20170120User:Serprex 12:44, February 25, 2017 (UTC)

Good vibrations rip

I'm thinking of a good vacation,

gonna foster my evasion,

ain't asking for a truce,

mixing vodka in my juice,

d dc dc d__c d dc dc d__c d-- d dd c-- c cc c--

You taste like peppermint toffee to me, how do you do?

You taste like peppermint toffee to me, all running down my face

from the depths an echo stirs

White light, like a hole, like a hole, isn't that how it goes?

Star fight, hurl a foe, call a foul, ain't ain't ain't got no taint?

Furl brow, wish could stall til Fall, a constant phase

through the trapdoor

Two bald figures sit cross legged, staring with indifference at a microcosmic universe unfolding before them, a potential playout of their lives together would be. All the drama, illusory needs, hate, fuck. Then the blip collapses and they know 'oh, so that'd be our future'

Good or bad, they walk away. Nothing new to find with each other

Apply recursion: within those simulations simulations are watched

All that drama, illusory needs, hate, fuck, acted out with perceived gusto, but in reality the observer is in the body

Get this observer out, tied up in there saying "You never really cared"

Reality is those expressions are imagined, living in the brain's augmented reality, & the brain goes on to perceive other people's augmented realities too, because if it perceived others' reality, it'd perceive their perception of its true reality, mirror indifference

come down, touch down, sober up

One Hell, two reservations, can't be so bad

Book one, book two, it only gets worse

But the books keep coming, because the bookies always win

escape into the day dream

Noose on the loose, flavored sugar water doesn't taste right without vodka, take on this role, like a robe, pass the time with idle play

These lives played out with indifference from afar, this life's other lives in parallel

One goes off the rails, one regresses to old nothing news, one goes off the grid, one's locked up into a nether

These are my private selves, say hello, you can't talk to them, only get to know me so I can know you so I can have your nether selves play out with my nether selves

but this vacation drags on not alone

Take out these fake selves, grind them out with broken wrists, meet through electric judges, burn hours for in store credit, holed away

Some fake drive to feel something fake feel real

Periscope submerges, & when the depths start coming up upon, eyes are shut

maybe this would work better aloud

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