Mass Effect: The Geth Conflict is the sequel to META

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At the start of the story we find out that Avisto has let the appendages on the sides of his head grow out, and that the SSV Anomaly, Leoa's ship, is currently setting a course for the Citadel. When they arrive Avisto is stripped of his Spectre status for causing the destruction of seven Citadel dreadnauts, The Destiny Ascension, The Vigilant Tarot, The Vast Expanse, The Renegade, The Fall From Grace, The Aegis Fate, and The Hopeless Dismay. The story then goes to the Geth Fleet, being lead by the Geth Overship which Gort is piloting. Gort is pacing uncontrollably and cannot believe that the Turian known as Avisto defeated Dark Energy. Gort then decides to stage a full scale attack on the Citadel to try to activate the mass relay himself. His fleet then plans a course for the Citadel.

The story goes back to Avisto who is on vacation on Virmire. He and Jon are talking when Avisto gets a call from Leoa. She says that the newly established human colony on Metgos is under heavy attack from Galactic Rebels who are trying to gain it for their territory and the Council has refused to take action due to the recent reports of Geth activity in that area. Furious, Avisto suggests that they sneak behind the council's back and stop the rebels themselves. When they arrive the whole base is in ruins and they are immediately overrun by legions of rebels. The fall back into the base and file the rebels into smaller numbers and pick them off in large numbers with explosives. Jon then discovers a fusion generator in the back of the building and tells everone to get out. He plants a grenade on it and sets it for ten seconds. Everyone gets out just intime as the generator blows... except Jon.

After all of the Rebels had cleared out of the base ruins Avisto and Leoa enter the base to try to find his body... it is nowhere to be found. They set up camp beside one of the buildings and doze off. Avisto is awakened early the next morning by footsteps. Avisto wakes Leoa and they are confronted by a group of Rebels. Avisto takes cover and as soon as the sun has risen high enough and reveals their hiding spots Avisto and Leoa persue them to a trench where they call for reinforcements. Avisto, blaming Jon's death on them, angrily runs after them firing his weapon. But they then surround him. Leoa tries to radio to the Anomaly but Codus won't pick up. Then the ground begins to shake and a Thresher Maw emerges from the ground and devours the remaining rebels. Avisto gets away and out of the trench just intime but they then find that they are being chased by the Maw. Leoa finds a crahsed Mako and tries to get it unstuck over and over again before the Maw gets to them and does! They immediately make a beeline back to the base and look for a comm tower to try to get a signal to. Leoa begins to ascend while Avisto defends her. The Thresher Maw bursts through the roof and grabs Avisto by the foot with its tongue and begins to drag him in.

Avisto then throws a grenade down its throat and rips its tonuge of and immediately gets to higher ground just as it explodes. Leoa had just gotten a signal and called for evac when, to her dismay, she sees a pack of Thresher Maws, maybe a hundred or so, headed this way. They get within a hundred meters of the base and erupt from the ground and begin to attack with their sonic attacks just as the Anomaly arrives. Leoa and Avisto get in just as the base explodes from sonic radiation.

Leoa and XO Avisto are called back to the comm room for a little chat with the council. The Council then tells them that they are in violation of the unity code and are restricted from the Citadel. Avisto is outraged. Leoa calls a meeting about the incident on Metgos. She discusses how Thresher Maws don't attack in packs and how she thinks they were being, 'manipulated'. The story goes back to Gort who is dissapointed with the Rebels at their inability to secure one little colony. He says if it hadn't been for his Thresher Maws they would've never left and the colony would have been repopulated. He then recieves word that the Anomaly has been restricted from the citadel. He then proclaims that he shall lead them to Noveria, right into a trap, using his most deadly mecenaries. Hankus, a Turian assassin, and Natt Joro, a Krogan mercenary/battlemaster

Avisto, tired of the Council's ignorance, decides to do things his way from now on. Avisto then get's a distress signal from Noveria saying they're under heavy attack by Geth and Rebels. Leoa hears it too and they immediately make a beeline for Noveria. When they arrive the whole of Port Hanshan is completely destroyed, they are attacked by Husks, Geth, and Rebels and battle their way to the upper levels of the massive city. Over the years since the game Port Hanshan has flourished into a thriving metropolis, and the shore party, including Avisto, Leoa, and Nathan, have to battle through the city streets and skyscrapers in search of survivors, they find none. Every four hours a convoy of ships flies by and drops off supplies, if the Geth and Rebels were to hitch a ride they would be taken directly to the citadel. Their last hope is to nuke the city.

Leoa calls in the Anomaly and Codus responds and brings in a nuke, similar to the one deployed on Virmire by the Normandy. Avisto sets the nuke and Leoa orders the Anomaly for evac but Codus says that his only clear landing spot is at Yeryk's Sqaure, which is a mile from their position. Avisto fears that they are done for before Leoa spots a Mako and they hop in to make a last attempt at trying to get to the Anomaly. With only 4 and a half minutes, they are cutting it close as the Mako barrells it's way through Geth and Rebel defenses. When they arrive the Anomaly has set down on the top of the Port Hanshan Tykson Building, the largest skyscraper in Port Hanshan. The Mako makes to the top after battling through hordes of Geth, Krogan, and even Varren. When they get there the Anomaly takes off, accidentally collapsing the skyscraper after brushing against it during lift off. They get out of the atmosphere just as the city is destroyed.

Unfortunately Hankus and Natt along with a small platoon of Krogan, Varren, and Geth had snuck onboard the Anomaly before lift off. While Avisto is in the messhall he is attacked by Varren and Krogan but his team comes to his aid and they defeat them. After fighting through A-DECK, B-DECK, and C-DECK of Krogan, Geth, and Varren they are attacked by Natt who is soon helped by Hankus. Avisto lures the ponderous Krogan into the airlock where he then rolls out and locks the door behind him and opens the airlock and the Krogan is sent into the vaccuum with no pressure suit. Avisto is then cut off from his team when Hankus blows the cieling which collapses and forms a blockade of sorts. Avisto and Hankus face off. Avisto is nearly killed, but fortunately Jessy Phist, the krogan, comes to Avisto's aid and pins Hankus against the wall while Avisto grabs a shotgun and holds it to Hankus' head, and begins interrogating him. Unfortunately Hankus also had a weapon, a pistol, on his holster and shoots Jessy in the stomach, mortally wounding him and Avisto blows Hankus' head off. Jessy's dying words are do not, fail this mission Avisto, you cannot let the reapers win, you canNOT let Gort find out how to bring them... back. Send me out... with a bang. Avisto claims he cannot end his own friend's life but Jessy grabs Hankus' Pistol and puts it in Avisto's hand and using his hand, places it at his head and tells Avisto to pull the trigger. Avisto, knowing his friend would be happy this way, pulls the trigger and ends Phist's pain.

When Avisto hears that Gort has arrived at the Citadel and is trying to form a pact between them and the Krogan, Avisto becomes enraged and sets a course for the Citadel without Leoa's permission. When they get there C-Sec restricts Avisto from entering but Avisto knocks the human guard out with a swift punch to the face. When he enters C-sec a wall explodes and Geth along with Turians, Krogan, Batarians, and Volus assail them and a giangantic battle erupts as the Council are taken hostage by Gort. Avisto fights his way through the Citadel and through hordes of Rachni, and even Thorian Creepers. When he arrives at the presidium he is confronted by Thresher Maws that erupt out of the lake to attack him. When he gets to the embassies he is confronted by Rachni Queens and Thorians that have embedded themselves into the Citadel's substructure and began cloning asari, and Krogan. After Avisto, Nathan, and Leoa kill the enemies they travel to the tower where they find Gort and that he has killed the Council members. Gort tells Avisto that he will open the portal to Dark Space himself by sacrificing his life to open the portal. Avisto tries to convince him to forget about this and that it is stupid and ignorant but Gort responds with a biotic plasma bolt to the face, Avisto should've been dead, but he wasn't. When Avisto got up a barrier had formed around his entire body. Gort repeatedly attacked but his attacks were useless.

Avisto attacked him using biotics and they entered a biotic dual. Avisto's power is drained from him and he is defeated. Gort escapes using his Geth Overship before C-sec can arrive and arrest Avisto and the crew of the Anomaly. Leaving it off for a third installment.

Author Dark Energy (Works) is fine with any constructive edits you wish to make to this literary work.

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