Episode One: Memory

"There are things in this world that cannot be predicted, random anomalies we cannot account for. Strange events that have no acceptable explanation. Without an exception, they are shifted aside and forgotten, one by one."
- Robert Edwards

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April 12, 1998

There is a man lying upon a bed, within a room, within a house. He is sleeping. Over time he rolls from side to side, as if he were dreaming. Muttering, moving, almost talking. He starts to snore after awhile.

Then instantly he awakes, so fast the movement can't be seen, he is sitting on the side of the bed. His eyes dart around the room, taking in details.

There are no paintings, the room is quite plain. The walls are white. The bed is also white. The bed is on the wall opposite the door leading into the hall, the foot of the bed is pointing towards that door. There is another door to the right of the first, it leads into a bathroom.

He doesn't recognize where he is at first, then suddenly, it becomes familiar. He eases off the bed.

* * * * * * * * *

After taking a shower and saying hello to his wife and son, he goes outside and starts his car. He says hello to David Nikon, his next door neighbor. Several minutes later he drives into a parking complex, next to the entrance is a big sign reading "R. C. Harris Filtration Plant". His car stopped in a parking spot, the door opened, he got out and walked towards an elevator. Halfway another man joins him, they exchange greetings, the man's name is Bob, they go into the elevator together.

"Another day at the office, eh Bob?" he asks, as the elevator doors close.

Twelve Hours and forty-five minutes later and the man steps out of the doors once more. He walked back to his car, saying goodbye to Bob halfway there. Then he drove home. Parking his car and turning it off.

When he walked back inside he found the house empty and the lights off. Going into the kitchen he tossed his keys upon the table and picked up a note lying next to some frozen food.

He sighed heavily. Put the note back down. Picked up the frozen food and his keys, went outside. He dumped the food in the trash can before getting back in his car.

It was several minutes before he arrived at a certain bar. He then spent several hours drinking and talking with strangers. Then he announced that he was going home.

"Let me call you a cab" the bartender said as he picked up the phone.

"Nah. I'll be all right." The man said.

"You sure?"

"Yeah, yeah." the main stood up and started to walk towards the door.

"All right then..."

The man stopped at the door.

"Maybe you should call that cab; I'm not feelin' so good." the man almost looked as though he were going to fall over. Then he did. But someone caught him and helped him into a seat. Probably one of those people he'd been talking to, but he couldn't tell right now. Soon enough; he was in the cab, on his way home.

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In a Mysterious Place on an unknown day, a strange man awoke.

The light was so bright he had to close his eyes. He was on the ground, and he could feel sand below him.

Deciding he needed to get up. He pulled himself up until his back was bent perpendicular to the ground.

He tried to fight the urge to keep his eyes closed. Finally, after several moments, he managed to make out copes of trees surrounding him. He tried to stand up, his muscles were so tired and stiff that he barely managed, but after some effort he was able to stand.

More awake now, he kept his eyes open, trying to ignore the stabbing pain and the water forming on them. He looked around, confused.

He was standing in a small cope of palm trees, there was a beach within a short distance. As he noticed before, the ground was covered in sand.

Still extremely tired, he started to walk away, staggering quite a bit. Barely managing to keep from falling.

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The man from the taxi awoke.

He looked around and stood up. His back hurt, but he ignored it. Where was he? How had he gotten here from the cab? He could see that he was on an incline, probably a small hill, there were trees all around. There was no obvious clue telling him where to go. So he determined to go downhill, hoping to find a road.

He was tired, but he managed to keep walking, eventually he reached the end of the tree-line. Sunlight poured down on him. The warmth was comforting. He stopped, leaned on a tree and closed his eyes for a moment, resting.

After he had rested, he saw the area he was in for the first time. He was on a beach. It stretched for some distance to either direction, then it curved away and out of view. Rather as if he was in an inverted cove.

The main suddenly looked worried. He started walking quickly towards the beach. Moving fast across the sand, he almost fell over. Silently cursing himself for wearing these stupid shoes only to show off for his friends he recovered equilibrium and kept running straight into the water, going out only a few feet. Then he turned around.

A look of general surprise and terror covered his face, as he muttered; "an island".

He was standing on the beach of an island.

Several minutes past before he started to act again. Then he walked out of the water, took off his shoes, socks, coat, and tie (he was wearing a black suit, similar to a tuxedo). And started walking along the beach, near the water. He dropped the coat and tie immediately, but kept the shoes in case they became necessary.

He walked along for several minutes, attempting to figure out how he could have gotten onto the island in the first place. When, he saw something up ahead; a figure lying on the beach, being pulled out slowly by the waves.

He ran forward. As he got nearer he saw that the figure was an unconscious man lying in the shallow water, being pushed and pulled by it.

He went into the water, kneeled down by the man, and dragged him out of the water. After only a few feet, he dropped the man and checked his pulse. He appeared to be perfectly fine.

The man opened his eyes. His rescuer asked:

"Who are you?"

The man looked at him strangely "Who are you?"

"My name is Roger. Are you all right?"

"I... Don't know." The man looked confused.

A worried look passed over Roger's face; "Do you know where we are?"

"I... n-no" Roger could see that he was barely holding on to consciousness.

"Don't try to talk" Roger said. "I'll move you into the shade. Try to get some sleep."

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When the unknown man awoke, he was lying on something akin to a wooden stretcher in a wooden house. Roger was sitting on a chair nearby, sleeping.

"You are awake?" Roger asked, still with his eyes closed. He still looked asleep, even if it was obvious that he was in fact not sleeping.


There was silence for a moment. Then, thinking he should say something, the man asked "Where are we?"

Roger opened his eyes "This place serves as a living place for researchers, apparently we're on an island only twenty miles west of San Francisco."

After a moment, Roger continued; "They called the coast guard, and a ship is on the way to pick us up." another moment passed, "What is your name anyway?"

The man looked down and furrowed his brow, worried. "I don't remember-" then he paused, and added "anything."

Roger raised his right eyebrow. "That's unfortunate. I'm going to wait for the ship out on the beach; you rest here."

* * * * * * * * *

"The ship is here."

The man was sitting on the bed reading. He looked at Roger, there were tears in his eyes. "This... Story, it's so... amazing..."

Roger glanced at the book. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes; his expression grew cold. "Yes, I've always said that. You'll have to leave it here though."

The man set it down gently on the nightstand, and stood up.

"Bring that blanket, it'll be cold on the way over."

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