(The Warriors are going through a giant metallic corridor fighting there way through giant machines. Omi is taking on two with his Elemental Shen Gong Wu, but gets clobbered by a third. Kimiko is fighting a bigger robot with her fire powers, but is no match for it. And soon Clay and Raimundo are brought down too.)

Raimundo: Ok, we lost!

(Then the corridor diminished and turned into the Xiaolin Temple grounds.)

Kimiko: Maybe we should just stick to our level of training instead of going to extremes.

Omi: Besides, whose idea was it to raise it that high?

(Kimiko and Clay pointed at Raimundo.)

Raimundo: Yeah, but so what? Were never gonna face robots that powerful, except for Spicer but he only has puny Jack-Bots.

Clay: Yeah, Rai's got a point. I don't remember the snake ever building robots that can match up to those ones.

Omi: Correct, Clay. But we still need to be in top tip shape.

Kimiko: Tip top shape.

Omi: Most surprising.

(But little do they know they were closely monitored by Jack Spicer with a tracking device while he's in his lair.)

Jack: What? Very well then Xiaolin losers! I'll give you strong robots!

(Then Jack's basement door opened to reveal Wuya.)

Wuya: I got your message saying you wanted me for pure evil purposes.

Jack: Yes my former disembodied head. For I Jack Spicer have created the ultimate, the destructive, the tormenting robot ever to exist.

Wuya: Jack, this is a song I’ve heard from you countless occasions and they all end up being ultimately, destructively, torment fully destroyed.

Jack: Not this robot, he's got evil written all over him.

(He led Wuya into one of his storerooms.)

Wuya: Wait, I seen you in this room before, you kept on sneaking away into this room doing who knows what.

Jack: You got it. I was sneaking away to perfect this baby.

Wuya: Okay, can I see what your "robot" looks like then?

(Jack pulled away a curtain to reveal a silver coated, human shaped robot.)

Jack: This Wuya is my Destruco-bot! Why I call him that? He is resistant to all Shen Gong Wu, elemental powers from the warriors AND because I’ve inserted data on the warrior’s moves he now fights like a Xiaolin Warrior.

Wuya: Hm, interesting, but this hunk-a-junk won't be able to survive the Kuzusu Atom. It'd be vapourised before you can say, that was a dumb robot.

Jack: Ehhhhh, wrong. This baby is also resistant to the Kuzusu Atom. If you want i can show you a demonstration.

Wuya: Very well. But this is sheer foly.

(Jack pushed some buttons on his remote control watch, and normal Jack-Bots came from no-where.)

Jack: Destructo-Bot, Blaster-Nova!

(Then the robot pulled out a small cannon from it's arm and blasted it at the Jack-Bots and it blasted them into tiny atoms.)

Jack: Ahahahahaha! Impressive eh?

Wuya: I already seen this from your other bots, to totally get me on your side, get me Shen Gong Wu from the Xiaolin Temple.

Jack: As you wish. Destructo-Bot, Let's pay a visit to the Xiaolin Temple!

(The warriors arive from another training-simulation.)

Omi: Well that one was more better than last.

Clay: Yeah, more better than Rai's.

Raimundo: Sheesh it was only a try-out.

Kimiko: Uh-huh.

(Then the bell rang three times that meant danger. The warriors quickly ran to the grounds.)

Kimiko: What's the danger Master Fung?

Master Fung: Jack Spicer approaches. With Wuya.

Clay: Those two palling up together again? I always thought they're more hated than a bad joke at Christmas Eve.

(Jack, Wuya and the Destructo-Bot appeared from the hills, and arrived at the Xiaolin Temple.)

Raimundo: Spicer, what do you, Wuya and your tin can want now?

Jack: Apart from showing off in front of Wuya, i came for some Wu.

Omi: You and which gang?

Raimundo: You and what army!

Omi: Exactly!

Jack: My army’s standing before you.

Kimiko: Wuya?

(Jack and Wuya slap their heads.)

Jack: The robot! The robot!

Clay: The feller doesn't seem that powerful.

(Then the Bot tripped him up and kicked him in mid-air, which forced him backwards onto one of the walls.)

Omi: You'll regret that!

(He jumped to face the robot then the bot punched but Omi dodged it and kicked him in the chest and flipped back. Little to Raimundo and Kimiko's astonishment, Omi was on the ground massaging his foot.)

Kimiko: Time to play tough! Star Hanabi!

(The fire shot hit him directly sending huge shockwaves across the grounds. But when the smoke cleared, he was still standing. Untouched and unscratched.)

Jack: This little baby is resistant to all Shen Gong Wu!

Warriors: Even the Kuzusu Atom?

Jack: Even the Kuzusu Atom.

(Then the Bot jumped right in front of Kimiko grabbed her by the face and threw her right against the wall. Causing her to collapse.)

Omi: This fiend is too powerful! We'll have to pull out our secret weapon!

All: Wudai Orion Formation.

(Raimundo and Kimiko were fighting the Bot at the same time which it was handling easily. Then the Bot grabbed both Raimundo and Kimiko's hands with one hand and double kicked them both right against the wall. Then Clay ran forwards and kicked the bot which knocked it back slightly, but he was in pain due to its hard solid armor.)

Omi: There must be a weak spot!

(Then Omi kicked him at the back and noticed that his armor slid off due to the kick.)

Kimiko: That's why he was resistant to all our attacks he had a big armor on!

Clay: That bot is trickier a magician at a magic show!

Raimundo: Well now that we know its weakness, Kimiko can you do the honors?

Kimiko: Will do Rai! Wudai Mars Fire Storm!

(She span round and round causing a huge fire tornado. Which the destruco-bot got sucked into and exploded into tiny pieces. Jack and Wuya were thunder-struck.)

Jack: How can this be possible? Well you may have defeated my super-ultra robot but I still have your wu. (Showing them a sack full of wu. And activating his Heli-bot and flying away.)

Raimundo: Jack bagged six of our wu, the Monkey Staff, Fist of Tebigong, Jet Bootsu, Crouching Cougar, Black Beetle and Monsoon Sandals.

Kimiko: Could have been worse.

(Dojo started writhing and shaking.)

Dojo: We got a new wu, quick to the scroll!

(They reached the grounds with Dojo with the scroll.)

Dojo: The Mechanic Kaiser, whoever wields it can make any machine the user wants. My personal favorite is a duplicating machine. Couldn't get enough of the duplicating machine!

(The warriors and Dojo arrived in what looked like an abandoned factory.)

Raimundo: Yeah great place for a machine Shen Gong Wu, lets make this quick.

(They went inside everything was in ruin.)

Kimiko: Looks like someone was having a really wild party.

Omi: Or worse.

(They reached a giant room which looked like the main room, and on top of a very large machine was the Mechanic Kaiser. But immediately Jack burst through the roof with the Fist of Tebigong.)

Jack: Ahahaha, try and take this wu.

Clay: And why would you want more wu when you snitched ours?

Jack: Hello? Cowboy? I need all wu to rule the Earth remember?

Raimundo: Well can't you give the stealing a break already?

Jack: Sorry. It's in my nature.

Kimiko: Well looks like we'll have to take the wu the old fashioned way. Star Hanabi!

(The blasts hit Jack's Heli-Bot, causing him to crash on the floor.)

Jack: You know what Kimiko, I agree we should fight the old fashioned way. Jack-Bots Attack!

Raimundo: Maybe a bit too old fashioned.

Jack: But this isn't Jet Bootsu.

(He started climbing the machine.)

Kimiko: Not so fast Spicer, Star Hanabi Fire!

Jack: Black Beetle!

(The blasts hit him doing absolutely nothing.)

Jack: Ahahahaha! What's wrong Kimiko? Your old flame die? Ahahaha!

(He continued walking up the statue until Kimiko jumped up and grabbed it along with Jack.)

Kimiko: Jack, I challenge you to a Xiaolin Showdown!

Jack: Right on, I was beginning to think when I was getting in a showdown with you.

Kimiko: Grrrr. My Serpent's Tail for your Monsoon Sandals.

Jack: The game is Race in the Mechanical Maze, first to the Mechanic Kaiser wins!

Both: Let's go! Xiaolin Showdown!

(The place turned into a giant metal maze with a platform on top for the spectators. And Jack and Kimiko were in two separate parts of the maze.

Both: Gong Ye Tenpi!

(Kimiko rushed into the maze and cutting between corners found that she had to cross a guillotine.)

Kimiko: Judolette Flip!

(She hopped right past the guillotine, but it narrowly missed and cut her ribbon off.)

Kimiko: (Pulling off her mask, to let her hair down.) Oh man, that was my favourite one as well, oh well.

(She ran on ahead, meanwhile Jack was making mincemeat out of the maze, since he had the Monsoon Sandals, he used them to make spring-loaded feet to cross the obstacles easily.)

Jack: yawn Too easy.

(Meanwhile Kimiko was hopping in between swords swinging to and fro, and she ran between a corner and saw something glow. It was the Mechanic Kaiser! But further along the other side was Jack.)

Kimiko: You'll never get the Shen Gong Wu!

Jack: Try me!

(Then he jumped up against the wall and pressed his spring-loaded feet against it.)

Kimiko: Serpent's Tail!

(As she darted off towards the Shen Gong Wu, Jack let go and fired faster than she was going. It almost seemed like a tie, but then Kimiko still had the Serpent's Tail and it slid through her hand and span out of control and landed on her butt. While Jack grabbed the Mechanic Kaiser, turning the field back into it's original form.)

Jack: Woohoohooo! I made EIGHT Shen Gong Wu in one day! Ahahahaha. Adios Xiaolin Losers.

(He flew in through the hole he punched at the start.)

Kimiko: (While her hair's still out due to the guillotine.) I'm sorry guys; to be honest I’m still kinda hurt from Jack's invasion.

Raimundo: We all are, don't worry bout it, what can Jack possibly use it for?

Dojo: Don't worry? DON'T WORRY? You just lost me my duplicating machine you...

(The others look at him disgustingly.)

Dojo: Which is a good thing. He.. he.

Clay: Besides, Rai has a point, What CAN Jack use it for?

(Back at Jack's lair.)

Wuya: Most impressive, you got eight Shen Gong Wu, you won a Xiaolin Showdown, I expected worse from a chimpanzee.

Jack: Make fun all you want, but I have a killer idea what to do with this Shen Gong Wu.

Wuya: Create a machine that stops you snoring?

Jack: HA Ha Ha, No I plan on building a machine to build a whole army of my robots, and not just any robots my former-disembodied head, My Destructo-Bots!

Wuya: No! That is the most brilliant idea since... ever!

Jack: Just think Wuya, Two hundred bots a second, twelve-thousand bots a minute, seven hundred and twenty thousand bots an hour, and my favorite part, seventeen million, two hundred and eighty thousand bots a day!

Wuya: Then we leave tomorrow at nightfall!

Jack: Now let's get started! Mechanic Kaiser!

Master Fung: It is Ok Kimiko; a mighty warrior did not win every fight when he was a novice.

Kimiko: I get that part. But losing to Jack is like losing to a clown in a daydream.

(As Raimundo, Omi and Clay laugh at Kimiko's joke, the doors burst open to reveal Chase Young, beaten and weak.)

Omi: Chase Young, what happened to you?

Chase: Jack... thousands of robots...called...destructo-bots.

(He then collapsed in front of Omi and Kimiko.)

Clay: The destructo-bots? But Jack just built the one, which took longer than a 5-stone steak to cook, to build.

Raimundo: The Mechanic Kaiser! Jack must have built a machine that could make hundreds of them.

(They took Chase to the centre table to help him rest, soon he regained consciousness.)

Chase: Ugh... Warriors, I came here to warn you, Jack has mustered the most powerful destructive army he has ever built. He attacked me while I was gathering ingredients for the Lou Mang Long Soup. Just before I fled he said: "First Chase, now the Monks."

Kimiko: So he's now preparing an invasion?

Chase: Looks like it.

Omi: How could we combat them?

Master Fung: Jack must have prepared this army to steal our Shen Gong Wu, we must find a safe place to hide and stop him getting the Shen Gong Wu.

(At that moment the place started to rumble, they went outside and seen Jack on top the mountains.)

Raimundo: You heard Master Fung, quickly gather the Wu. And get to the Heylin Seed's vault! Hurry! I gotta see this army for myself. Falcon's Eye!

(He took a look through the Shen Gong Wu, and seen an army of destructo-bots across the mountains across. He cowered in fear as he saw how much.)

Raimundo: This can't be!

(Over across the mountains.)

Wuya: Our army of destructo-bots is finally complete. No one can defeat us now!

Jack: And now for the final phase to our plan of world domination! Destructo-Bots march to the temple, show no mercy, leave none alive! Once we defeat the monks, nothing can stand in our way of World Domination!


Jack: And now for the final phase to our plan of world domination! Destructo-Bots march to the temple, show no mercy, leave none alive! Once we defeat the monks, nothing can stand in our way of World Domination!

(Back at the temple, Raimundo is still petrified with fear.)

Kimiko: (With a bag of wu to protect.) Rai, come on.

(She then throws him a bag of wu.)

Raimundo: What? Oh right. Sorry.

(He picked up the sack and him and Kimiko ran for the Heylin Seed's vault. At the entrance while Kimiko was unlocking the vault, Raimundo's sack became loose and the Tunnel Armadillo fell out with no one noticing. Soon they were all inside (With Chase Young, since he's still injured.)

Raimundo: I just looked at that army, it is way too big.

Clay: Um how big we talking here? Like Texas swamp big? Or 5 foot steak big?

Kimiko: We can all look before we left; I put up hidden cameras to see what we're up against.

(She typed in a couple of stuff in her laptop and out came a screen with Jack and Wuya being followed by hundreds of Destructo-Bots. And just like Raimundo, Omi Clay and Kimiko cowered in fear.)

Chase: Exactly, even my powers can't stop him. If that were the case we wouldn't be here right now.

Omi: But we can't exactly sit here and just let Jack come...

Kimiko: Shhh, according to my calculations, Jack will discover what's going on (She waved her finger.)

Jack: (From a distance.) HEY, WHERE'S ALL THE WU?

(They all gave a small laugh.)

Omi: As I was saying, we can't sit around and watch Jack invade our temple.

Raimundo: We can't exactly go up there and get our butts kicked and get our wu stolen either.

Master Fung: We must figure out a strategy without the means of fighting the army. Or sitting around and doing nothing.

Clay: We did beat the first one.

Raimundo: But that was hard.

Kimiko: And by dumb luck.

(Omi glared at her.)

Kimiko: Sorry.

Raimundo: So, we know their weakness but doing it's gonna be hard.

Omi: Wait, I grasped it!

Kimiko: Would you be saying you got it?

Omi: Oops, anyway. What if we can get the Mechanic Kaiser?

Raimundo: Then we'd get our butts kicked off Spicer, because he has it.

Kimiko: How do you know that?

Raimundo: ... because er... ok so I don't know.

Omi: But I do know something that might. (He took the Crystal Glasses from the sacks of wu.) Crystal Glasses. Hm... The location of the Shen Gong Wu is hidden in Jack's Lair protected by four Destructo-Bots.

Kimiko: Yes! We're in the clear.

Clay: Er... two things. One how do we rustle them bots?

Chase: How about going in a Xiaolin Showdown that is less physical.

Clay: Ok, and two how do we get outta here without having Jack on our behinds?

Omi: Well we can't exactly use the Serpent's Tail.

Dojo: The Tunnel Armadillo, we can use it here so Jack doesn't see us use it.

Omi: Dojo, you're a genius.

(He jumped into the sacks and buried and buried to find it. He emerged puzzled.)

Omi: Where's the Tunnel Armadillo.

Kimiko: Maybe your looking wrongly, here you gotta tip the sacks over and pile them in one-by-one.

(They did just that putting all the wu in individually, but the Tunnel Armadillo was nowhere to be seen.)

Clay: This is stranger than my pet pig vanishing one day.

Kimiko: D'you think one of us dropped it on the way here?

Raimundo: Probably but even if it was it would be lynched off Spicer.

Omi: (While using the Crystal Glasses.) It is outside this very vault.

(Raimundo opened it and there it was. He swiped it and brought it back in.)

Raimundo: I wonder who dropped it anyway?

Omi: Does it matter? We got it now and that's what matters.

Kimiko: So Omi, What do we do when we have the Mechanic Kaiser.

Omi: We will create a machine that can destroy all machines’ that have electricity in it.

Kimiko: An electro-magnetic pulsar?

(Omi stared at her in confusion.)

Kimiko: An electrical component that can scramble all the bots' circuits.

Omi: Exactly.

Raimundo: So what are we waiting for? Let's bring Omi's plan to reality.

(Then the vault door started banging.)

Kimiko: We'd better hurry up because Jack's found us!

Raimundo: Tunnel Armadillo!

(The Shen Gong Wu re-sized to its big form.)

Omi: Wait, Jack will still follow us.

Clay: Yeah well it's better to try partner.

(They all climbed into the Shen Gong Wu except Master Fung and Chase Young.)

Omi: Master Fung, Chase Young, you must come with us.

Chase: We will buy you some time against the robots at hand.

Kimiko: We got no time Omi, come on.

(Then the Armadillo drilled its way through the ground towards Jack's Lair. Then the vault door burst open with Wuya and Jack with hundreds of Destructo-bots.)

Jack: No wu here either, just two losers who've gone brain-dead to think they've got a chance of beating us.

Chase: Come over here and say that.

Jack: Nah, my boys will. Destructo-Bots attack!

(Back at the armadillo.)

Omi: I cannot believe we let Master Fung and Chase sacrifice themselves to save us.

Raimundo: They had to otherwise we'd have Destructo-Bots on our tail right this second. All I’m worried about is that your plan works or not.

Omi: I hope it does. Otherwise Jack has already won.

Clay: Well, we're directly above the snake's place.

Kimiko: Remember what Chase said about going in a Showdown? Who should go?

Raimundo: Maybe we all should.

Kimiko: An eight-way Xiaolin Showdown?

Raimundo: Yeah.

Dojo: Hadn't had one of those in a while.

Omi: Then let's go!

(And they all gave each other a hi-5)

(The armadillo drilled upwards to be in the gardens, luckily there were no destructo-bots.)

Kimiko: They might be guarding the Mechanic Kaiser.

Raimundo: All right let's get it!

(Clay grabbed him before he could jump to the roof of Jack's Lair.)

Clay: Hold on there partner, you can't go waltzing into Jack's lair wuless.

Omi: Correct, and we have nearly all the wu to choose from.

Raimundo: Ok, so who gets what?

Kimiko: Why not choose at random?

Clay: Yeah we could always try that, guess a'll go first.

(He put his hand into the sack and took out the Cannon Blaster.)

Clay: Woowee. Haven't tried this wu yet.

Raimundo: Might as well be me next.

(He stuck his hand into the sack and pulled out the Eye Of Dashi.)

Raimundo: Sweet.

Omi: Now me.

(He took out the Silk Spinner.)

Omi: Amazing!

Kimiko: Now let's see what I get.

(She put her hand in and got the Gills of Hamachi. The others were trying not to laugh.)

Kimiko: Fine. Let's just get this wu and create the EMP bomb.

(The jumped up onto Jack's roof and snuck through the ventilation shafts. Until they found Jack's basement, and the Crystal Glasses was right, there were exactly four Destructo-Bot guards.)

Kimiko: How am I supposed to fight them with only the Gills of Hamachi?

Raimundo: Dunno, maybe you can wag them to death. Just kidding.

(They burst through and the bots noticed them.)

Omi: Hand over the Mechanic Kaiser, or suffer a humiliating defeat!

Bot: Surrender, we will not! Destroy you we will!

(They ran towards each other then collided into each other.)

Clay: Cannon Blaster!

(He turned into a cannonball to crush his bot, but the bot just raised a hand that stops him immediately.)

Kimiko: We can't beat them just get the Mechanic Kaiser!

(All eight of them ran for the Mechanic Kaiser on Jack's table and all touched it at the same time.)

Omi: We challenge you to an eight-way Xiaolin Showdown!

Robot: Our Fist of Tebigong, Jet Bootsu, Serpent's Tail and Changing Chopsticks.

Raimundo: For our Cannon Blaster, Silk Spinner, Eye of Dashi and... Gills of Hamachi!

Omi: The game will be Mechanical Maze.

Kimiko: Omi, I already did that contest.

Omi: Maybe, except this one will be bigger and more challenging.

Robot: We accept!

All: Let's go! Xiaolin Showdown!

(Jack's Lair split up and shifted into a bigger maze than the one Kimiko had to face. Then the eight of them were split up in eight different parts of the maze.)

All: Gong Ye Tenpi!

(Omi ran around three corners before facing a dead end.)

Omi: Darn it.

(He raced back to an alternative road to find a huge pond with poles sticking out of them.)

Omi: Looks like I need to jump across using those poles.

(He jumped three poles along until he noticed it was infested with crocodiles.)

Omi: Gulp

(He jumped a high jump and made it to the other side, but fell into a trap door. Then he got transported to another place in the maze.)

Omi: This was most unpredicted.

(He ran past another corner to find one of the Destructo-Bots racing past. Then further along where the Destructo-Bot was standing was Kimiko. She made a hand gesture meaning that they should attack at the same time. Omi gave a thumbs-up meaning he understood.)

Kimiko: Now!

(They both ran to the Destructo-Bot, but it back-fired as he shrunk itself using the Changing Chopsticks causing Kimiko and Omi to run into each other.)

Robot: Must not waste time fighting, must retrieve Shen Gong Wu!

(Then he raced off where Omi had been.)

Kimiko: Oh... you Ok Omi?

Omi: Yes, I think. Oh...

Kimiko: So you find anything useful up there?

Omi: Only dead ends and a pond with crocodiles in them that a trapdoor at the end.

Kimiko: You said trapdoor?

Omi: Yes, why?

Kimiko: Shhh. 3...2...1...

(They both heard a door opening with a robot screaming. They both laughed.)

Kimiko: Ok we should split up and see what to find next.

Omi: Wait, why not we exchange Shen Gong Wu for a while, I don't mind having the Gills of Hamachi, and you can take the Silk Spinner.

Kimiko: You sure? Cus what would happen if you did fall down another trap door and didn't have the Silk Spinner?

Omi: I am sure one trap door was enough in this maze.

Kimiko: Well, Ok if you’re sure.

(Kimiko took the Silk Spinner and Omi took the Gills of Hamachi. And they both took separate directions. Kimiko took the direction the Destructo-Bot was before, and Omi took the one Kimiko went through before.)

(Meanwhile Clay was running along a long narrow part in the maze, only to find himself facing a huge double-guillotine.)

Clay: Whistle that things choppier than a lamb chop on chop Sunday.

(He rolled across it no problem, and then got confronted by one of the Destructo-Bots, the one with the Serpent's Tail he figured since it was in his hand, and luckily the bot didn't notice him. So it zoomed past the walls, giving Clay time to catch his breath.)

Clay: Maybe we shooda made a showdown that was more physical, rather than hide-and-seek.

(He ran past a corner and collided in with Raimundo.)

Raimundo: Clay?

Clay: Raimundo?

Raimundo: gasp thought you were one of the Destructo-Bots, it made mince-meat outta me with the Serpent's Tail.

Clay: Yeah you got lucky, the ol' critter slid past the walls. Probably still looking for the Mechanic Kaiser.

Raimundo: Well we betta find it first, any sign of Omi and Kimiko?

Clay: Nope, they maybe getting more outta this than me 'n you combined.

Raimundo: Alright let's split up.

(They both took their separate directions. Raimundo noticed the double-guillotine.)

Raimundo: Think that's where Clay’s been before. Maybe I should go to the right.

(He ran along corners to find a huge-crusher in front of him.)

Raimundo: This is really not my day.

(He timed his run accurately, but when he was about to run he tripped and was about to be crushed when Kimiko jumped in and saved him.)

Kimiko: Jeez Rai, be careful next time okay?

Raimundo: (Blushing) Wow. You saved me.

Kimiko: (Blushing too) Yeah well couldn't let an old friend get crushed with a five-ton crusher could I?

(Then Raimundo noticed Kimiko had the Silk Spinner.)

Raimundo: Hey where'd you get the Silk Spinner? I thought Omi had it.

Kimiko: He did, but me and Omi met up and he wanted to swap wu, said he didn't mind having the Gills of Hamachi.

Raimundo: Okay. So what's the scoop over there? (He pointed past the crusher.)

Kimiko: Absolutely nothing but traps galore. You woulda killed yourself for nothing if I didn't save you.

Raimundo: Well come on, there must be a way to the Shen Gong Wu, or my name isn't Raimundo Pedrosa.

(They both ran in a direction they both never took and cut a corner to find a white light with the pedestal with the Mechanic Kaiser.)

Both: Yes!

(But they didn't know that two other Destructo-Bots had also found the Shen Gong Wu too.)

Raimundo: Come on!

(The four of them ran to the Shen Gong Wu, and then one of them knocked out Raimundo with the Fist of Tebigong.)

Kimiko: (Still running) Raimundo!

Raimundo: (Weakened) Get the Shen Gong Wu!

(She still ran to the Shen Gong Wu until the Bots stopped, meaning they wanted to fight Kimiko.)

Kimiko: You want to fight? Fine by me, it's your scrap-heap.

Bot: You shall not succeed! We will destroy all those that stand in our path!

(One of them tried to punch her with the Fist of Tebigong but she narrowly missed. Then she noticed the other bot was going for the wu.)

Kimiko: Oh no you don't! Silk Spinner!

(The web grabbed onto the bot and she yanked it, making both bots collide. But then the two remaining bots jumped in and knocked Kimiko out.)

Bot: You shall be destroyed!

(It raised the Fist of Tebigong up to crush her. But then she heard a sound, which sounded like water, then a flood of water burst through one of the corners, and Kimiko knew it was Omi who conjured it, since he was in the middle of the water with the Gills of Hamachi in effect. The water washed away the bots but they were still hanging on. Then Raimundo used his wind powers to lift himself and Omi and Kimiko.)

Raimundo: Eye of Dashi!

(The blast hit the water electrocuting the robots. And in the distance was Clay, protected from the electric water with a rock armor round his entire body. He ran up and grabbed the Mechanic Kaiser ending the showdown.)

(They gave a big hug to each other for their victory.)

Dojo: We might have beaten four Destructo-Bots, but we still got an army left.

Omi: Dojo's right we must get back to the Xiaolin Temple and rescue Chase Young and Master Fung.

(Back at the temple, Jack was being entertained with robots fighting each other. And over the hills were the warriors.)

Raimundo: So exactly how are we gonna do this?

Clay: There's no way we can set up the EMP bomb with so many bots there.

Omi: Then I will distract the bots, Jack and Wuya while you set the EMP bomb around the temple.

Kimiko: You had difficulty facing one, what chance you got with over a million bots?

Omi: That Kimiko is a real mystery. Just plant the bombs over the Temple. And activate them to destroy the Bots. Mechanic Kaiser!

(He pointed to the ground and made hundreds of tiny bombs and a small remote control detonator.)

Omi: And if my electronics are correct the bombs won't affect you or the temple. It'll only affect the Robots.

Clay: Well, this is it partners. Time to re-claim our home.

(Raimundo, Kimiko and Clay took some bombs and all of them ran towards the temple.)

(Omi appeared in front of Jack and the bots.)

Jack: Ah, so there's the cue ball. Finally decided to show up have you?

Omi: Jack Spicer! You have invaded the Xiaolin Temple, but you will not invade the world!

Jack: Who says so baldy? You? Then I’ll just have to crush you! Destructo-Bots, Attack!

(Soon Omi was surrounded by Destructo-Bots. And in the back round, the others were running across the temple planting the bombs as they went along. Avoiding other Destructo-Bots. Back at Omi, the Bots jumped at him but rolled back, narrowly missing them.)

Jack: Hey, stand and fight coward!

Omi: Well, I do not exactly see you do the same thing.

Jack: My boys are doing my fighting.

(One bot rushed at him, but Omi tripped him up and kicked him away, and used his Shimo Staff to knock off the head of one.)

Jack: Hey, no fair, no weapons.

Omi: This is no weapon Spicer, it's a pole. Haha.

Jack: Doesn't matter. Cus you’re still going down.

Omi: Bring it on!

(Meanwhile, Raimundo planted the last bomb.)

Raimundo: That's the last of 'em, let's get back to Omi and get Spicer outta here.

(They rushed back to where Omi was fighting, only to realize that the bots have him captured. Then Jack noticed them.)

Jack: Ah the last exiles. As you can see my boys have made cue ball delight from your pal.

Kimiko: Let him go! Or one button will destroy them.

Jack: Ooooooh, I’m so scared. See the thing is, how long will it take to destroy them all? A minute? Two? Or three? But by that time, cue ball over here will be vaporized by the bots rays. Ahahahaha.

Omi: Never mind about me. Activate the bombs!

(Kimiko looked from Omi to the detonator. Back and forth, them she dropped the detonator, and all three of them raised their hands to surrender.)

Jack: Ahahahahaha, your weakness is this world's doom.

(Then he snapped his fingers for the other bots to seize them. They took their new captive's hands. But then one of the bots had seen that Kimiko had the Mechanic Kaiser.)

Robot: The girl has the Mechanic Kaiser.

Kimiko: Yeah. So?

(All the bots froze not even doing anything.)

Jack: Hey, what's going on? Seize them!

(They did nothing.)

Jack: I said SEIZE THEM!

Robot: We yield, only to the one with the Mechanic Kaiser.

Clay: So all this time we coulda controlled the bots?

(Dojo took out the scroll and examined the Mechanic Kaiser more carefully.)

Dojo: Its right, whoever has control of the Mechanic Kaiser, has control of all it's creations.

Raimundo: So the bots are on our side?

Kimiko: Looks like it.

(Omi broke free from the bots grips and joined the others.)

Jack: Uh-oh. (Bending down.) I SURRENDER! What did I ever do to you?

Kimiko: You created an army ready to destroy us did who knows what to Master Fung and Chase Young, made us go through a hard Xiaolin Showdown AND nearly killed one of my best friends.

Jack: Besides that.

Kimiko: Well then, Destructo-Bots! Get Wuya and Jack outta here!

(They grabbed both of them and threw them all the way over the mountains.)

Raimundo: So what do we do with the bots?

Clay: We can destroy a few and keep some for practice.

Omi: But if Jack were to ever get the Mechanic Kaiser he'd have control of the bots again. I have an idea. Mechanic Kaiser please Kimiko. (She handed him the Shen Gong Wu.) Bots I command you to destroy yourselves.

Bot: As you wish!

(The bots took out their cannons, aimed it towards themselves and vaporized all of them.)

Omi: The storm has passed, the bots are destroyed, and Jack remains unsuccessful in ruling the world.

Kimiko: Master Fung and Chase Young! There still missing.

(They ran back to the Heylin Seed's vault to find the two of them, beaten and unconscious.)

Raimundo: Dojo! Get the Treasure Of The Blind Swordsman.

(He ran to the Temple and brought the treasure with him. And opened it to reveal the Blind Swordsman.)

Swordsman: What is your wish?

Raimundo: Blind Swordsman. Can you heal Master Fung and Chase Young to full health?

Swordsman: Your wish is my command.

(He raised a hand, and two white lights hit the two of them bringing them back to full health.)

Raimundo: Thanks, dude.

(The Blind Swordsman went back into his Treasure.)

Master Fung: Young monks? Was your plan successful?

Omi: Yes master.

Chase: Then that makes us on opposite sides again.

Clay: Too bad.

(Chase Turned into purple smoke and blew out of the vault.)

Omi: We may be on opposite sides Chase, but we'll be ready! For You, for Jack and for Hannibal Bean.

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