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by Jans, The Tornado Chaser

Tornado, I love you,
I need you, I am dying... I lick you,
I mick you, I rick you, I wick you

(Wait a second, I am beginning to laugh...)
(Just another minute... Done...)

I want a tornado would hit my house
so I can get rid of my... mouse?
I have a louse who is sucking my blood
but I am still in love, my door

[This poem features GIR singing the doom song]
GIR: Doom do doom do doom do doom do do dooom dmdmd d dmdmdd,dmdmdmdm,,,,,,

Let me now if you love me, tornado,
I just want to know if I would
kiss your debris, I could tornado
but you say you are not ready for me, and I am doomed
and I feel I would cry
please do not tell me I can
because I will die
you are my entire life

Tornado, do not suck me anymore,
I just want to give you love
but you say you are not anything but a thunderstom
and that is sad,
cause I love you but you prefer a funnel cloud
Please come back
my beloved tornado, I will cry really loud
I just want to kiss you again,
please come my tornado,
I would die,
Please, please come beloved tornado,
I have no any rhyme,
but I still love you tornado,
that is enough for me.
It is sad, but I... have to...

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