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Anything you say, DoctorEdit

Special Medical Director Dobashi noticed that his own breathing rate was elevated and his hands were shaking. For a moment he wondered if the drugs had reached his own brain. He checked his nose plugs and decided he was just excited by how Shimousa was responding. Was it really going to be this easy? Could that fool Masahiro have randomly selected an effective combination of drugs? Or maybe Lieutenant Shimousa was just a perfect combination of intelligence and suggestibility.

Dobashi stood up and went to the shelf to get a bottle of water. In the small office he had to reach over Shimousa to reach a bottle. Her eyes remained locked on his. He found it hard to think with her staring like that. He took a long drink and tried to calm down. Still, he could not resist looking down at her upturned face from the corner of his eye. No question about it...she had a rugged charm. Dobashi cursed himself for his weakness and thought for a moment about the power he now had over her. He could suggest anything to her at this moment and she would do it!

He went back to his chair. "You will demonstrate to Colonel Masahiro that her mission has been successful. You must show her that you are willing to do anything you are told to do."

Shimousa bounced out of her chair. "Yes! I will do it now!" She had the door open before Dobashi could stop her.

"Stop! Halt! No! That is wrong! Sit down! Do nothing without my explicit orders, Lieutenant! We are still discussing the nature of what you must do. I have not yet given you an order. Do you understand that distinction I'm making?"

Shimousa bit her finger, "Yes, it is clear. I will wait until you say, 'these are your orders... and then I will act."

"Very good, that is perfect. I may have given you too large a dose of might not be safe for you to leave this room. Do you know what I'm talking about?"

Shimousa closed the door, sat down and replied, "Of course, Doctor. We are testing the drugs to see if they will make me do anything I am told to do."

Dobashi was surprised that Shimousa seemed completely coherent. It was as if she could switch back and forth between two minds, one a willing slave to the ideas he had suggested and the other a perfectly rational military officer. Was the drug wearing off already? He decided on a small test. "Tell me what was in the orders delivered to Colonel Masahiro yesterday by the courier."

Shimousa disclosed the secret orders without hesitation, "The orders were from Admiral Dardtso, demanding results. It contained an explicit order that higher doses of the drugs be used, even if you objected. Dardtso ordered that you be replaced if you object."

Dobashi muttered, "Those weasles! Replace me? This is my project!"

Shimousa asked, "Weasles? It is not proper to speak thus of superior officers. You will get into trouble, like I have."

Dobashi asked, "Who would take my place if I was removed from the project?"

"Dardtso mentioned no names, but indicated that a military doctor could be dispatched on 24 hours notice to replace you."

"That's not true. Nobody could replace me. The project would fail if I were removed from my position."

Shimousa cried, "The mission must not fail!"

Dobashi chuckled. Shimousa was completely his puppet! All that remained was to see if she would do something outrageous when ordered. Dobashi feared for Shimousa's safety. Maybe there was nothing she would hesitate to do while under the influence of these drugs.

"Well, Shimousa, this is important information. As a friend, you should have warned me that I am in danger of being replaced."

Shimousa hung her head, "I am ashamed that I did not warn you. Still, you seemed to sense from Colonel Masahiro's manner that you should not object to her orders, so all was well."

"Well, friend, I do not like using you as an experimental subject for untested drug combinations, yet here I am, doing so. We both do what we must do, eh?" Dobashi asked, "Do you feel well?"

Shimousa replied, "I feel great shame. Let me act. I will show you that I am your friend. I will regain my honor. I will do what I must do."

Dobashi tried to imagine a test for Shimousa, some task that would clearly demonstrate the power of the drugs over her. It had to be a task that would impress Masahiro and stop the Colonel from having any further thoughts about removing Dobashi from the project. Something dramatic was needed.

These tests had originally been moved to sea in order to retain a military environment while at the same time limiting the number of people with any knowledge of the project. Even the ship's Captain did not know the true nature of the research and he had asked no questions after Masahiro had waved her Military Intelligence credentials in his face and made clear that the test subjects would be the two army soldiers that accompanied her and Dobashi. Still, there were unavoidable situations that raised the profile of the project. What must Seaman Shinsaku have thought about being ordered to feed nails to Private Oya? What would happen when Captain Yutak learned that one of his own crew was now a test subject for the drug experiments?

An idea popped into Dobashi's mind. He asked, "The courier is still on board, isn't he?

Shimousa nodded. "He will leave on today's mail helicopter." She looked at her watch. "In about an hour."

Dobashi flicked on his computer and checked the available data for how quickly AJK32 was removed from the body. He decided that Shimousa would probably still be under the influence of both drugs for at least another hour and probably far longer. "Here is what you must do. You will go to the helipad and wait for the courier. When he arrives at the helipad, you will tell him to report to Colonel Masahiro's office. You will then get on the helicopter, take the place of the courier and leave the ship."

Shimousa asked, "Are you ordering me to leave the ship?"

"I will do so, soon. Now we are still discussing what must be done and how to do it. Normally you would not lie to a military courier and go AWOL from the ship. Doing so will show Colonel Masahiro that you are willing to do anything I suggest. Now, tell me what you must do in order to make sure that you get off the ship."

Shimousa was confused. "In order to leave the ship, I will need a written pass, but within minutes the courier will reach the Colonel and my lie about her wanting to see him will be revealed."

Dobashi assured her, "No, I will be there and I will take care of that. Still, no not waste time. As soon as the courier goes below deck, get on the helicopter and go." He printed out a 48 hour medical shore leave pass for Shimousa.

For the next half hour Shimousa and Dobashi formulated the details of their plan. Then Dobashi said, "These are your orders. Take this written pass to the helipad. Send the courier to the Colonel's office. Tell the helicopter pilot to take off and that the courier will stay on board another day. Don't let the pilot think about what is going on. Flirt with him. Invite him to dinner. Do what you must do to get off the ship and get away without being caught. Remember, you are trying to impress the Colonel with your willingness to do anything I tell you to do. Use your intelligence to solve any minor problems that arise. Oh, and one more thing! If you are challenged by a superior officer, you must still place consideration of my orders first; that is the only way to regain your honor."

Shimousa saluted and said, "Yes, sir!" She headed for the door, then she paused and turned back to Dobashi. "But won't my going AWOL just get me into more trouble with the Colonel?"

"No, this is exactly what is needed to show the Colonel that her mission is a success. I could order you to do any number of meaningless tasks, but you must do something that will shock her. Remember, she ordered me to give you the drugs and hurry things along so that we can complete the mission. So, do as I have ordered you to do and all will be well. Your honor will be restored. Even Admiral Dardtso will be impressed if you can get off this ship. You will become a famous military hero!"

Dobashi wondered if he was pushing things too far with the 'military hero' crap. Shimousa was no fool and she was clearly still able to think rationally about what she was doing. But Shimousa showed no more hesitation and left the office. If she followed instructions, she would pack a small travel bag and then head for the helipad in time to be waiting there early, before the scheduled departure of the helicopter.

Dobashi logged off the computer and locked away all the drugs and his notes. He still half expected the drugs to wear off and Shimousa to come back sheepishly and unable to carry through with the ridiculous orders he had given her. He put the nasal spray bottle with the drugs in his pocket and went to wait for the courier, expecting to intercept him outside the Colonel's office.


Twenty minutes later the courier arrived, jogging. Dobashi stepped forward, "May I have a word?"

The courier stopped, "What is it? I'm in a hurry."

"I'm Doctor Dobashi. Do you know me?"

"No. Should I?"

"Do you know Lieutenant Shimousa?"

"I just saw her at the helipad. She told me that Colonel Masahiro wants to see me. Now, I must go..."

"I will go with you. I sent Lieutenant Shimousa to find you."

The courier shrugged and went to the Colonel's office. He called through the doorway, "Colonel Masahiro? You wanted to see me?"

Colonel Masahiro pulled aside the cloth that covered her doorway and looked out at the courier and Doctor Dobashi. The Colonel looked puzzled and Dobashi spoke first, "Let's step into the Colonel's office and I'll explain."

The courier said, "Explain what? I'm just a courier. Is there a message for me to carry or not?"

Dobashi wanted to delay the courier's return to the helipad. He said, "Yes, there is a message." He spoke to Colonel Masahiro, "I gave Lieutenant Shimousa the two drug combination, as you ordered. The results were very favorable. She remained alert while being highly suggestible. I've never seen-"

Colonel Masahiro impatiently cut off Dobashi and asked, "So, what are you trying to say, Doctor? Where is Shimousa?" She turned to the courier. "No, I do not want to see you. There is no message."

Dobashi explained, "I ordered Lieutenant Shimousa to tell the courier that you wanted to see him. She'll do absolutely anything I tell her to do. Its quite remarkable. Unlike the results with-"

The courier was confused and exasperated. "If there is no message for me to carry, I'm going back to the helicopter." He turned, but Dobashi blocked the small doorway of the outer office. "Let me pass, Doctor." Dobashi moved aside and the courier headed back to the helipad at a run.

Colonel Masahiro demanded of Dobashi, "Why send the courier to see me? Just to show that you could make Lieutenant Shimousa do something stupid?"

Dobashi replied, "Yes, its part of the test."

"Part? Where is Shimousa?"

Dobashi grinned, "The test is not over yet."

Masahiro was tired of the Doctor's evasiveness. "I'll not ask you again. Where is Shimousa?"

"Let's step into your office. I do not want to speak out here."

Colonel Masahiro led the way into her office. She turned and demanded, "Well?"

Dobashi asked, "Did you read any of the information I gave you about AJK32?"

The Colonel crossed her arms, "Are you trying to answer my question with a question? Let me tell you something, Dobashi. That courier you were just playing games with works for Defense Intelligence Central Command. He brought me orders authorizing your termination."

Dobashi asked, "What do you mean 'termination'?"

Colonel Masahiro sat down in her chair behind the desk. "Think about it, Doctor. Admiral Dardtso has grown tired of your inefficiency and the delays in this project. But if what you say is true about a great success with the drugs you gave to Shimousa, then you are truly past your usefulness, and this all becomes very easy." The Colonel leveled her Kahr revolver at Dobashi.

Dobashi's knees started to shake and he slumped down into the chair in front of the Colonel's desk. Colonel Masahiro said, "What's the matter Doctor? Were you fool enough to think we would give you a medal and send you on your way as soon as this project was finished? Admiral Dardtso has long thought you were stalling...had you guessed that your life would be worthless if you ever finished the project? I told Dardtso that you are just a spineless worm that wanted government funding, but I've always thought that you were smart enough to realize that this project is illegal. How could you think otherwise? Of course, you could not have thought otherwise if you had ever read the Self-Defense Forces Act."

Dobashi decided he better start talking, fast. "What does the Self-Defense Forces Act have to do with the legality of our project?" He reached into his pocket and unscrewed the cap on the nasal spray dispenser bottle. He felt the cool liquid spreading through the cloth of his pant leg.

Masahiro said, "Put your hands where I can see them, Doctor."

Dobashi placed one hand on the desk and rubbed his nose with the other, checking the snugness of his nose plugs. Masahiro continued, "The act has frequently been amended to forbid many weapons programs; in particular, there are the chemical warfare restrictions. After the Defense Intelligence experiments in the 1960s with psychoactive drugs a provision was added to the Self-Defense Forces Act specifically forbidding the development of psychoactive drugs for military uses."

Dobashi said, "Of course I know that Japan has renounced chemical weapons, but I've never heard of these experiments in the 1960s."

"Well, the existence of those experiments has never been admitted by the government, but the restriction against psychoactive drugs for military use is in the public record. The House of Representatives passed that as law."

Dobashi had not known about the illegality of his drug research project, but he had grown to regret the fact that his research might be used for military purposes. When he had initiated the project he proposed only an exploration of the effects of harmitryptoline on soldiers. Later, after harmitryptoline had been shown to be essentially useless by itself and when other drugs such as AJK32 had been discovered, Military Intelligence took over the project and expanded its scope to include experiments with other drugs. At that point Dobashi had feared he was in over his head: he had realized that there was a real chance that a combination of drugs could turn people into puppets who would gladly do anything they were told to do. If the project was a success, would the military misuse the knowledge gained from Dobashi's research? Yes, he had begun stalling and slowing the progress of the was true that he only wanted funding for his research and did not want to actually provide anything the military might find useful. Still, he had trusted that if the military was willing to fund his work then it must be work that was vital to Japan's defense. But all that was no longer of any importance.

Dobashi had never before looked into the barrel of gun. He was glad that he had decided to act with caution as soon as he learned of the nature of Admiral Dardtso's orders. Had his unconscious mind anticipated just this kind of confrontation with Masahiro and prompted him to keep the spray bottle in his pocket? Would the drugs be volatile enough to evaporate off of his leg and reach Masahiro in large enough amounts? He said, "You better start thinking carefully about the implications of success for our project."

Colonel Masahiro laughed. "Thanks for the advice, Doctor, but I've thought of little else for the past twenty years. Does that surprise you? Of course there have been others before you who have worked on this project. An they all met the same fate as you." She casually waved her pistol from side to side.

When Lieutenant Shimousa reached the helipad she gave her 48 hour pass to the junior deck officer, Lieutenant Junior Grade Murata, who was supervising the loading of the helicopter. Shimousa and Murata knew each other well. He ordered a Seaman to weigh Shimousa's small bag and asked her, "How much do you weight these days?"

Shimousa was easily 10 kilos heavier than Murata and nearly 20 centimeters taller. She told Murata her weight and he added it into the calculations he was making with his palm computer. He explained, "This additional weight will be a problem. We are at the extreme limit of this helicopter's range and you will have to use the jump seat in the cargo compartment."

Shimousa said, "Take the courier off your manifest. He will be staying here another day."

Murata was surprised. The day before the courier had been outraged at being bumped from his spot on the helicopter, preventing his planned quick return to land. However, there had been a medical emergency when two cooks were burned in a hot oil spill. He said, "Your pass does not indicate a medical emergency."

Shimousa explained, "Correct, but I still have priority." She saw the courier approaching. "Ah, there he is now."

The courier arrived at the helipad and asked Murata, "Can I board the helicopter now?"

Shimousa said, "No. Colonel Masahiro wants to see you right now in her office."

The courier was surprised. "She has a message? Why did she wait until the last minute?"

Shimousa shrugged. "She didn't tell me that. She just ordered me to tell you to report to her office."

The courier turned and ran, but called over his shoulder to Masahiro, "Don't let that helicopter leave without me!"

Shimousa said to Masahiro, "Ha ha, he's in for a shock. Colonel Masahiro will set him straight about having to stay on board here another day. Okay, is everything loaded? I'm ready to go." She climbed into the helicopter, squeezing into the narrow seat next to the pilot.

Masahiro said, "Let me put your bag in the cargo compartment."

Shimousa shook her head. "No, this is fine." She pushed the small bag down on the floor over her feet and strapped herself in.

Masahiro told the pilot, "She's the same weight as the courier, so you should be fine for fuel consumption."

The pilot asked Shimousa, "What is this, another medical emergency? At least you're not burned like those two poor guys yesterday."

Shimousa tried to put the pilot's mind at ease about the last minute change in plans. She batted her eye lashes at him and smiled, "Not an emergency, but I am on a medical mission for Director Dobashi."

The pilot smiled back, "Well, I hope you are not sick."

She assured him, "I'm perfectly healthy."

Masahiro closed the doors of the helicopter and signaled to the pilot who then started the engine. All lights showed green and thirty seconds later they were aloft and heading for Narita Naval Air Station.


Just when Colonel Masahiro was waving her gun threateningly at Dobashi, the courier returned to the outer office and called out, "Colonel! Colonel!"

Masahiro called back, "Come in!"

The courier pushed through the doorway and was surprised to see the Colonel holding Dr. Dobashi at gun point. Already breathing deeply after running up and down between the office and the helipad, the sight of the gun further accelerated the courier's breathing.

Colonel Masahiro asked, "Why are you back?"

The courier replied, "Lieutenant Shimousa took off in the helicopter without me! The deck officer said that you would explain what's going on."

Colonel Masahiro looked puzzled and said, "Yes....I will explain..."

Dobashi said, "Lieutenant Shimousa is on an important medical assignment. You will simply have to stay here and enjoy another day of cruising."

The courier asked, "Why is your gun drawn, Colonel? What's going on here?"

Colonel Masahiro rubbed her forehead with her free hand and her hand with the gun wavered. Dobashi quickly replied, "The Colonel was just handing me her side arm." He reached out and took the gun from her limp fingers. Dobashi has never felt such joy and relief! The drugs had taken effect just in time. He turned to face the courier and asked, "Are you aware of the nature of this project?"

The courier said, "No, only that Colonel Masahiro is with Defense Intelligence."

Dobashi stood up and shook hands with the courier. "We have not been formally introduced, but I'm a medical doctor working with Colonel Masahiro on a Defense Intelligence research project. What is your name?"

The courier replied, "Lieutenant Fukusa."

"Well, Lieutenant, its a medical research project involving some powerful drugs-"

Fukusa noticed the wet spot on Dobashi's pants. "Are you bleeding, sir?"

Dobashi replied, "No, it is just a spill." He fanned his hand over the spill. "I was testing some drugs on Lieutenant Shimousa, and things got a little out of hand. I hope you will be able to forgive us if we have inconvenienced you, but it is all part of our project and actually a major advance for us, right Colonel?"

Colonel Masahiro said enthusiastically, "It is a major advance! Lieutenant Shimousa actually lied to the deck officer!"

Lieutenant Fukusa's respiration rate was starting to come back down, but he was confused by what Dobashi was saying and puzzled by Colonel Masahiro's strange behavior. She seemed pleased that Lieutenant Shimousa had lied to a fellow officer. "She lied to me, too. Doctor, you lied to me."

Dobashi nodded, "Yes, but let me explain what we are trying to test here, Lieutenant. One of the great dangers for soldiers is from their natural survival instinct. Picture a hundred soldiers who are ordered to charge an enemy position. It is best if they all charge together and overwhelm the enemy. But it is natural for soldiers to be afraid and hesitate. What if we had a way to make soldiers attack without hesitation?"

The Lieutenant shrugged and asked, "You mean by using drugs? How would that work? I mean, that's what training is all about, getting soldiers conditioned to following orders."

Dobashi explained, "Yes, but a large number of soldiers wash out, they can never put away their fears and their instinct for self-preservation. So we have been trying to find a drug that will make soldiers willing to follow orders without questions, without hesitation."

Lieutenant Fukusa felt slightly dizzy. He had not eaten any of the awful ship's food and was very hungry. "May I sit down sir?"

Dobashi moved around and let the Lieutenant use the chair. Dobashi stayed close beside the courier and hoped that the drugs would continue to evaporate from his pants and be breathed in by the courier.

Fukusa was of two minds about what the doctor was saying. On one hand it sounded dangerous to remove the instinct for self-preservation, wouldn't the soldiers take foolish risks? On the other hand, it was true that a large number of soldiers hesitated in dangerous situations, putting their unit a risk. "I still do not understand what this has to do with Lieutenant Shimousa taking my spot on the helicopter."

Dobashi said, "Well, it works like this, Lieutenant. I take a test subject, such as Lieutenant Shimousa, and I say something like, 'We are working on Admiral Dardtso's special project. We must all cooperate to make Admiral Dardtso's project a success.' You know Admiral Dardtso, don't you?"

With mention of the Admiral, the Lieutenant was now sitting stiffly, as if at attention and watching Dobashi with a fixed gaze. Dobashi continued, "If I told you to do something for Admiral Dardtso, you would do it. You are no different from Lieutenant Shimousa, who was telling lies because she was told that was what her commander wanted." Dobashi saw that Colonel Masahiro was also watching him intently and following his every word. "However, Colonel Masahiro was telling me some very disturbing news before you came in. Admiral Dardtso is a great criminal! He is trying to develop mind control drugs, but the use of such drugs for military purposes is against the law! Isn't that right, Colonel Masahiro?"

Colonel Masahiro bowed her head and said, "Yes."

Dobashi pointed to Masahiro and said, "There you see the face of shame and dishonor. Colonel Masahiro knowingly collaborated with Admiral Dardtso to establish this illegal drug research project. Colonel Masahiro is a criminal, but she confessed her great dishonor. That is why she handed me her side arm. She is greatly ashamed and ready to accept punishment."

Lieutenant Fukusa was aghast. He asked, "What about you, sir, and your involvement with the project?"

"I was being used by Admiral Dardtso and Colonel Masahiro. I did not know that my work was illegal. Now that I know, I am setting things straight. You must help me, Lieutenant!"

Fukusa repeated, "I must help you!"

Dobashi leaned against the wall and looked with wonder and relief at Masahiro and Fukusa. There was no more possibility of doubt. This combination of harmitryptoline and AJK32 was a terrible discovery. There seemed to be nothing special about Lieutenant Shimousa's response to this drug combination. It seemed to work on everyone, even under conditions where the drugs were just released into the air of a room. Well, at least a poorly ventilated and small ship cabin.

Dobashi pressed on with his thought control techniques, "So, to deal with these crimes and in order to punish the guilty, I need the cooperation of both of you. You will both follow my orders exactly."

Colonel Masahiro said, "Yes."

Lieutenant Fukusa said, "Exactly."

Colonel Masahiro rose to her feet and said with sudden understanding, "You used the drugs on me!"

Once again Dobashi was amazed that the drugs could turn a person into a puppet even while that person still retained a clear understanding of what was going on. Dobashi tensed his grip on the revolver. He demanded, "Did I tell you to stand, Colonel?"

Colonel Masahiro looked around and seemed surprised to see that she was standing. She sat back down. Dobashi was suffering severe doubts about the unknown dose of the drugs that Fukusa and Masahiro had obtained just by breathing the fumes in the room. Was Masahiro not adequately under control? Dobashi put the revolver on a shelf and then he took off his pants and pressed the wet spot over Colonel Masahiro's nose. He ordered, "Breath through your nose, Colonel."

Worried that she would break free of his control, Dobashi lied, "This liquid I spilled on my pants is the antidote, beta-carboline-17, I put it on myself to protect me from the harmitryptoline." It was a complete lie, but Colonel Masahiro would not know. Dobashi looked back at Lieutenant Fukusa and asked, "Do you carry a weapon, Lieutenant?"

The currier replied, "Yes, I am armed."

"Put your gun on the desk."

Lieutenant Fukusa took a small pistol out of each of the holsters strapped to his lower legs and placed the guns on the desk.

"Thank you, Lieutenant." Dobashi picked up Colonel Masahiro's hand and pressed it against his pants, "Hold that." He then picked up the Lieutenant's guns and set them on the shelf with Colonel Masahiro's gun. Still worried that either Masahiro or Fukusa might escape from his control at any moment, he decided to unload the three guns. It took several minutes for Dobashi to complete the task because he was not familiar with either model of gun. Just as he was looking for a place to stash the bullets, the phone on Colonel Masahiro's desk rang. Dobashi turned and looked at Colonel Masahiro. Her eyes were now closed and she showed no inclination to answer the phone.

Dobashi picked up the handset. "Colonel Masahiro's office."

"This is Captain Yutak. Dr. Dobashi?"

"Yes, this is Dr. Dobashi."

The Captain said, "I just looked at a report from my deck officer. You sent Lieutenant Shimousa ashore today on a medical pass?"

Dobashi tried to imagine what to tell the Captain. When Colonel Masahiro had ordered him to experiment on Shimousa, he had imagined Captain Yutak's rage when he eventually learned what was going on. Dobashi had imagined that Masahiro would have to deal with that rage. Dobashi looked again at the Colonel. Now her head was tipping forward toward the desk. Dobashi pulled his pants away from her face and she tumbled out of her chair onto the floor.

Captain Yutak demanded, "Well?" Is that true?"

Dobashi replied, "Yes. Colonel Masahiro ordered me to use Shimousa as a test subject."

Yutak did not believe what he was hearing. He demanded, "What did you say? You made Shimousa a subject in one of your drug experiments? Colonel Masahiro assured me that your experiments would be conducted using only the two soldiers you brought on board. Was Shimousa injured?"

"Shimousa was not harmed. I sent her to the mainland as part of an experiment"

Captain Yutak ordered, "Let me speak to Colonel Masahiro."

"I'll have to have her call you when she gets back."

Yutak asked, "Where is she?"

Dobashi looked at the immobile figure sprawled on the floor. "She's out. I'll have her call you back." Dobashi hung up the phone and rushed to check Masahiro's vital signs. Colonel Masahiro was dead!


Dobashi spent five minutes performing CPR on Colonel Masahiro. Exhausted and dizzy, he sat back and checked Masahiro's pulse and respiration. Both her heart and lung activity were depressed, but there was activity. Dobashi ordered Lieutenant Fukusa to continue performing CPR on the Colonel. Catching his breath, Dobashi realized that one of his nose plugs had fallen out. After a minute of searching he found the plug and stuffed it back up his nostril.

After a few more minutes of CPR, Masahiro started coughing and Dobashi checked her pulse and respiration again. "Better. Much better." Dobashi got off the floor and sat in Masahiro's chair. "I'm too old for this. Well, Fukusa, you just saved the Colonel's life."

Lieutenant Fukusa smiled, but seemed to finally realize what was going on. "The drug for following gave it to me, also?" He looked at the unconscious Masahiro, "Will this happen to me?"

Dobashi replied, "No, you are safe." Dobashi picked up his pants and put them on again, wishing he was really as sure as he had tried to sound in answering Fukusa's question. Masahiro's near death had triggered a new pattern of thought in Dobashi's mind. Dobashi had been struck by the beauty of the idea that he might be able to make use of this drug combination to serve justice upon both Masahiro and Admiral Dardtso. Briefly, Dobashi wondered how many other people were involved. Masahiro has spoken of a twenty year-long research project.

After having just worked frantically to revive her, Dobashi was quickly growing comfortable with the idea that Masahiro might be better off dead. After all, she had held Dobashi at gun point and spoke of his termination. Fukusa, however, might not be as useful as Masahiro. "Fukusa, do you regularly see Admiral Dardtso?"

Lieutenant Fukusa replied, "I usually see him everyday when I am at MIHQ."

Dobashi wondered if that would be good enough....if so, then the Colonel was not needed. Dobashi thought about the possibility of just dumping her into the ocean, but he discovered that he was disgusted by the idea of murder, even the murder of someone who had planned to kill him. Colonel Masahiro could probably request and immediately be granted a meeting with Dardtso. But would Masahiro even recover from this apparent drug overdose? Dobashi checked Masahiro's pupils and found them unresponsive. Had her brain been damaged?

Dobashi slowly realized that Colonel Masahiro's collapse presented an opportunity. And time was short. At any moment Captain Yutak or another officer might arrive in search of Colonel Masahiro.

Dobashi gave a set of instructions to Lieutenant Fukusa, then they carried Masahiro across the hallway and put her in her bunk. Dobashi gave a last order to Fukusa, "Return to the cabin where you slept last night and wait there for me." The Lieutenant saluted and returned to the visitor's cabin.

Dobashi then returned across the hallway and picked up the phone. "This is Dr. Dobashi calling from Colonel Masahiro's office. Please tell the Captain that I found Colonel Masahiro. And tell him that there is a medical emergency. Yes, apparent suicide attempt. Right. Tell the Captain that I'm requesting an emergency medical evacuation."

Dobashi tried to calm down and think through a plan. He found the list of drugs on which Masahiro had circled AJK32. Dobashi folded the sheet of paper and put it in his pocket. The guns! He put the guns in the trash and covered them over with papers. The bullets! He decided to leave them on the shelf, behind a sliding panel.

He then went back to Colonel Masahiro's cabin and placed the empty spray dispenser on the bunk next to the Colonel's hand. Then he could hear the sound of running in the hallway. The ship's doctor looked into the tiny cabin and said, "Help me get her out here where there is more room!"

Dobashi pulled Masahiro off the bunk and handed her to the doctor. Captain Yutak arrived and demanded, "What happened?"

The ship's doctor ordered two seamen to carry Colonel Masahiro to the sick bay. Dobashi replied, "Apparent drug overdose. He stepped into Masahiro's cabin and grabbed the dispenser bottle off the bunk. "This held the drugs we were testing. The Colonel was under pressure from Admiral Dardtso to get results. Masahiro must have heroically tried the drugs on herself, but she used far too much!"

The ship's doctor grabbed the dispenser and asked, "What were the drugs?"

Dobashi only told half the truth, "Harmitryptoline and MDMA."

"MDMA amphetamine? What is harmitryptoline?"

Dobashi replied, "Its an experimental drug....unknown receptor."

The doctor said, "Bah! What good is that information?" He turned and ran down the hallway.


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