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Fertility of Mexico and the United States of America

Life Expectancy Graph

Life Expectancy of Mexico and the United States of America

GDP Annual Growth Graph

GDP Annual Growth of Mexico and the United States of America

Inflation Graph

Inflation of Mexico and the United States of America

Political Parties Graph

Political Parties of Mexico and the United States of America

Presidents Graph

Number of Presidents of Mexico and the United States of America Since the Revolution


     Mexico has grown to 108.7 million people since the revolution in 1810. Most of the population is of mixed Spanish and indigenous heritage, and the minority includes other ethnic groups and those of European ancestry. This is considered a social hierarchy, but compared to the social class in 1810; things seem to be very different. Native Spaniards used to be the least populous, but it seems that those of European ancestry now have the least amount of people. The Indians and Africans were the mass of the people in 1810, but now those of Spanish blood are the ones with most of the inhabitants in Mexico. Moreover, in Mexico the fertility rate is higher than that of the U.S.  However, today people are actually leaving America after they had come here because they have better luck getting a job there now due to the economy in America not doing so well right now.


     Mexico’s economy has grown since 1993, but it isn’t exactly flourishing compared to other economies. As shown in the graph, the population is growing due to the high fertility rates of women in Mexico. The fertility rates in Mexico are greater than those in America. The largest amount of Mexicans is employed in service industries, tourism is a large part of the economy, and 1/5 of the work force is from agricultural searches. In 2003, more than 10 billion dollars were sent to Mexico, by other Mexicans living in the U.S. This means that they’re working in the U.S. to make more money than they would have in Mexico. Thus, 40% of Mexicans live in poverty, which is near to half of the people living in poverty. However, on behalf of economical demographics, inflation is lower than the inflation in the U.S., in which the dollar is incredibly weak. Also, the GDP Annual Growth is so much larger than Mexico. Maybe it’s because Mexico has so much to improve on, whereas the U.S. has gone so far, and did not have much to improve on at that time. President Calderon claims that Mexico’s banks are stable, even though the current financial crisis caused Mexican stocks to fall and the peso to weaken to a record low. Mexico was doing fine with the global economic problem until the peso value started to fall, and now the government is trying to fix things. However, they still reassure the people that everything is going smoothly despite all that has occurred.


     The Mexican Revolution affected the government such that Mexico is no longer ruled by Spain, and it is its own country, not a colony, or made up of colonies. The government is similar to the U.S. because a president is elected every six years, and the legislature is made up of two houses, the Senate and Chamber of Deputies. The current president is Felipe Calderon who leads the central government that controls the federal republic. According to the demographics, Mexico has had almost twice as many presidents as the U.S. has had. Despite the two years difference between each presidential term, Mexico still has had more presidents. This is because a president can serve one, and only one, term in Mexico, whereas in the U.S. presidents can serve two terms consisting of four years each.  The Mexican government is trying to fight against drug traffickers and gains, which has caused much violence. Recently, Salvador Vergara Cruz, an important political figure, was assassinated, and it’s said that he was killed for his refusal to permit drug gangs run freely in his city. Although Calderon has tried to stop the gangs, the violence has heavily increased and over three thousand people have already been killed. This has become such a problem that the U.S. might have to step in to help, in order to avoid security problems in the near future.

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