This is a Plot Page, it contains material explaining the plot outlines of The Mysterious Unknown, people reading the story might not want to read it as it is a spoiler.

More Properly explained, this page is being used to lay out a plan of what all is going to happen for the story. Kinda.

Now, this page will completely ruin the experience of reading the story, but it could be interesting by itself.

Currently, the purpose is to fill this page with Practical information, such as time lines and specific events, rather then to go into detail in explaining the precise explanation of everything strange that occurs.

If they get too long the time lines may need their own page, a list of characters will definitely be necessary. Hopefully the Objects and Sites won't require they're own pages.

The Complete, Unabridged, StoryEdit

The Point of DifferenceEdit

In the manner of an Alternate History, this universe is different from ours because of a simple change that spawned many changes (albeit artificially).

A very, very, long time ago (I like to think it's billions of years ago), a race that would one day be called Planners existed. They had advanced technology such that is unimaginable to modern day science, or fiction, for that matter. One of these devices was something that allowed them to view the logically outcome of a scenario, given all of the necessary variables. In other, more precise, words; it could see the future.

They used this device to see what earth would be like (they probably found it to be a large ball of lava and whatnot) and they looked at Humanity, billions of years before they existed.

These "Planners" as I call them, were rather complicated. How exactly they thought would take a long time to explain. But to give a sort of an idea, I like to think that young Planner children enjoyed playing a game, in which they would go to some beach or other, and use that device which allowed them to see through time. Then, once they had seen what the beach was going to be like, they kept watching the screen on the device to see if anything changed, and moved a single grain of sand a short distance; watching to see what would happen to the future because of this difference.

They may not really have done this, but I like to think so. Either way, they did enjoy some similar sport. Because, the Planners put into motion several things which would change the history of Humans.

To think that this was a game to them seems the only conclusion. The two species are completely separated by time, they never lived within a million years of each other. But, whatever their reasoning being, it makes little difference, the changes are the same.

They created three Geometrically shaped objects, out of a crystal of some sort. These things were designed so that when a human touched them they would "connect" with that humans mind and "upload" certain information. Each of the objects would only function once, for one human. Describing the information would be inappropriate at this time. The objects were: a Sphere, a Pyramid (triangle), and a Cube. The humans who touched these objects were Abrahams, Dr. Z. Andrews, and an as yet unnamed character who was a part of the Secret Council (he was Abraham's enemy).

They also created a space station and two small space craft. These were designed to look (and appear to function) like craft from early science fiction, notably the two smaller mobile craft were designed in a "saucer" shape. They also made beings to control these craft. The 'aliens' were human, at least physically and mentally. The 'aliens' were put into a stasis until the year 1900. The Planners built a kind of 'teleporter' device into the ships that would allow them to move people and objects between the ship and Earth without having to land or approach to near the surface. These teleporters could also transform people into information that would be stored in a computer. Each of the "saucers" can hold up to 5 to 10 people at a time, the station can hold thousands of people in this state. The Space Station is located near one of the farther planets of the solar system. The "saucers" move far slower then the speed of light, so they take at least a few weeks to travel from the earth to the station.

The Planners caused The Event, although I don't know how.

The Planners created a Robot and buried it on earth, it is Tripod-shaped and they created it based off of "The War of the Worlds", lasers and all. It will activate either when someone digs it up, or some time around 2015. At which point it will arise and start killing people at random, while destroying random things. It will have to be stopped by someone. Most likely Heroes will destroy it.


In 1949 Abrahams built a nuclear device and start it on a fifty-year countdown. This device was the very special nuclear device that caused the creation of the Heroes. The Radiation and the Eletromagnetic Pulse from the device combined with the Virus and the Mutation caused the Heroes to gain powerful abilities similar to those of Psychics, except fairly different. The abilities that Heroes get continually become more powerful as time passes, Psychics become more powerful at specific times for specific reasons.

World TimelinesEdit

These are for the most part unfinished.

An asterisk (*) indicates a approximate date (the others are exact).

Psychic TimelineEdit

  • 1900 : The Event.
The cause of Psychics, Objects, and Sites.
  • 1903*-1907* : The Founders form the Society of Psychics.
Various psychics such as John Constantine and Maggy Harrison; there are around ten in all at the first meeting. These people are considered to be some of the most important persons in the history of Psychics.
  • 1910* : The Death of John Constantine.
Murdered by a man who was secretly working for Professor Harold Lindsay.
  • 1911* : A person wearing a Guy Fawkes mask shows up at a performance on the 5th of November, the day that John Constantine died the year before.
He throws a knife at Pro. Lindsay, but misses. He then escapes. Afterwords, John Constantine came to a meeting of the Society of Psychics. Proclaimed Lindsay as his killer, and said that he was more powerful then ever. Soon afterwards, Lindsay was killed; and the man was revealed to be Constantine's twin brother; who just barely managed to pass as John Constantine for the one meeting.
  • 1920* : Abrahams founds The Secret Council.
Similar to the Society of Psychics, except it is entirely secret to anyone not a member, and it's purpose is less obvious.

Timeline of the ExperimentsEdit

  • 1990-2000 : People from all around the world disappear.
Approximately 200 people.
  • 2008 : Approximately 200 people appear suddenly split up and in various places. All are wearing similar black polyester clothing.
This includes Moriarty and Roger, though Roger wasn't wearing the black clothing. All of these 200 people are found to be people who disappeared years before.
  • 2008 : The 200 exhibit strange abilities, and it is found that each of them has some sort of medical aberration, (unknown diseases, genetic anomalies, mutations, so forth.).
Neither Moriarty nor Roger exhibit any strange abilities (but neither of them are subject to medical testing; not all of the aberrations are obvious).

The rest of this story would be difficult to describe on a time line.

Heroes and Villains TimelineEdit

  • 2010 : There is a Nuclear Explosion north of New York City.
This causes an Electromagnetic Pulse larger then any other to wipe out all electronics in New York State (approximately). The explosion was too far from the city for it to directly damage the city; though earthquakes and radiation reached the city. The city is, within the hour, surrounded by, what looked like, an immense SWAT team. All wearing Hazmat outfits. They took everyone who came out of the city into custody and put every one through medical examination.
Fortunately, even though people were irradiated, the radiation was... odd. No one was harmed by the radiation directly. Though the Electromagnetic Pulse caused a great many deaths.
The explosion caused a great deal of confusion within the city itself at first, every car and vehicle stopped working, and any vehicles that were in use at the time of the explosion were caused to accelerated out of control.
Several people who were in the city started to develop powers, abilities they could not explain. see below.
  • 2010 : The existence of people with strange abilities is kept hidden from the public at first.
However, a video appears on the internet that shows a survivor being shot by the agents who surrounded the city. The bullets pass through the person and he continues to walk past the agents (who hastily move out of it's way). The person's face is not seen, the only identifying feature is the clothing. To say "the bullets passed through" is imprecise, they hit, and they kept going; as though he were made of water or some other liquid substance; they don't seem to greatly injure him.
  • 2010 : A small number of Heroes escaped with Mal.
Among them a small boy dubbed "fix-it" who managed to repair a plane, which they used to escape.
Mal and the others begin to spot a strong correlation between themselves. Each of them performed a "good deed", as one of the characters comes to call it. For example, Micky took a bullet for a stranger, Tyler has a Medal of Honor, Charles went to prison in someone else's stead, etc.


There is an additional Timeline for the Men In Black that goes from somewhere around 1950 or 1940 through to 2000. 1960-200 is the most active period for the M.I.B.

The Men In Black were founded some time around 1900 or 1910, in order to investigate reports of people "disappearing" out of nowhere. There is, yet another, Timeline and story explaining these disappearances. Suffice it to say, for now, that the connection between the M.I.B. and Alien Abduction is not entirely exaggerated.

Expanded ExplanationsEdit


A list of all current and future Objects (and alternate names for them):

Teacup, Armchair, Sword, Cane, Deck of Playing Cards, Bullet, Hat (cowboy hat), Suit (Tuxedo), Phonograph Cylinder Recorder, Necklace, Walking Stick

The prefix of The should be applied to every one of these when refered to elsewhere Do not use these objects without asking the person who made them. Also: list all new objects here as well.

Try to avoid making Objects with lots of pieces (an example of a bad Object in this sense is the Deck of Playing Cards), a good example of an Object following this is The Bullet (which was originally The Gun). Most Objects are made up of a single piece, usually, but not always, made out of one single material.

This is not intended to be a list of every Object in existance, merely of the ones that show up in the Episodes

Roger and MoriartyEdit

Roger was a Man In Black, which is a person who works for a private corporation which was housed in a building in Delaware near the town of Blue Cove. Some time after his reappearance he starts to recall the things he did while working as a Man In Black, which would provide an opportunity to tell stories about the 1960-1980 years (there isn't much else going on during that period except the MIB). Roger is going to be important to both the 200 and to Moriarty.

Moriarty is the clone of an 'alien' called Jor (short for Jordan) who is responsible for the disappearance and reappearance of the 200 and Moriarty and Roger. Moriarty is destined to go into space using a 'flying saucer' which Jor on purposefully crashed in a certain hidden location, and Moriarty is to use this ship to destroy an 'alien' space station. But not before he rescues from it thousands of people who have been abducted from earth and stored on it. Jor left clues for Moriarty to find, such as the money that he receives every month, and the clothing he is wearing when he reappears. It would take quite a while before he finds all the clues and all the things each of them lead to and finally finds the ship. When he enters it there is a holographic recording Jor left for him which tells him everything.

Moriarty's story might sound completely unbelievable and unrealistic, but there are hidden factors involved that at least explain parts of it.



A psychic who founds the Secret Council in 1920, he is the leader of that council.



Background: A few years ago, Mal was in a car crash. He purposely drove his car into another in order to stop the other driver from hitting some young girls near the road. Years before this incident, Mal's own daughter had been killed in a Hit and Run accident. The crash Mal was in caused him to fall into a coma, from which he did not wake until the explosion. Foreground: Mal was in a hospital during the explosion. The same hospital that Micky was in. They met and traveled together out of the city. Where they were taken in by the 'Federal Agents' that surrounded the city. He experienced being separated from other survivors and being put into a holding cell which was far more like a prison cell then he would have liked. He talked with the other survivors there and that is how he met the other characters. After he went to sleep, he woke up and discovered that he had been dreaming while he was in his coma. He then realized that his dream had shown him everything that was going to happen. So, he collects the people he met in the dream who had been separated from the other survivors, as many as he can, with some difficulty.


I have various other characters for this part, but I don't want to be overly zealous towards the Heroes story then I am to the other stories (most notably I haven't included much about Moriarty or Roger yet).


Just so make sure that all of the episodes have the "Mysterious Unknown/Season 1/Episode " part the same, all new episodes should created by using one of these links.

  1. Episode 1
  2. Episode 2
  3. Episode 3
  4. Episode 4
  5. Episode 5
  6. Episode 6
  7. Episode 7
  8. Episode 8
  9. Episode 9
  10. Episode 10
  11. Episode 11
  12. Episode 12
  13. Episode 13
  14. Episode 14
  15. Episode 15
  16. Episode 16
  17. Episode 17
  18. Episode 18
  19. Episode 19
  20. Episode 20

Episode 1 Edit

Roger and Moriarty meet for the first time. Roger goes from the Taxi to the Island apparently instantly.

Moriarty's memory loss is revealed.

This Episode is Complete.

Except: The first section could (should) be expanded to be a first person description of what a day is like in Rogers life (it will be important to show the contrast between his life before he suddenly appeared on the island, and his life afterwards) but it skips the part where he's at work. Though his family might make some comment about him being a Clerk or something of that nature (he really isn't and what he is cannot be revealed because it's important to the plot-line (and it's secret) but his family thinks he's a clerk or something).

Episode 2 Edit

The Event happens in 1900, the first second of the new century

Skipping to another plotline, short descriptions of what some people experienced at the time of The Event, but what the Event is isn't revealed, just that people from various places on the planet looked up at the sky, and possible made some comments to the effect of "Wow!" (each one of these people should be realitivly far apart, i.e. try to go from continent to continent).

Followed by a few letters/journal entries/et cetera from the following years (up until 1904 or so) about how people who were perfectly ordinary before, begin to experience strange feelings around certain objects (a chair that causes lazyness/comfort, a deck of playing cards that causes anger, etc).

An Englishman (Londoner, higher class, but not really high) finds one such object (a tea cup that causes warmth/comfort). He writes in a journal. While in a Gentleman's Club one day (this type of club is the same as a modern day Cafe, or Coffee House, it's just a place where Higher-class people hang out, it should probably not be called a gentleman's club for fear of being associated with something else. The idea of the existance of such clubs for me comes from Sherlock Holmes' brother, Mycroft, who owned such a place). While in, this place, one day, he sees a stranger, a man who he knows he does not know, but he experiences a strange feeling of familiarity towards him (akin to Deja Vu), and decides to attempt to strike up a conversation with him. (this is a journal so he will just write out the conversation with a short description of what comes of it, not every word stated.) His view in the end is that the man is not, in fact, a gentleman, but that he is a rather rude ruffian of sorts who has money (Why was he in the club? The reason should be noted). But he detemines to go see the man at his house in an attempt at discovering where the feeling came from.

He strikes up a conversation at the man's house, and is invited into his study to talk. Upon entering the room, Constantine (possible name for the main character) has a feeling of Lazyness. It is coming from the chair behind the man's desk. When the man realizes he senses it, he questions him regarding it. Asks if there are any other objects he has sensed (or possibly he doesn't notice that Constantine sensed it, but when Constantine tried to buy it, he becomes suspicious).

Note: the guy also has a Deck of Cards that causes anger. And the year for all of this is around 1903 I think.

In Oregan, United States, a woman named Maggy Johnson discovers a strange place, a cabin in the middle of the woods, in which gravity is slightly sideways. Objects and people in it are pulled slightly towards one wall. Yet she has a strange feeling when she is near the cabin, she describes it as feeling like she does when she's at home, only more so. Her story is told through letters she sends to a realitive of hers.

There should also be various reports of various people who find objects, there are a huge number of objects and "special people", so they can just be invented at will at this point. Though most people won't be recurring (although Constantine and the other guy will, along with some of the other people).

Episode 3 Edit

This Episode's plot is a work in progress (at least in part).

Back to the Moriarty & Roger plotline.

skip the part where the coast guard comes and they get back to shore.

Due to the fact that they were on the island illegaly (people aren't allowed on it) plus the fact that they were both a little injured-looking when they came to the research station, they are taken to the police station/similar place (maybe the coast guard questions them?).

Moriarty asks questions regarding his identity. The police fingerprint him, and find that his name is J. Moriarty, tell him where he lives, they question him for awhile but then let him go. It should be mentioned somewhere by the police that his only possesions are a key and his wallet (no money, just ID and a driver's license)

Roger is being asked a series of boring questions such as "What is your Name", "What year is it?". At which point it is discovered that it is the year 2008 and he is missing ten years (plus he didn't age). His son is eighteen or so and is in federal prison for hacking into the records for the company that Roger worked for (they never saw Roger at home the night he dissapeared, so his son thought his work was involved with it). He was declared legally dead at some point. His wife is dead.

I am thinking that either Roger's wife is either remarried, dead, or neither. Remember that Roger is fifty something, so she is probably sixty something. (probably around ten years older then him). It might be easier just to have her be dead. Since none of these things would seem to contribute to the story, perhaps her being dead is best. Although, if she remarried, then Roger and his son might have common grounds on disliking the new husband, giving them a point of connection.

Moriarty goes to his house, the address of which you will remember he got from his records. After entering. He looks around.

Examing the books, food, and music collections (there are alot of fruits, vegetables, classical books, Science Fiction, and some strange music CDs). Discovering he recignises the books and foods (not familiar, but he knows what they are. I.E. he doesn't remember seeing them before, but he does know how Sherlock Holmes is, knows what a banana is, etc.), but doesn't recignise the music, he puts one of the cds into the radio and turns it on.

A loud blast of noise (it's Death Metal) ensues, Moriarty feels uncomfortable about the lyrics of the song and dislikes the loudness, but he keeps listening anyway, fearing that not liking the same music might make getting his memory back harder (that "scene" is intended to be humourous). Eventually (not to long) a person comes into the house and turns off the radio, and asks him why he was listening to her music (her name is Penelope). She's probably rather annoyed by his "invading her privacy".

The music is her's, she lives in the house with him. She last saw him about a year before. He said he would be gone for about that long, she only moved in just before he left, the condition of her living in the house for as long as she wanted was that she would keep the house supplied with the specified food and that she would help him by reminding him about anything he asked about. He said he would not remember having met her. Moriarty asks her some questions. The books and food are his, the music is all her's, except for one home made CD. Which turns out to be static (Brown noise I think it's called). She would know what his first name is (the police only knew it was J.) [note: I don't think I've decided what his name is, it's probably John or James, or Jordan. Jordan only because it could make his nickname Jor, just to be a reference to Jor-El]

While Moriarty (she says he likes going by his surname) is still talking to Penelope, switch back to Roger for a bit.

Roger is sitting by his wife's grave in Delaware, he just sits there, looking at the grave, apparently reading the words over and over.

avoid mentioning what she died of.

Something should be done to make that seem like it takes a long time. Maybe giving a description of the graveyard? Something to slow down, he sits there for awhile so it shouldn't just say that he was there and then go on.

Roger goes and gets his son out of prison (he has connections that could do this. but I'm not sure whether he could do this)

Episode 4 Edit

This episode skips back and forth quite a bit between different stories.

The quote for it is something by Sherlock Holmes

"As Cuvier could correctly describe a whole animal by the contemplation of a single bone, so the observer who has thoroughly understood one link in a series of incidents should be able to state all the other ones, before and after"

The first story is based in 2001 or 2002. It starts by having a guy run into a building that is on fire, he runs in and, after a moment of looking around, he sees a person lying on the ground with a log about to fall on them. He places himself between the person and the log. The log hit's him. Possible knocking him over, but he still manages to stay up enough to keep the log off the person.

He isn't super strong or anything, he is just not burned by fire. He doesn't have any hair (except on the top of his head, of course). He also doesn't feel pain or temperature. His "power" could be described something like this: he cannot burn or light on fire, his skin is flame retardent, he cannot feel pain, that is not to say that he cannot be injured, merely that he cannot feel it. His greatest weakness is that his skin will still be hurt (not burnt, but it might melt) at high enough temperatures, and he has no immunity whatsoever to low temperature, and he cannot feel them so he would be doubly susceptible to them.

After he helps out in the building, he is taken to a hospital, to make sure he's okay. They examine him and try to figure out his symptoms a little bit (they discover what has previosly been mentioned, but they don't figure out what causes it or anything, only what the symptoms are).

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