READ THIS INTRO! I would like someone to edit this story if they would like to. Do NOT erase my words, please! I will add on but I would like someone to add to this as well. Thank you! P.S. Please make sure this story is relatively long.


Marty sat in his living room. He was tired from all his thinking. He was in love with Chico his best friend. No, I'm not! he thought I'm not... He and Chico had been friends since the fifth grade. They had always talked about girls, girls, girls but Marty found himself falling for Chico. It something he couldn't hide.

One night, he dreamt of him and Chico sharing a warm embrace of a kiss. But when he opened his eyes he broke into a hot sweat. I can't live like this, he thought.

One day, he and Chico were at the coffee shop.

"Hey, check her out!" Chico said, pointing to a girl with flaming red hair, "Isn't she cute?" Marty looked into Chico's eyes. He was gazing at him. -at his pale grey eyes- -at his wavy blonde hair- -at his crooked smile-

He wanted to admit his feelings then and there.

"Chico..." he started.

"Yeah?" Chico asked.

Marty swallowed the cold lump in his throat and said, "Yeah, she's cute."

Sitting there in the raggedy old recliner, Marty began to feel tired from his exhausted thinking. Then came a knock at the door.

"I'll get it!" Marty shouted, even though he was home alone. He opened the door, very surprised to see Chico standing there.

"Yo, dude!" he said and punched Marty softly in the shoulder.

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