I lied againUser:Serprex 05:53, July 17, 2011 (UTC)

Sex never goes out of fashion. So I'm going for a bike ride

Beige pants. Coat pockets are yin yang: hole in one, broken zipper on the other. It's black. So swap to the traveler's suit. I haven't worn it for myself for awhile. Leave the sixty

Left left right right. Let's find a new swing set. Stay straight until an intersection deflects right

Bus turns to follow. Good omen. A couple to the left. People to the right. Pass people: fuckers. Skate boarder yields as I pass alongside the bus. I remember this place. Attended two house parties around here. Once when I first arrived, later a couple days after new years for new years. Plaza. Left the sixty. School: swing? No. Biking out, people coming in. Time to turn left

I've never been here before. It hits: will I remember? I hope not. Thought doesn't seem like it has in the past. I'm just biking. It's like a completely different place, you know? A completely different place. But that's not yet. First I'm noticing the middle road garden having trees and the three posts with orange tops which I figure I won't remember but of course that gets to be the one thing I do. Open fields and such across the street from houses. I know where I'd associate this place, but it isn't flooding me. I'm not being haunted by places I've pastly been. My mind was adrift in the less verbal until I asked myself if I'd remember. That was a trigger: flipped her switch. Self reference is the key to sentience. But it isn't flooding

I see a bridge in the distance. This associates two places: returning on the 401 and downtown near that old blue house. But the bridge is a concrete slab not meant for motors. I'm biking on a highway with a sidewalk. Can't let the mind play tricks

I'm crossing a bridge. It's long. There's a curb to sight see. I might as well. Half a moment of vertigo while I approach. Houses in the distance over trees and the river. Continue on, notice a flashing bike biking the road. Some skinny blond. Look down. Now it hits. I've seen this before: dirt bike path. 20090708. But now I'm seeing it from a whole new height. I'm babbling about different heights when I pass some drug rambling to a cop

Dorval. Time to turn left again. Pass a couple of blacks on the turn. Pass a couple more later on

Condominiums. Solid tar path. I want speed. I hear it. I do it again, so that my hand can feel it

Then I hit a plaza which reminds me of walking by the large plaza, 20090425. This is when it starts: It's like a completely different place, you know? A completely different place...

LCBO. Metro. Chapters. I ended up here to renew my temporary health card two days ago. Time to turn right

Some bike speeds by. Pass a couple more blacks. Turn left at Speers' Petro. First cross straight through light. Still a completely different place, you know? A completely different place...

Turn right onto Kerr. Convertibles driving by. It isn't a completely different place once I cross an ice cream ad at a bus stop. Now I want ice cream. I left the sixty

Passing too many people. Cut ahead of a car while lights switch to turn left onto the bridge and right off of it. Dead fish. I caught this smell a couple days ago. It makes me want to sit on a beach doing nothing but sitting in a chair smelling dead fish. Pass an odd mass of horizontal bikers on the other side. Still passing too many people. Bar mobs. Left right straight

Swing set by the light house. A couple laughing around the sprinklers. Running across the street. Still laughing. I douse myself in the sprinklers. Bit of water in the ear. Couple returning as I leave. Still laughing. Bike to light house. Threesome (four?) leaving. Threesome (two?) sitting on the red block. Spits as I bike by. The smell of dead fish is covered by the smell of (chocolate?) cigar. Stand, sit, lay, swat, stand, leave to "I thought he was already gone"

People do not vanish so easily

Riding up, catch another sprinkler pass. Lots in the ear

I got a glow stick

& a hat which should've fallen off my head, but stayed true

Passed threesome (four?)

Some guy with his dog pissing on the street

The park water fountain water was warm. Two girls passed by

A couple

Passed another biker

I still want ice cream