by: F.<話して~!!>

I don't ask you to forgive me
Nor do I beg pity or grief
A soul you have only sparsely
And of you I beg relief

Who can't say they've lost their way?
Who can't say they've tried?
I can't even look at you
Without seeing me inside

I took your smile and I made it mine
Yet still I see my own beneath
Could you still run; run far away
And not see my own feet?

You now know I was within
I reached inside of you and grabbed my own guilt
You assume I am not still there.
As I pull myself out, I see all the filth.

I blame you for all that's gone
I blame you for stealing everything
Eternally gone, forgotten forever
If there was no you, I'd be...


Will we ever recall
In a field, in a glad
In the land where the lost have been found
And all forgiven has been rebuked?

No, perhaps not
Perhaps it's all missing

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