McNair is a Lance Corporal in the UNSCMC and ODST Drop Team 215 during the Third battle of Earth, and is more commonly known by her nick-name of Dixie. Her skills lie in close combat, heavy weapons, and medicine.


Dixie as she is known by her squad members, is the squad spirit and positive attitude, although she can be extremely negative at times, giving her a broad spectrum of her personality. Dixie prefers heavy weapons over light weapons and prefers to go in 'guns a-blazin' and pretty much thinks she could 'take' anyone, including a Spartan.

Early HistoryEdit

McNair was raised by her mother and father who lived apart, so she frequently visited her father until he was killed. Peterson and McNair practically shared the same mother, as Peterson often stayed with her. She lived down the street from Stephens, whom often visited. Eventually she moved away and soon Peterson was alone with his mom. McNair decided to join the UNSCMC when she heard from Stephens that he had joined the UNSC, and soon the two met up.

Life in the MarinesEdit

Life was difficult for McNair at first, as she had never worked out a day in her life it seemed, but soon she got up there. Before she knew it, McNair was choke slamming and wrestling men outweighing her by 50 pounds or more, and she soon became the muscle of her squad toting heavy equipment around got her ripped fast. McNair and Stephens became powerful allies during the war.

2nd Human Civil WarEdit

Upon the formation of the CIF, the UNSC called in it's best troopers, the helljumpers, to fight in the war when it became realized that they were using SPARTANS. It was at this time McNair and Stephens finally were reunited with Peterson and his new ally, Andrews. They had formed a squad with Peterson as the position of XO, and the few became the 215.


In short, McNair is an odd one. Playful, with many hobbies and skills. Although when things get down in the dirt she tends to loose her joyful attitude and become really stubborn and negative, tending to say stuff like, "We aren't going to make it out of this are we, Sergeant?" or, "We're all gonna die!", but usually things turn out just fine, Knight tells her, "Not to worry her little head."

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