Based on a true story about the person that accidentally was administered one thousand more heparin than what was necessary. Medically speaking, what happens next is more plausible.

It was a bad day at St. Hermes private hospital where a group of investigators was reunited in the room occupied by some Karla Kirov whose name, everyone agreed, was stupid for many other reasons besides the alliteration. With the inspectors was a doctor of the hospital, Dr. Leonard Geiger, specialist of left hand diseases, and the woman's family. Karla Kirov suffered from red colouredness on her left middle finger until recently. Now she suffered of a condition called, in medical jargon, death.

The inspectors stopped blabbering with one another for a second or so and heard to the family's crying and started again. Five minutes later they repeated the procedure which was repeated again and again for another three hours until one of them said it was Medical Malpractice. The dead woman's family stopped crying and smiled.

The door was blasted apart as a man in a purple suit entered, "Did I hear medical malpractice?" the lawyer said. The family said that yes, he probably did, because he came so quickly, and yes, they would hire him, why not? Karla was very important to them, and they needed something to make them happier while she was away, and money was as good as anything.

Leonard cleared his throat loudly, but no one heard him as the inspectors were too busy nodding to the family who was nodding and speaking to the lawyer who was just speaking in a enthusiastic and sunny tone about how much money they could get from a rich private hospital such as this one. Leaonard cleared his throat again and when he was not heard he yelled.

Everyone in the room looked at him and the inspectors said, "Whaaaat?"

Leonard told them he didn't think it was medical malpractice; and the inspectors objected that since she died in a hospital, it was medical malpractice. It's basic deductive work, they said. Leonard told them it couldn't be medical malpractice because she was lacking her head and there were only a few procedures that had any chance of causing that. The specific words he used were, "Her head is chopped off, it can't be medical malpractice. I mean, seriously."

The inspectors discussed the case passionately for about thirty minutes with fingers and voices rising as the subject became more serious but after thirty minutes only Martha Stewart Jane Junior had changed her mind and the other inspectors hit the road and drove to a bar and then drove out of it way drunkier than they were when they came in. Nobody has seen them since.

Meanwhile Martha and Leonard searched the hospital up and down and sideways for clues on who had cut the woman's head off but they didn't find nothing.

What they found was an axe and on the axe there was the name of a nearby axe shop where they went and asked who had bought the axe and the axe vendor told them that Noone had bought the axe so they came to the hospital with the last piece of evidence burned out and no longer so sure it wasn't medical malpractice.

"Dinner at five?" Leonard asked Martha, since he had given up; but Martha said no because Martha didn't give up, so she asked Leonard who the nurse was who was taking care of Karla Kirov. Leonard had an epiphany that told him who had done it but he didn't tell Martha. He just ran.

Martha followed him to the place where a nurse was hanging out and on the nurse's uniform it was written "Noone" and Leonard asked the nurse why she had cut the patient's head off.

"You told me to!" she said "'Chop off her head' you said."

But Leonard hadn't said that so he became really angry and slapped his own forehead, "I didn't say that! I said 'Pump up her meds'!" he told the nurse and the nurse finally understood so she slapped her own forehead and said "Damm! Sorry about that, I'll get it right next time."

Leonard nodded not paying attention because he was disappointed it was medical malpractice after all.

"Dinner at five?" he asked Martha, and Martha answered "Sure, at Luigi's"

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