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Murder House Edit

By Snake76345 Edit

A perfect Fall day, leaves on the ground, just perfect. Untill it happened. The fatefull day The gate to the lawn creaked open. Screams, then gunshots, then the screams silenced. But they werent dead, it was a close call, but not dead, yet. First, the Sixteen year old handsome young babysitter Randy got up from his hiding spot, clearly spooked. "Um... its okay, you can come out now," he said to the two little girls hiding behind the counter, one five, one thirteen. "What the heck was that?" asked the 13-year-old girl. "Watch your mouth, Jane!" Randy scorned. She put her head down in shame. The other little girl came out next and opened up with (clearly just got over crying) "Wwwhen's mom coming home?" Randy clearly didnt know, so he hugged both of them, trying to ease thier pain. "Lets go call your mommy, okay?" Randy said, clearly hiding his fear. He walked over to the black/silver phone, shaking. He dialed the number of the Mom's Cell Phone and held the earpiece up to his ear. "Hello?" He said, shaken from the attack. A muffled voice answered, then a "There has just been an intruder in the property, he took a few shots, but no one is hurt," (muffled voice speaks again) "Yes ma'am, yes I will, thank you, yup, bye" Randy said as he hung up the phone. Then dialed clearly a number that everyone new, even the 5-year-old, 9-1-1. As the teenage babysitter pressed the talk button and gestured to Jane to go into the playroom and keep the ten-year-old (Mary) quiet. Jane understood with a nod, and took Mary into the back room. "911 services, how may we help you?" An operator picked up.

"We where just attacked by an unidentified man, he was wearing a collared green shirt with blue jeans," Randy replied.

"Did this man have any weapons of any sort, sir?" The woman on the other end picked up.

"Well, yes..." Randy was cut off as the phonelines dissconected, then some figure cut into the conversation.

"It ain't over, and its not like your going to call the cops either." The dark voice whispered in an eerie tone.

"No, no, why are you doing this to us?!" The scared babysitter asked, shaking with fear.

"Not you, my boy," The dark voice answered, and hung up, most likely not wanting to answer.

Randy tried not to look feared, but it was way too hard. He put his hands on his eyes, and started to cry. Then he remembered, The kids! His heart leaped from his chest, now in his throat. He sprinted down the narrow hall, heading for the back room, where he sent them to go play. He let out a deep breathe of relief. They where right where he hoped where they would be. Not with him. Now what? For sure he will be in the house in a matter of seconds! Randy thought. He pulled Jane aside from her sister,

"I think we should go into the attic, that would be the safest place for us to be, dont you think?" Randy asked the beautiful thirteen year old, her blue eyes starring at him.

"Yeah, but Mary doesnt want to be anywhere where there is spiders, she hates those, maybe the attic isn't the best idea.. she would be screaming if she sees one of those," Jane replied, fear in her pretty blue eyes.

Randy moved closer to Jane, eyeing Mary and whispered, "Its not like we have a choice, there are no windows up there, and thats the safest place, she is just going to have to suck it up." Randy was actually a little ashamed for saying that.

Jane nodded and sat down next to mary, comforting her, pleading her to come upstairs. After a few seconds of slight arguing, Mary nodded and hid behind Jane. Then, fearing for the two, led the way through the narrow hall to the ladder. Jane looked up into the black, afraid, randy could tell by her breathing. And mary had her face burried into Janes stomach. This is going to be interesting.. Randy thought as he forsaw Mary crying in a corner. Jane lifted Mary and put her in between Randy and herself, protecting her from any dangers from behind or above. Above never seemed like such a creepy word. He climbed up the old creaky latter, into the pitch-black of the attic. So far so good, he thought. But, now he had to worry about the darkness. Lights, where the heck are the lights? He was desprate, any second now, Mary would be crying, then the murderer would have no doubt in his mind that they where headed to the attic. His hand felt something bumpy, Lights! And he was right, Randy flicked the switch, turning on the lights. He could see the tears on Mary's face, and the fear in Jane's. Randy felt sympathy for them, so he hugged them for it seemed twenty minutes strait. And maybe that wasn't enough. A shot rang out, glass breaking, and footsteps. Jane covered Mary's mouth, and made the 10 year old bury into her stomach again. Randy was shaking with fear, cowering, close to tears.Shut up randy, dont cry, dont cry. He will hear us if you cry. he told himself, over and over again. More Footsteps, More Footsteps. Why me? He thought. Then, as if the murderer was here himself, his mind answered him, Not you, my boy. He thought of his parents back at the apartment in the city, and his brothers in the country.

Why Me? Why Me? It's not you, My Boy, Dont Cry, Dont Cry He will HEAR us if I cry Why me?

Randy listened for more footsteps, they ciesed. Is he gone? Is he HERE? He thought to himself. Jane still held Mary's mouth, but he could see the tears in her eyes. Her makeup was smeared from the tears. Suddenly, Randy heard a car burn out. Then, the frightened babysitter crawled to the loose board, peeking through the tiny seemes. He saw the murderer get into the car, and then they sped away. Randy turned to Jane and made a hand gesture, Lets go. Jane nodded and picked up mary. They raced down the stairs and into the narrow hallway. "Where are we going?" Jane Asked, very curious. "Not here, anywhere but here, they will be back." Randy answered. "C...C...Could i go get wooby?" Mary asked, still recovering from the sobbing. Randy gave Jane a puzzled look. "Her stuffed bear, she carries it everywhere," Jane answered, without needing Randy to ask "Fine, just make it quick, real quick," Randy said, staring at Jane, emphisizing the point quick Jane tugged Mary to come on with her, clearly getting the quick point. They ran upstairs, Randy standing gaurd at the bottom, butcher knife in hand just incase the butthole decided to come back and pick a fight with Randy SanArdes. After about three minutes, Jane and Mary returned with a small brown stuffed bear that had an eye falling out. Creepy, Thought Randy. But, then decided, there was no time to look at the abused bear, but to find the family car. Easily enough, it was in the garage, a simple green Jeek Cherokee with a small CD/Radio in the front. Randy had his permit, and he wasnt road legal, but this was no time to argue about the law, they had already had betrayed him once. He opened the car door, and signaled for Jane to get Mary and Herself into the car. "Both of you in the Middle seats, and no argueing." Randy ordered. Jane nodded, and Mary just looked up, that meant Okay, just get on with it, gosh. Once the two girls where buckled in, he started the car, and put the station to his favorite, WROK. Blasting Avenged Sevenfold, he burned out of the garage. The car ride was actually pretty smooth, some pot holes in the back streets, but getting to the police station seemed great. But, after passing the MiniMart only ten miles from the house, Jane Spotted something, The pickup that the two criminals where in. "Randy! thats him! Take this turn, ditch that piece of..." But she was cut off by the screaching of tires as Randy made the turn sharp, maybe too sharp. The criminal heard the screaching, and came after them, going way too fast along a public road. "Two can play at that game!" Randy shouted as he pressed down on the gas, going faster than ever. Now Disturbed's Down With the Sickness was playing and it fit the part perfectly. Randy would of enjoyed the song if it wasn't for the whole life-death car chase thing. Randy looked back to see in the girls where alright, and they where, Mary looked a bit sick, and Jane looked scared to death, but they where alright, and thats all he cared about. He took a turn for Main Street, again the tired screeching. Then, Randy felt like dissing the enemy a little, he rolled down his window, and flipped the shady man off, screaming some swears. Jane smiled, then her smile quickly turned to terror as she saw the men where gaining on them. "Randy, take this turn! We dont need to get to the police station yet! We have the guys on our tales, me might get murdered right outside the station!" Jane screamed over the roaring engines of both vehicles. The babysitter again made a sharp turn and went down the dirt road, rocks bouncing up onto the paint of the jeep. Soon the road made a split into two paths, barely visible under the leaves. "Take the right, thats the evac route if all the others are closed off, it leads right into the other suburbs!" Jane shouted. Randy nodded and made that turn. The pickup was gaining, They might be trapped. Randy clenched the steering wheel with white nuckels, the first time he had drove an actual car hasn't exactly been a joy ride. The music on WROK slowed to Lips of an Angel by hinder. That was Jane's favorite song, so she sang along, trying to relieve herself from her fear, but it only worked to a degree. The babysitter used some flirty techniques he learned in eighth grade to try to comfort the girl, "You like this song?" Randy asked, using the flirty tone. "Yeah, its my favorite song," Jane answered back, singing along to Lips of An Angel. Randy nodded, he already knew that, but he tried to comfort her. Suddenly, right before we was about to say something else, he heard a DING! The gas light. NO! the gas light! Randy panicked. "Jane, how long untill the suburbs?" Randy asked, shaking with fear. "About thirty miles, why?" Jane asked, worried. "No reason, just wondering," Randy said as casually as he could. He was shaking. Thirty Miles? This piece of crap could probrobly only make 20 miles per gallon!! We are doomed! The pickup was gaining, now he could see the faces of the two murderers. "Randy..." Jane said, she was shaking too. " I know, is there any place we can go so we can get the heck out of this?" Randy asked, desperate. "Well, there is a site-seeing spot in about a mile, we could ditch there, but there is no garentee of living.." Jane answered, fear took over her voice.

"Well, there is no garentee of survival anywhere now, when i say now, you better open your door, grab Mary, and run your butt off, you got to live, i will join you..." Suddenly, a gunshot rang out, glass broke, and the whole back window was out. "Now! Get the heck out of here!" Randy screamed over the wind, seeming so loud. Jane nodded and opened the back door, then put mary into her arms, and jumped out. Then, Randy jumped out his door, and ran after Jane and Mary, into the woods. He could hear them close, but couldnt see them over his own watery eyes. But he could also hear the shouts of the criminals. After about five minutes of running, they met up in a cemetary in the middle of the woods. Randy panted, saying, "Good job, we are all safe, for now." "For now, the keyword. I bet there is the river somewhere around here, if we cross that, we could get into the other suburbs in about twenty minutes or so, but im not exactly sure." Jane remarked. "Ok, then lets do that. But, what way is the river?" Randy Asked, interested in the river. "Just north of here, i guess, thats the only place it would be," Jane answered yet again. Randy nodded and started hiking through the woods, Jane and Mary close behind. Mary coughed and then cryed. Jane held her close, and kept moving. "Its starting to get night, Randy, we better hurry our butts up!" She warned. "I know, ah ha! there it is! The river." Randy exclamed. The current was setted, and it looked pretty clean, but then again, they had no choice even if it was dirty and the current was fast. "We better keep Mary above water, or she will surely drown, here, i will take her." Randy offered. Jane nodded, and handed the sleeping Mary over to the tall, blond, Randy. He lifted he up on his shoulders. "Hope she like piggy back rides," Randy joked. And Jane laughed. The water was dangerously cold. The feel of it made you want to just end your misery right there. But, without him, the two girls would most likely be caught by the criminals. Even though Jane has strong willpower, its almost impossible for her to survive on her own. After trekking across the river halfway, they heard gunshots. "Goddammit! Run!!" Randy screamed, fearing for Jane's safety. There pace sped up, but it was too late, the gunshots got louder and louder. And they where only halfway there. And the enemy was closing in on them. "Jane, swim, you can get there faster, put Mary on your back, and make sure she doesnt fall off, dont wait for me!! Just run!" He ordered. Jane took the order and put Mary on her back, waking her up. Than telling her to hold on tight. Randy took out his butcher knife, and held it up in the air, feeling powerfull with the tool of killing. The stuck it back into his pocket and dove under the water, desperatly swiming for the shore. Jane had already reached the end by the time Randy reached it, so they sprinted through the woods, heading towards the suburbs. They heard some voices back in the wilderness, but too far back to be worried. Untill a shot rang out and Randy fell to the ground, blood spilling out of his shoulder. He cursed, clenched his arm and kept running. More gunshots, hitting trees in the distance. "Jesus Christ, just protect me and the girls through this hell, that all I ask of you," Randy prayed outloud. Jane looked over to Randy, sadness and fear in her eyes. "Second that," She joked, looking up. But Randy knew she meant it. After forever as it seemed of running, they came to a break of the woods, and into a street, they reached the suburbs. "Thanks you," Randy dropped to his knees, still clenching his shoulder blade. "There is a god, somewhere. Or else we wouldnt have gotten this far," Jane said. Mary awoke and added, "But...this...wouldn't...of...happened.." but then fell back asleep. Randy looked at Mary with pity. This is a lot for a five year old to see. Way too much. Jane looked down at the ground with sadness. Randy lifted up Jane's head, and said, "There is a god, There is a god," And that echoed in his own mind.

There is a god There is a God THERE IS A GOD But...This... Wouldnt... of.... happened... there is a god there is a god We wouldn't have gotten this far.... But This Wouldnt Of Happened Why Me? There is a God Randy reliezed he had been dozing, hand still drenched in blood. He had dozed way too long, he heard a gunshot, dangerously close. Then glass break. The house in front of them's front window had shattered into a million pieces. "Run! Jane, Run!" Randy Screamed. Jane held Mary tight, and sprinted down the road, Randy folowed, dowsed with pain and agony. Oh god help me! He screamed in his mind. He kept running, Jane still maintained the lead. More gunshots, none hit anyone, untill.... Randy screamed and fell to the ground. His leg had been shot, leaving him on the ground, to die. No, no! I have gotten this far! I aint guna let this bring me down! He screamed at himself, not because of the pain, but because he could be leaving the girls to die. Jane turned around, fear wide in her eyes. Those blue eyes, those pretty blue eyes. He face looked pertrified, he makup smeared all over her face. Jane ran back to grab Randy, sprinting with all her might, Mary barely holding on. "No! Go! Run!" Randy yelled, then yelped from the pain. Jane lifted Randy up, putting his arm around her waist. Jane looked up at him, smiling. Smiling? Randy thought, then yelped again from the agony. "," Randy whispered, losing his voice to the pain. "No," Jane answered, her face was solid, she wasn't kidding. Thats for sure. Randy's pain turned into fear after another shot rang out, and hit the tree, three feet from Jane. "Go, now," He said again. "Im not leaving you!" Jane answered plainly. "Just, go...go...go....please, jane, theres nothing for me here," Randy said as he took out the butcher knife. Jane had fear wide in her eyes. "I would never kill you, Im sick of this guys crap!" Randy turned around, yelping from the pain, and sprinted. Every step, more and more blood poured out of his leg. More shots, some pounded into his arm this time, and the butcher knife almost fell from him, but that didnt stop him, he clenced it tight once again, and ran faster than ever. Randy was screaming louder than ever, the pain increased in his arm and leg. "Hope...You...." He said as he drew nearer, holding the knife up, more blood pouring from his arms and legs. More shots, more blood. As he closed in, he screamed with his last wind, "ROT....IN....HELL..." Then, with one fatefull stab, the murderer fell to the ground the ground dead. Randy felt dizzy and fell too, next to the dead criminal. Then it all went black.

Randy awoke in a white room, he heard beeping. Heaven? He thought. But, he was wrong. The Hospital! Outside the room sat Jane, Mary and her Parents, all dressed in black. "You all right?" Jane's mom asked him as he lay on the hospital bed, in pain. "Yes, of course. Is Jane and her sister alright?" Randy lied. "Actually, only a bunch of bumbs and bruises," Jane's Dad said, staring at the bullet hole in Randy's leg. "You do know you saved thier lives?" Jane's Mom stated. "No, Jane saved ME. I was shot many times, and then she came back and stood me up," Randy answered. The Dad looked at Jane and smiled, "Without you, they wouldn't have been there to save you," Randy Looked at him, puzzled. Jane butted in, "I was supposed to stay home by myself, but then they insisted i would consiter a babysitter, so i saw you, and I said ok." Janes eyes stared at Randy. She blushed when Randy Looked back. "How can we ever repay you?" Jane's dad asked. Randy looked over at a bible. "Your debt has already been paid," He said as he opened up to a page with a cross. He pointed to that, then gave the bible to both the parents. "Thanks, what are we supposed to do with this?" Asked the mom. "Read it, its good news for once." Randy said, as he drifted into a sleep. "Is.. he ... dead?" asked mary, she started to cry before the doctor could tell the answer. The last thoughts that went through his mind. There is a God There is a God Why Me? We wouldn't have gotten this far Why Me? There is a God The only thing I ask of you... There is a God Randy Closed his eyes, he is going home with his father

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