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I was so tired of sitting around with this gogo world's stress so I got up and went some place nice like I don't know where there's hot days and hot chicks

I must pause here to laugh

I originally wrote that line as "haha" while I laughed and thought "what the fuck"

I later rewrote it. Then I continued writing. Then I came back and wrote this. Which ruins the flow of the line that follows. Thus is my self consciousness ruining this memoir. My apologies

I can't even write this. I'm still laughing. Like, what?

A moment please, for the laughter's sake

But alright, if it must be told: I heard some guy talking about how he only spent eight hundred to take a trip to Mexico. Everything included

It's best to travel when people usually don't travel. There's a lot of silly little factoids like that. All part of what keeps the system self organizing

They use to call the system the machine. But machines are out of fashion nowadays. People laugh at you for referring to society as such

They'll also laugh at you for capitalizing the word man and prefix it with the word the

It's having to walk that tightrope all the time that makes people take summer vacations. Tourists are always laughed at. A fallen trapeze artist stands without tension

I went to a restaurant. It was awful. Absolutely awful. They asked what kind of caviar I wanted. I just wanted caviar because it's caviar

Now, where were we? Not geographically. I don't care about that facet. I already explained it well enough

There's gotta be martinis and beaches and lounging long enough to get sunstroke. The sunstroke was awful. I ended up in the hospital and then I was so embarrassed because I'd have to include this awful sunstroke in any recollection of my summer vacation

I was so embarrassed I couldn't even go back to the resort so I had to get them to send my baggage to some shabby hotel I was able to make arrangements with. They refused to give me my money back. Fucking bull. They hadn't kept the martini I was nursing when I got sunstroke, but agreed to give me another

How unbearable

The second hotel had roaches. Smoked a few, squashed the rest

Went for a long walk. Bought a jean jacket in an open market. The sleeves were too long. Some gal laughed at me. So I told her to go fuck herself. Then some random guy beat me up. So I told him to go fuck himself. Then I ended up back in the hospital

Went for a walk. Some nurse asked me where I was suppose to be. I told her I didn't have to be anywhere. She called security to help me. They asked me where I'd come from. I didn't feel like talking to them, as I was resting on a bench. They called some nurses to check on me. They decided I had low blood sugar and gave me a juice box. I told them I'd prefer a martini, but they wouldn't give me one. So I went for a walk to the bar and got one before heading back to my hotel to get some proper peace and quiet. Unfortunately the walls weren't so thick so it wasn't so quiet. Whatever, peaceful enough

Think I'll stay all day in bed

I went back to the beach. I wanted to make a sand castle. First I rolled around in the rolling waves. Got a bit tangled in a cycle of raising from waves crashing me down into waves crashing me down. After that I figured the sea could go fuck itself. All I wanted was to pile dirt. I made a sand castle. I also made sand men. I set small stones to designate a walkway

Eventually I grew sick of that meddlesome task and went out to dinner to order a spicy seafood sandwich before heading back to the hotel

I should've learnt the symptoms of sunstroke the first time around. This time around I didn't have to be hospitalized, as I'd grown bored quick enough to only be left nautious at the hotel. Or maybe it was food sickness from that spicy seafood sandwich. I don't know. Whatever

Think I'll stay all day in bed. Again

I took a nap on the plane ride home. I ordered a mix of apple juice and orange juice when the stewardess pulled out that tiny box that was still too big for the aisle. She'd woken me up by crashing it into the side of my seat. I gave her a sharp glare for that, but she looked sorry enough that I needn't to get coarse. Just give some annoying order. I wanted the mix to be one to two. It doesn't matter which of the two I wanted in greater proportion

Good to be home, but how awful the stress of daily life

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