Moran is the General that helps the 215 out on most of their missions.

  • Biographical Information
    • Homeworld: Norrez II
    • Date of Birth: March 2, 2522
  • Physical Description


Moran is stern and to the point, as Bishop puts it, and so he is not generally liked by lower ranks. Currently he helps the ODST Drop Team 215 out on their missions, mainly because he's good friends with Andrews and Peterson. He has a history being an ODST, namely in the First Battle of Earth, back when he was a Major. He originally lead ODST Drop Platoon 7, but by the Second Battle they were all but wiped out, and he was the last survivor.

First Battle of EarthEdit

Captain Moran's 7th Platoon was not really famous, but they did aid in the cleaning up of New Mombasa after the incident with Dare's team. The Platoon was then wiped out later that month as it attempted to hold it's own from several Brute Packs and three Brute Chieftains. The Captain, now a Major, managed to drop a payload of Fenris Warheads, originally meant for a Covenant Carrier, which destroyed a large chunk of the city. He was flagged for a demotion back to Captain, but the UNSC reconsidered, admiring his determination for war, and so they instead promoted him to Colonel.

Second Battle of EarthEdit

Now a Colonel, Moran spent most of his time behind a desk, than in combat, but he did get one chance to go to ground with an ODST team. Several Marines were pinned down trying to clear a path for SPARTAN-117 by several Brutes. The ODST team dropped in and gave them support, however, things went awry when two Hunters dropped in. They, had no heavy weapons of any kind, and were in a bad spot, but Moran got the idea to get one Hunter in front of the other. This worked, and the Hunter, already in mid charge with his weapon, fired it, killing his bond mate. The Hunter was now, enraged, however, and killed several Marines outright. The old war Colonel was now pinned with his team by the enraged beast and several brutes. He figured it was the end, when he found a SAM missile launcher. The weapon served well against the Hunter and several Brutes. They were extracted, and the path was clear. He recieved this and several other promotions during the Battle.

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