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FBI Special Agent John Doggett strides into the X-files office and mournfully looks at the desk of Monica Reyes, untouched since her disappearance in Mexico. Doggett throws some file folders on his own desk and then pulls open a filing cabinet. After five minutes of searching for a particular file, he realized he is in the wrong cabinet. He crosses the room to another cabinet and quickly finds the file.

Returning to his desk, he glances at his watch. He has slightly more than an hour to get ready for his meeting with Skinner. Skinner has requested a summary of Doggett’s investigation into the employees of ‘’’Champion Research’’’. Doggett turns on his computer and pulls up the spreadsheet he has been using to track the information he has collected about the employees. Some have disappeared, others claim to know nothing about Gary Seven or his projects, but they also show signs of memory disruption. All are young and have minimal family connections.

The phone rings. “Doggett here.”

It is Skinner. “John, can you come to my office now?”

Doggett is surprised and nearly asks Skinner when their meeting was scheduled for, but Doggett does not care. “Sure, I’m on my way.”

Doggett's new PartnerEdit

September 28, 2005 Doggett is investigating employees of Champion Research. Some have disappeared, others claim to know nothing about Gary Seven or his projects, but they also show signs of memory disruption. All have minimal family connections.

Doggett is assigned a new partner (Keri Anne Wold, was at upper age limit for becoming an FBI agent, but has advanced degree in electronic engineering.) by Skinner, and a new project: investigation of unexplained material found at the Flight 93 crash site.


Doggett ignores the new investigation and continues trying to find Reyes. Goes to see Mulder and Scully (now back at Scully's house in Damascus). Doggett keeps making up stories about what he is doing for his new partner while she tries to investigate the Flight 93 X-file.

Scully suggests that Doggett try to blackmail Gary Seven; Scully will not reveal alien source of carbon fixing bacteria if Reyes is returned.

Gary Seven arrives and blanks their memories. Creates a new bond between Keri and John, Fox and Dana as expedient for shifting their thoughts away from recent events.

Where nextEdit

Reyes becomes involved in an attempt by Rupert to find where Gary Seven has been manufacturing robots on Earth. Gary Seven is using Reyes to make sure that Rupert does not learn the truth, only Gary's cover story.

Reyes tries to contact Doggett, but her nanodevice implants block that. She discovers that she can send some information to Keri. Reyes does not want John freaking out if he learns that she is contacting Keri and not John, AND her nanodevice implants do not want her to inform anyone she knows that she is on Earth, so she does not identify herself to Keri. She tries to include clues that will indirectly inform John that Reyes is back on Earth. (message to Keri in which Reyes works in the idea of "office assistant of the month" <-recognized by John as being from Monica)

John gets idea that it is Reyes providing Keri with info, but that it is just a way to distract Keri and make it look to Skinner like the Flight 93 investigation is advancing so John can continue his investigation into Champion Research.

Eventually, Doggett (nanites detected in a piece of eqipment at Champion Research), Reyes and Keri all reach the same destination: Cognite Systems in San Carlos, Ca. Gary's cover: Cognite is run by Tommy Copeland, a nanotechnology inventor. Material on Flight 93 was being shipped from Cognite's manufacturing plant in New Jersey to the headquarters in San Carlos.

Gary Seven allows himself to be deported from the Solar System for the crime of setting up Champion Research and Cognite Systems. It turns out that Keri is really Keri Eight, Gary Seven's sister. She and Gary's other brothers and sisters will continue the interventionist efforts on Earth.

In this second X-Seven story Doggett and Reyes are eventually re-united. This has the potential makings of some rather heated and happy ending DRR.

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