None of this page technically ruins any plotlines, but it is intended for authors.

Realism Edit

A subject of some importance, I have left it out until now.

The first, yet least important, thing that I would like to mention, is the Point of Difference. That is, the one thing that seperates the realism of the story from the realism of our world.

This thing effects everything, it could be said that it created everything. It is a large change that caused everything that is "un-natural" in the story, everything that could not be in this world, comes from that thing.

The reason why this is least important, is because, it doesn't matter. Not now. It will likely never be realised by the characters that this one thing is what caused everything to be different from "the real world". It might be noted at the end by someone smart that if it hadn't been there, none of this would have happened. Which would be interesting. But still. Knowing this doesn't help anything. The very nature of this thing makes it unimaginably huge and far seperated from events.

Perspective Edit

Most episodes should be written from the third person. (He, she, it, etc) and in the past tense (I think. But who knows?).

plotlines Edit

see Mysterious Unknown/Plot (that page will ruin the story for you.)

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