Maria Jimenez is a middle school teacher who resides in Lexington, South Carolina. She teaches resource at Carolina Springs Middle School.

Fictional ShowsEdit

Stranded on an Island: Life in Reality 1-Cook IslandsEdit

She started this series on the Aitutonga tribe, then the merge happened and she was moved to the Puka Puka tribe, which was renamed Rarotonga late in the game, due to a fire that burnt the flag. She went on to face off at the final tribal council with Angie & Laura. She won in a 4-3-2 decision.

Stranded on an Island: Life in Reality 3-ThialandEdit

She started on the women's Sook Jai tribe, which became a men-women tribe in Part 3. The tribes merged on Day 20, becoming the Sai Yok tribe. Eventually, she went on to become the runner-up to winner, Scott Hudson. She lost with a 7-1 vote decision, in favor of Scott.

Fictional Big Brother 1Edit

She was one of thirteen competing houseguests in this series. She won a HoH in a Week 4 and then, won the final HoH, taking Scott to the finals, and evicting Robert. In a repeat of Life in Reality 3, she lost to Scott to become runner-up, with a 4-3 decision, in favor of Scott.

Stranded on an Island: Life in Reality 6-Palau: Fans vs. FavoritesEdit

She started this series on the fans tribe, along with 10 other fans of the real-life Survivor series. The fans tribe started being called Airai in part 3, along with Ulong, due to Ben & Michael moving to the fans side and Amanda & Jason selected to move to the favorites side. She made it to the merge and went all the way till the final seven, when she was voted out by everyone except Ben & Scott.

The Amazing Race: Fictional Style 1Edit

She was partnered with Anthony. They made it to the final leg, where they finished in second, being beat out by Laura M & Scott. However, they beat Apolo & Julianne.

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