ThinkUser:Serprex 15:29, 24 June 2008 (UTC)

2330 Out the door shoeless (Socks are gucky on the feet)

Walk around, the usual walk around the block before noticing a bus coming. Think. Take out the only bus ticket and feel torn between taking the bus to wherever and not. Think. The bus passes before a decision is made. Think. Continue walking back towards home. Think. Take a turn off just before passing by home and walk down the roads. Think. Want to pass someone and just dance with them all night. Think. Walk on, turning whenever and never turning back (And of course always overthinking on which path to take). Think. Listen intently to the silence of the neverending sirens, the walking of feet, the unsleeping city. Think. Cross a sky staring person walking their dog late at night, a glare in their eyes as they walk by while eyeing their eyes weakly. Think. Notice a broken sign laying in a yard. Think. Walk in the middle of the road, winding around in silence. Think. Meet a cat at a crossway, and chase it. Think. When it dodges into a bush, thank it for having made a choice of path. Think. Walk onwards, until a four way is met. Think. Notice the sign saying "Walkway closed from dawn to dusk". Think. Walk the walkway. Think. Continue walking until the broken sign is passed again. Think. Continue walking, taking the path not taken before. Think. Under a tree, the streetlight breaks through a small hole in the leaves and shows a cheap fabric elastic bracelet. Think. Take the bracelet, pocket it as a souvenir. Think. Notice a road unseen passed, and take it. Think. Cross into the round area with the long road and look up at the cars breaking the silence ahead. Think. Feel the direction of home pulling. Think. Walk downhill on the main street, gritty with rocks and glass. Think. Notice a few people across the street, stop to watch them light cigarettes. Think. Walk until a bus passes, empty. Think. Look back to watch the bus, notice someone from behind. Think. Walk slowly, wanting to share an instant with another midnight walker. Think. Three steps a block, footsteps getting closer. Think. At the intersection towards home, turn away as the footsteps come in right behind. Think. Turn to watch that instant walk away. Think. Pass what appears to be that same dog walker walking across the street, chatting with their dog. Think. Arrival at home, creep inside as wild night things run away. Think. A cat stares as the door is slowly opened. Think. Sneak upstairs, shut the door and sleep

0030 In the door shoeless (Socks are gucky on the feet)