My current project. It's a bunch of reflective stories on life, most specifically high school life from the view points of graduates. The stories are individual but they all mesh together in some way. It can be labeled as realism, but I guess romance as well. Some humor, although rather vulgar.


  1. I Loved You More — Laura Morgan
  2. A Song For LEdward Kramer
  3. Her Reign — Angela Elgin
  4. Cloudy SkyChristian Ramirez
  5. Diamonds — Anya Burton
  6. Mirrored World — Mason Koda
  7. Black Cherry — Bridget Regal
  8. Mockingbird — Seth Corrigan
  9. The Unknown — Jerome Nichols
  10. Midnight — Rose Whitley
  11. I Loved You — Paul McCracken
  12. Miracle World — Ilene Lockhart

These people are fictional if you haven't guessed by now. They didn't write the stories, it was all me under a pen name of the person narrating it.

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