"Stranger things have been known to happen."
- Mr. J. Moriarty

The world is filled with unexplained phenomena, a strange feeling of familiarity towards a stranger, perhaps a mysterious feeling on the back of your neck, telling you that someone is watching, or a sharp noise with no source, only audible when you are alone. These events cannot be explained by modern science. But some people continue to seek answers to these impossible problems.

The Mysterious Unknown is an attempt at creating a gigantic amount of interconnected stories in one world, though it might not be written perfectly, I can assure you that the plotlines and story ideas are deep and, it is my hope, fascinating. It will probably be organized in the fashion of a television series, having seasons and episodes. Most likely there will be somewhere around twenty episodes per season. And the season premiers and finales will be very important episodes, much as they are on television. The length of each episode might vary greatly; it lasts until a story has been told or at least until a part of the story has been.

  Seasons Episode One   Episodes

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