Episode Three: They Are Among Us

"Our society is built upon conceptions. Simple, predictable things. Reducing things to a level that we can understand. Repeating similar actions every day. After a time these things start to make us believe that is the way the world works, that because we always move in circles, so must the world. But nature is unpredictable and unemotional, we will be surprised and we will not expect the truth."

This episode is really not very completed... It would do you good to wait till it's complete before reading it... Just saying.


San Francisco Police Department, Interrogation room 1

"What is your name?" The interogator asked

"I don't know." the man sitting across from him replied

"What Year is it?"

"I don't know."

"What were you doing on Farallon Island?"

"I don't know. I don't remember."

"What do you remember?" the officer was begining to look annoyed

"I remember waking in the sand, I remember walking, falling. And I remember being pulled out of the water. Roger saved my life."

The officer was silent for a moment. Then he pulled out a bag with two objects in it and dumped them on the table. They were; a wallet and a set of keys. The officer picked up the wallet.

"A wallet without any money, an out of date driver's license." He took out an ID card "oh, I half expected it to be a fake."

The other man looked at him in a questioning manner.

The officer sighed and threw the man's wallet at him and said "Your free to go"

"Thanks." while picking it up, the man looked at his ID, the name on the card: "J. Moriarty". He pocketed the objects and left the room.


Meanwhile, in interrogation room 490.35

"What is your name?" the officer was leaning on the desk with a pen in hand, hovering over a piece of paper.

"Robert Edwards." the officer marked down his response.

"What Year is it?"

"1998." again, the officer marked it down.

"What were you doing on Farallon Island?"

"I don't know." the officer closed his pen and set it down on the paper, leaned back against his chair.

"You are aware that the island is off limits to the public?"

"I was unaware of the island until today, when I woke up on it."

"I see. Well you will have to pay a fine in the range of a thousand dollars."

"Sure." Roger was completely unphased

"Well then, I see no reason why you can't leave." The officer stood up, and walked out. Roger also stood and began to follow. Just before he closed the door he turned and said "Oh, and by the way, the year is 2008."

Roger stopped.


"I don't know if I have a bank account, I can't remember!" Moriarty exclaimed exasperatedly.

"If you can't pay the fine then we'll have to hold you."


Two Police officers came up behind him on either side.

"Wait, could you at least check and see if there are any bank records in my name?"

The officers took him away.

While he was being escourted down the hall, they passed Roger, who was headed to the desk that Moriarty had just come from. He looked self absorbed, and his eyes were glazed over. He was still in shock from discovering the amount of time that had passed.

As he approached the desk he looked at a window looking outside, looking at his reflection. He didn't look any older...

"Yes?" said a voice.

Brought out of his reverie, Roger found a person behind the desk looking at him impatiently.

"Yes." Roger said, realizing he needed to say something. Then he paused for a second while trying to think of what should come next; he opened his mouth and attempted to form a word, but didn't know what word it was. After another second he managed; "I. Who should I make the check out to?" he drew out his checkbook, "the police department?".

He filled in the basic information, but when he reached the Date heading, he paused.

After a moment he asked "What day is it?" there was a slight croak in his voice.

"October the fifteenth." she replied.

After that he explained his situation to her and she helped him fill out the check. Then he handed it over and she typed the information into a machine. He looked back at his reflection.

He certainly didn't look any older. His hair showed signs of having been neatly combed recently, his shirt looked almost clean, though his pants were a little wet up to the knees still. And he wasn't wearing any shoes. He smiled slightly. Then he remembered something, he sniffed; There was no smell of alcahol on him. Strange.

He looked back at the officer behind the desk. She was still typing on the computer. She was frowning. There seemed to be some sort of problem.

"What is it?" he asked

She kept typing at the computer for a few moments. Then her frown dissappeared, she looked at him and said "According to the computer, you don't have an account at that bank."

He looked at her, apparently surprised.

He wonedered; was this all some elaborate con? A trick? But no, the researchers on the island, that was too detailed for a con. Heghm. But then how could that account be gone? Even if ten years had passed, it was unlikely.

"Perhaps there is some kind of mistake?" he asked

She shook her head.

He thought for a moment. What if? "Would you mind searching for a Roger Edwards? Born: Febuary 11, 1942?"

She used the computer for a moment. Then said: "Edwards, Roger. Occupation: Medical Insurance Agent. Dissappeared April 12, 1998. Declared dead 2003."

He smiled slightly. Then frowned.

"I don't suppose that a dead man can have a bank account?" he asked.

She looked at him, at first she looked surprised. Then she shrugged and went back to the computer.


The cell door closed on Roger.

He was in a community cell. Five or six others were there. Moriarty among them, he was sitting on a bench in a corner.

Roger walked over and sat down by Moriarty.

After a moment of silence he asked "So, remember anything yet?"

Moriarty looked at him, after a pause "No. I still can't remember." and added "But my ID says my name is J. Moriarty."

"Jay? Wouldn't of thuoght-" then a thought struck him, "Wait, James Moriarty? That's funny." he was smiling.

Moriarty looked at him "J. I doubt that I'm the math professor behind every criminal activity in London. Besides, I doubt that my name is James, combining the two would seem..." he look puzzled "I don't really know what it would seem like, but it doesn't sound right in my head."

"Alright, fine." He wasn't smiling anymore. "Do you have any leads?"

"I suppose they would have my address in the system."

"They might."

"And I have that set of keys."

"That would be a good place to start." Roger looked at him "How many are there?"

"I dunno" Moriarty's brow raised in a show of confusion "five?"

"Well. You might check to see if there is anything other then a house and car key on there."

"My driver's license is out of date. I don't know if I have a car."

"Really? Well. It seems likely." Then he added "Although, I guess I don't have a car, so perhaps I'm not one to talk."

"Who are you, anyway?"

"Oh. I'm a-" He seemed to think for a second "a Medical Insurance Agent. I work out of Delaware."

"What are you doing here?"

Roger was silent. He was looking down at the floor.


Route 395, about ten miles south of Lone Pine, California

William Herring was driving his car, listening to an old Jazz tune. When he spotted a kid walking in the middle of the street.

He looked at the kid for a moment, then pulled the car over. He opened the side door and asked the kid what he was doing out here.

The kid did not respond. He simple stopped walking and turn his head to look at the old man.

"Well? Can't ya talk?"

The boy shook his head, no. His expression was so dead looking, it was like he didn't have any emotions. Or that he has felt an emotion so powerful that it blocked out the rest.

"Weell..." William held the last syllable while thinking "where are you going?"

The boy looked thoughtful, but gave no reply. He just stood there, looking at the ground.

William sighed. He turned to look out his left hand window (the boy was standing outside the passenger door).

"Well, ok. Get in. Can't leave you just standing there on the road."



Moriarty fiddled with the keyring as he double-checked the address. The last thing he needed after leaving the police station was being seen trying to unlock a door that wasn't his. He put a key in the keyhole, turned it counter-clockwise two times and the door opened.

Quite satisfied at having managed to find the correct key in his first try, Moriarty was disappointed when his memory didn't come back as soon as he entered the house. So he started to go around the house touching things.

He discovered that apparently he was quite a fan of Agatha Christie, science fiction and bananas. He had a collection of Doctor Who videos, a bookcase full of, well, books. Classical books and sci-fi, mostly. And his fridge was full of fruits and vegetables. "Well, at least I'm vegetarian.".

One thing struck him as odd. The Cds, somehow. He decided to put them into his CD player and hear them, to see if he remembered something. When he pressed on though, what he heard was not exactly what he expected. A blast of started playing and the sixteen old boys started saying things that would've made his mother slap his mouth (Or at least he though so, as he didn't actually remember her). But Moriarty didn't turn it off, as he assumed that acting like he did before the amnesia would make his memory come back faster.


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