asked, "Can I send an email to my wife and tell her I'm back on shore?"

Dobashi gave Privates Oya and Hachihei permission to use one of the computers. The three officers used the other computers to search for information about the legality of Dobashi's drug research. Finally Shimousa said, "I found it! Look, its buried in the 1981 funding bill for the Defense Forces. It is in the public record but in a place where few would ever see it."

Dobashi came and read over her shoulder, "Development and military use of psychoactive drugs that disrupt or compromise normal cognitive functions is forbidden. This does not rule out the use of stimulants or other drugs to enhance endurance or otherwise improve the cognitive functions of active duty Defense Force personnel. Military use of any drugs on civilians is forbidden."

Fukusa said, "I don't see how this would make your project illegal, Doctor. All you've done is try to improve the ability of soldiers to follow their orders. Doesn't that fall under, 'otherwise improve the cognitive functions of active duty Defense Force personnel'?"

Dobashi felt a heavy load of guilt lifting. He had been imagining that he had failed to be aware of a law that made his work illegal, but now another idea seemed possible. "It would become illegal if the true purpose of the project was different, if the drugs were intended for use on civilians."

Lieutenant Shimousa said, "The problem is, how would it be possible to control the use of these drugs? Its a pretty lame defense to say, 'we just want to use the drugs on soldiers'....someone would go ahead and use them on civilians."

Dobashi said, "Some of the events of the past month are starting to make more sense. A month ago I worked on contract for the Army studying one drug, harmitryptoline. I'd shown that it does make soldiers susceptible to suggestion, but it also disrupts normal thought processes. If you use enough harmitryptoline to make someone unquestioningly follow dangerous orders, then they are also cognitively impaired and too confused to actually do anything complicated. The Army was ready to terminate the project, but then Military Intelligence took over. According to what Colonel Masahiro said, Military Intelligence has been working on this kind of research for decades."

Fukusa rubbed his chin. "I doubt if they would run an unsuccessful project for that long."

Lieutenant Shimousa agreed, "Assume that they have had successes...that this research program previously found other drugs that they have been using....using on civilians...."

Dobashi complained, "Are you two sure that your drug doses have worn off? You both seem to be feeding off of my personal paranoia."

Shimousa shook her head, "I read Colonel Masahiro's orders. If she interpreted her orders as justifying your termination and if she said the project was illegal and decades old then I think we logically have to explore the possibility that Military Intelligence has a long-standing program for civilian thought control. I don't think I'm being paranoid, I'm just following a logical chain of thought."

Dobashi noticed that even Oya and Hachihei were watching him closely. Oya said, "If so, we now know a terrible secret. What are we going to do?"

Dobashi said, "We need to think carefully. There are two terrible secrets. First, there is a secret that Military Intelligence has been keeping, a secret and illegal project that they have apparently been running for many years. I think Colonel Masahiro implied that other scientists had been killed after working on that project...and I was next in line for termination. So it is a secret they kill people to protect. But there is also a second secret." He pulled one of the spray dispenser bottles from his pocket. "We now have the latest fruits of the mind control project. I feel this is knowledge that will inevitably be misused."

Oya asked, "What is that bottle?"

Dobashi explained, "This is a spray dispenser for nasal administration of drugs. It contains a drug combination that was first tested today, but based on results from three test subjects, it seems like a very potent combination. I've been using hypnosis on you, Oya, in order to increase your suggestibility so that only a low dose of harmitryptoline would be needed. But this drug combination allows a high dose of harmitryptoline to be used without disrupting cognition."

Fukusa said, "We are all in danger, now. If Masahiro was ready to terminate you, will Admiral Dardtso treat any of us any differently?"

Lieutenant Shimousa asked, "If Military Intelligence has been secretly using these kinds of drugs on civilians for decades, what exactly have they been doing? Which civilians and for what purpose?"

Dobashi replied, "I'd like to ask Admiral Dardtso those questions. In fact, I'd like to give him a dose of this," He waved the dispenser bottle, "And then order him to explain everything."

Fukusa shut off the computer he had been using and stood up. "There might be a way to do that. I have to deliver Captain Yutak's message to the Admiral." He took the spray dispenser from Dobashi, "If I could take this with me, I might be able to-"

Dobashi interrupted Fukusa, "I've already involved you all too deeply in this. Lieutenant Fukusa, I just need you to help me gain access to Admiral Dardtso." Dobashi took back the dispenser bottle from Fukusa.

Lieutenant Shimousa laughed, "This is no time for foolish heroics, Doctor. You need our help."

Dobashi looked from face to face. Shimousa, Fukusa, and Oya all seemed willing to help. Dobashi felt tears in his eyes. What a relief to find such friends in a time of crisis! "Okay, but how are we going to do this?" Dobashi was watching Hachihei who was intently typing on the computer keyboard. Oya followed Dobashi's gaze, glanced at the computer monitor and then jumped on top of Hachihei, knocking him off his chair.

Suddenly the mild-mannered Private Hachihei transformed into a trained martial artist. Oya was sent crashing into wall, but he shouted, "MI, he's MI!"

Hachihei lunged for the computer keyboard but the Lieutenants were on him, each grabbing for one of his arms. Dobashi pulled a gun out of his bag and pointed it at Hachihei who had already thrown Lieutenant Fukusa to the ground. "Stop Hachihei!"

Hachihei and Lieutenant Shimousa were still in the act grabbing for hand holds on each other, but they both looked at the Doctor. At the sight of the gun, Hachihei's shoulders sagged. Oya and Fukusa regained their feet and pulled Hachihei's arms behind his back. Shimousa turned and looked at the computer monitor. "He was sending an email to Admiral Dardtso!"

Oya shouted, "I knew there was something strange about you, Hachihei, now it all makes sense. You are a spy!"

Hachihei said, "I'm an officer in Millitary Intelligence. If I don't report in, Admiral Dardtso will send others to come looking for us."

Dobashi's hand was shaking, but only he knew that the gun was not loaded. "The question becomes, 'whose side are you on'?"

Hachihei swallowed and tried to gain control of his respiration. "I was ordered to participate in your experiments, Doctor, and report the nature of the test results to Admiral Dardtso. He suspected that you were covering up positive results, making the project look like it was failing. I was ordered to look for evidence that you were delaying the project and preventing success. I don't like the idea that Dardtso might use these drugs for illegal purposes."

Oya said, "I don't trust him. He's always been sneaking around, spying."

Dobashi said, "I need to test your loyalties, Hachihei." He took a belt out of his bag and threw it to Oya. "Tie his arms behind his back."

Hachihei again exploded, wrenching his arms free. By the time he was subdued, face down on the floor with arms and legs bound, Private Oya was holding a broken wrist against his chest, two of the computers lay smashed on the floor and Lieutenant Fukusa's nose was broken and bleeding. While Dobashi cleaned the worst of the mess from Fukusa's nose, the Lieutenant asked, "You never put the bullets back into my guns, did you?"

Dobashi shook his head, "I'm not really sure how to do it. Anyhow, I probably can't shoot straight enough to do any good."

Fukusa suggested, "I think Hachihei is correct, more Millitary Intelligence agents could show up at any time. I need my guns...and the rounds."

Dobashi dug out all the guns and the bullets. Fukusa reloaded his two guns and returned them to their holsters. Lieutenant Shimousa reloaded Colonel Masahiro's gun and put it in her small travel bag. Finally, Dobashi approached Private Oya and improvised a sling for his broken wrist. Oya was still sitting on Hachihei's back. Dobashi took a spray bottle out of his pocket and quickly squirted a double dose of the drugs into Hachihei's nose. He pulled Oya to his feet and moved to the other side of the lounge. For two minutes, Hachihei struggled to free his hands and then suddenly he relaxed. Dobashi approached Hachihei and said, "You must help us deal with any criminal acts, even those of Admiral Dardtso. Tell me your true name and rank."

Hachihei glared at Dobashi, "Do you think Admiral Dardtso is a fool, that he would plant an agent in your project who was not trained to resist mind control techniques?"

Dobashi replied, "I hope to learn what kind of fool Dardtso is. So far he seems to be foolish enough to flaunt the law and commit murder. But at this moment we are investigating you. Are you admitting that you joined my research project with full knowledge that Dardtso illegally uses mind control drugs on civilians and kills to protect that secret?"

Hachihei said, "Lieutenant Hachihei of Defense Intelligence."

Dobashi said, "Very good, Lieutenant that was not too hard, particularly for a Defense Intelligence agent who has been trained to work under cover and resist interrogation. It is not too late to save your soul, Lieutenant. Your duty is now to correct your errors and help us understand Admiral Dardtso's illegal behavior. So help yourself and tell me what you know. Why does Dardtso want these drugs? For what purpose?"

Hachihei repeated, "Lieutenant Hachihei of Defense Intelligence."

Dobashi held the spray dispenser bottle in front of Hachihei's face. "I still know very little about this combination of drugs, but I do know that an overdose nearly killed Colonel Masahiro. I'm going to have to increase your dose unless you tell me what you know."

Hachihei snarled, "Your drugs do not frighten me."

Dobashi put his nose plugs back into place and administered more of the drugs to Hachihei. "You know, Hachihei, when I started using you as a test subject I was impressed by your resistance to the harmitryptoline. I had to request a second test subject, and I went out of my way to select Oya who is your opposite...he is much more open to suggestion and the effects of harmitryptoline."

Hachihei laughed, "Oya is a worm, soft and spineless."

Dobashi wondered if Hachihei was trying to provoke him. It occurred to Dobashi that Admiral Dardtso had probably known about harmitryptoline and the antidote, beta-carboline-17, for many months, from even before taking over control of Dobashi's research. Maybe Hachihei had been equipped with a supply of beta-carboline-17. If so, it might be hidden in a hollow tooth or in a subdermal pump. Alternatively, there was doubtlessly variation in how different people respond to harmitryptoline. Hachihei might have been selected by Admiral Dardtso for this infiltration mission because of his naturally low response to harmitryptoline.

In any case, this was not the time or place to try to try to make sense of Hachihei's resistance to the drugs. Someone could walk into the lounge at any time. Dobashi asked Lieutenant Fukusa, "Is there any way we could take Hachihei off this base without attracting attention?"

Fukusa suggested, "Bring a van to the side of this building." He pointed to the emergency exit at the back of the room. "Down one flight to the van and we drive away, but if we open the door an alarm will sound."

Oya looked at the emergency door. "See this wire? We can easily inactivate the alarm."

Just then the main door of the lounge opened and Naval Air Pilot Techiek entered. "Shimousa, there you are! I've been looking all over for you!"

Lieutenant Shimousa smiled and tried to distract Techiek, "Hey, what are you doing back here. I thought you were off duty....don't you ever go home?"

Techiek could see the smashed computers and Lieutenant Fukusa on the floor at the back of the room. He demanded, "What's going on here?"

Shimousa said, "Its rather complicated, but its part of some experiments in a Military Intelligence drug research project."

Lieutenant Hachihei shouted, "Don't listen to her, I'm a Military Intelligence officer and these criminals are holding me prisoner. Call the police! Call for help!"

Shimousa said to Techiek, "The man on the floor is a test subject who had a bad reaction to the drugs. That's Doctor Dobashi, who is in charge of the drug research project. When we were at the bar you heard the military police explain that Doctor Dobashi was on his way here and that he wanted to meet with me."

Lieutenant Hachihei said, "Don't listen to her, just call for help!"

Techiek said to Shimousa, "What kind of drugs?"

Doctor Dobashi approached the pilot and opened up his carrying case that was packed full of bottles of drugs. "I can't tell you that, but look. And here are my credentials."

Techiek looked at Dobashi's ID and said, "This says that you are actually a civilian."

"Correct. I'm a medical doctor attached to a Military Intelligence research project. I'm in charger of private Techiek: he is a test subject in the research project. He's having a bad reaction to a drug and is delusional."

Lieutenant Hachihei yelled, "I'm a Military Intelligence officer! Don't listen to any of them!"

Dobashi said, "If you like, go check his ID. But be careful, he's violent and irrational."

Techiek approached Hachihei and said, "Where's your ID?"

Hachihei said, "Don't be a fool, the ID is meaningless. I'm an under cover Military Intelligence officer."

Techiek said, "So you admit that your ID says you are a private?" He found the ID in Hachihei's pocket.

Hachihei demanded, "Ignore that. Contact Admiral Dardtso of Defense Intelligence!"

Techiek stuffed the ID back into Hachihei's pocket. "Sorry, chum, but unless you can show me your secret decoder ring, I'm going to have accept the Doctor's version of things."

Dobashi explained, "Actually, for all I know Hachihei might be what he claims, but all I know is that he went berserk and broke Private Oya's wrist and Lieutenant Fukusa's nose. When you came in we were just trying to figure out how to get to Military Intelligence Headquarters in Tokyo without attracting a whole lot of attention."

Techiek suggested, "Maybe Hachihei is right. We could call the police and let them sort everything out."

Dobashi shook his head, "This is supposed to be a low profile project. That's why we've been working at sea, to avoid attracting attention, but everything fell to pieces today when we started working with a new drug. First, Colonel Masahiro had to be rushed to hospital and now Hachihei just beat the crap out Private Oya and Lieutenant Fukusa. This is not the kind of low profile that Admiral Dardtso wants for this secret project. If there is any way you can help get us quietly to MIHQ, I'm sure the Admiral will reward you."

Hachihei said, "Ignore Dobashi! Call the police now!"

Techiek spoke to Hachihei, "I've already dealt with the police today and what they said fits with what the Doctor and Lieutenant Shimousa have said. I'm going to ignore you now, friend, and assume that you're having a bad trip."

Lieutenant Shimousa said to Dobashi, "Techiek has a very nice van that he drove me in to the bar today."

Dobashi suggested, "Techiek, if you could drive us to Tokyo that would be very much appreciated."

Hachihei warned, "They just want to use your vehicle so that they can get off this base. As soon as you drive them out of here they'll take you prisoner, too."

Lieutenant Shimousa winked at Techiek, "I've already taken you prisoner once today, and it was fun." She took his hand and pulled him towards the door, "Lets go get your van." Shimousa and Techiek left the lounge.

Dobashi pulled a bottle and a syringe out of the drug case. "Hachihei, I've reached my decision about you." Dobashi injected Hachihei with a sedative. "In a few minutes you will be very sleepy."

Oya and Fukusa inactivated the door alarm and they hauled all their bags down to the curb.

Dobashi left one of his business cards on top of one of the smashed computers and added a short note on the back of the card: "Contact me for replacement of this damaged equipment. Sorry!" Dobashi then printed out and signed a medical furlough for Private Oya.

Fukusa and Dobashi then untied Hachihei and hauled him, half asleep, down the flight of stairs to the street. Shimousa and Techiek arrived in the van. The van only seated five, so they tumbled Hachihei into the rear cargo area with the bags. A minute later they were off the base.

Dobashi handed Oya the furlough, "You are off duty now Private, medical leave. You can go home, get your wrist probably need a cast. I recall that you live in Fukushima."

Fukusa said, "There is a train station about a mile from here."

Dobashi said, " Do you have money for a train ticket home?"

Oya said, "Yes, I have money."

Dobashi asked Techiek to drive to the train station. A few minutes later the van stopped at the loading zone in front of the train station.

Oya and Dobashi got out of the van and opened the rear cargo door. Dobashi took out Oya's duffle bag. Oya said, "Be careful and good luck, sir." He picked up his bag and walked towards the main entrance of the train station.

Dobashi checked on the condition of Hachihei, who was under the remaining bags and appeared to be sleeping, then got back into the van.

Techiek said, "I have no idea where MIHQ is located, besides somewhere in Tokyo."

Lieutenant Fukusa described the most direct route, "There will be no problem with traffic going into the city this time of day."


In the front seat, Lieutenant Shimousa made small talk and flirted with Techiek. In the back seat, Dobashi said to Fukusa, "I've never been to MIHQ, do you just drive in?"

Fukusa replied, "I usually take the subway. I've been on special assignment there for nearly six months now, but I still live in Shinjuku." Fukusa touched his tender nose, "How bad does it look?"

Dobashi replied, "Its not pretty."

Fukusa nodded towards Hachihei in the rear cargo area. "What are we going to do with him?"

Dobashi shook his head, "What are we going to do, period? I'd like to have earnest conversation with Admiral Dardtso, but I don't even know if you are going to see him. Do you actually deliver your message to him personally? And even if you did, would you have a chance to use this?" Dobashi briefly pulled the spray dispenser bottle out of his pocket.

Fukusa shrugged. "I can try. I've met personally with Dardtso half a dozen times. Other times I have just delivered a message for him and left it with a subordinate, presumably Dardtso was not available."

Dobashi and Fukusa fell silent. Fukusa could possibly get to Admiral Dardtso, but then the plan fell apart. Inside MIHQ, if Fukusa tried to make a move against Dardtso he'd be neutralized in seconds. Dobashi suggested, "Is there any way we could lure Dardtso out of MIHQ? What if you told him to meet me some place, I could offer to trade the effective drug combination for...."

Fukusa shook his head, "I'm not going to commit suicide. Dobashi would squeeze every bit of information out of me and then send his agents to scoop you up."

Dobashi and Fukusa rode in silence for five minutes. Dobashi could imagine no practical way to get at Admiral Dardtso and his clandestine knowledge. Dobashi started to consider going to government officials or members of the media in order to expose Dardtso, but there was no proof to support the idea that Admiral Dardtso ran an illegal program from within MIHQ.

Dobashi started to listen to what Techiek and Shimousa were saying to each other in the front seat. Dobashi said to Shimousa, "Lieutenant Shimousa, what are you doing?"

The Lieutenant turned and looked at Dobashi and replied, "Well, we got talking and, Techiek got asking questions and-"

Techiek spoke up, "I think I understand the situation fairly well, Doctor Dobashi. I think what I've heard from Shimousa meshes with some information I happen to have. All I need is to see a picture of this Admiral Dardtso."

Fukusa said, "Finding a photograph might be a problem, but I can draw you sketch." Fukusa leaned over the back of the seat, found his bag in the cargo compartment and pulled out his sketch pad and a pencil. Fukusa opened the pad and Dobashi saw several sketches that seemed to be from Fukusa's recent time at sea. Fukusa worked for ten minutes and Dobashi was impressed. Dobashi had met Admiral Dardtso twice, and could easily recognize his features in Fukusa's sketch. Fukusa handed the pad up to the front seat.

Techiek said, "Ya, that's the Admiral Dardtso I know. I did not know he was with Military Intelligence, but it all makes sense now. He gets flown to and from MIHQ by helicopter. I had six months duty flying big military and government types around Tokyo. I know where Dardtso lives."

Dobashi was greatly relieved by this stoke of luck. Dobashi suggested, "Okay, we'll drop Fukusa at MIHQ and he can deliver the message from Captain Yutak. The rest of us will try to find Dardtso at his home tonight."


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