"If nobody killed nobody, who goes to jail?"

"Why, if nobody killed nobody, nobody would go to jail, it's logical, really.

"But the question is, if everybody killed everybody, would everybody go to hell?"

"WTF? I am just a spammer, my name is Willy."

"Oh, what's that in my hand, if not a shotgun shell?"

"Woah, woah, dude, I just came here for some hot filly!"

"If that's all your say in your defence, well..."

"Oh, please no, sir you can't possibly be thinking of killi..."


--By User:Nonimportant and Willy, the spammer

"He was good!"

"Oh gosh, if that was Willy, you must be Buck."

"Uh...I don't follow, dude."

"Oh, that's just 'cause you suck."

"Hey! Don't say that, don't throw my name in a metaphorical puddle of mud."

"You can't even spam in good fashion and thinking for you is a matter of luck."

"You know, I believe that insult was a tad crude."

"With your silly tricks you are worse than Puck.

"Oh no, that's too much, I don't wanna be rude.

"Shakespeare's characterization is worse than that of a duck.

"Get outta here and go back to general Ludd."

"That makes no sense! I give up."

--by User:Nonimportant and Buck, the spammer


"Penisaur? Really? That's your spam?

It's so ridiculous it's not even funny.

All I got to say is least it's offensive. At least it's offensive, Timmy.

It's got that spammy quality in which one is reading a page and then WHAM!

But then they'll see that the source of the WHAM is 'PENISAUR!!'

And then their mood will turn sour."

--by User:Nonimportant and Timmy, the spammer

"cat mouse roof die.ha"









"Psh! hehehe!"

"roof cat, die mouse."

"Hrmph! heheh"

--by User:Nonimportant and the cat mouse roof die guy


"What rhymes with Abm?

Adm? Strychnine?

Asinine? Guanine?

Abraham? Nathan?

Catalan? Sewer main?

Hellenne? Communism? ...Communism!



"Ah, this one is easier to rhyme, at least:


--by User:Nonimportant and the spammer who couldn't bother with discretion

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