LCROSS lunar impact mission.

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Allen Telescope ArrayEdit

The radio telescope array that first detects a message from Purgatory.

Christian Voice NetworkEdit

A radio, television and internet broadcasting company. An employee of the Christian Voice Network, Gerald Silver, streams onto the internet some voice messages of Institoris while they are coming to Earth from the Moon.


All humans who live off of Earth are part of Genesaunt Culture. Major Genesaunt factions are Observers, Overseers and Interventionists.

Haidou CouncilEdit

The executive council of Purgatory. Institoris takes control of the Council by erasing the memories of all the other Councilors.


Genesaunts who try to avoid the Rules of Observation and help speed technological advances by humans on Earth.


Lunar CRater Observation and Sensing Satellite mission. Designed to detect water on the Moon by crashing a rocket booster into the surface. See LCROSS.

Memory resetEdit

The memories of robots are routinely copied and stored. If needed, a stored memory pattern can be uploaded into the original robotic host or a new one. A memory reset procedure is usually accomplished by means of nanites that invade the robotic brain and swap out the existing memories for a copy of the previously stored memories.


Nano-scale devices that can be used for many purposes such modifying the function of human or robotic brains. When used inside human bodies they are often called "nanorobotic implants". Brother Fluger uses medical nanites to save the lives of the three humans who are exposed to vacuum on the surface of the Moon. Institoris has robot repair nanites that can be used to "reset" the memories of robots, essentially erasing their most resent memories and restoring an old copy of their memories (see Memory reset). The repair nanites can also repair self-inflicted damage when robots try to destroy themselves, an all too common problem in Purgatory.

Observer BaseEdit

The largest underground base on the Moon, it has been used for thousands of years for observation of Earth. Humans who cannot function constructively at Observer Base are often sent to smaller bases such as Purgatory. Many residents of Observer Base are robots. The human residents all originated on Earth, some are recent arrivals from Earth, others are the descendants of people taken off of Earth long ago.

Observer CouncilEdit

The executive council for Observer Base.


The Overseers are police force that works to prevent the people of Earth from becoming aware that Earth is being observed (see Observer Base). The Overseers are derived from Neanderthals who were taken off of Earth tens of thousands of years ago.

Prayer ProjectEdit

Most of the robots in Purgatory spend their days praying, either that they individually be purified of their sins or that good triumph over evil on Earth.


Name given by the residents to the underground city on the Moon that is revealed by the LCROSS impact. Purgatory is located under the Cabeus crater.


Term used on the Moon to refer to androids. Most of the population of Purgatory

Rules of ObservationEdit

Rules imposed on Observers by Overseers. These rules are designed to prevent the people of Earth from becoming aware that they are under observation and the rules also limit intervention into the natural development of human civilization on Earth. Interventionists try to work around the rules and speed the development of technology on Earth.

Very Large ArrayEdit

The Very Large Array (VLA) is a radio astronomy observatory. Used by Ekantika Vivek and Pablo Monteiro to communicate with Institoris on the Moon. See Very Large Array.


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