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End of the week, beginning of the next void. Day is clear, prior offers to finally go to Gibbon's park are taken up. Postponed, as there's a party to attend out of town

Middle of the week, Saint Patrick's day, two day postponements are made. Assumptions made about sly evasion stated wrong without stating two days later in stating the hassles of orthodontists and biking around drunks sober while wanting to be drunk, considering visits and deciding against

End of the week, babble lasts awhile with testing of coffee liquors and recounting of parties which have already found photos of marvelous red hats on the current massive trend of a social network in which will lacks to partake in. Music players are returned. Time demands walking, as there is a sister to retrieve in return for having been given a ride. The black cat on the bottle is shown before leaving

A glass plastic orb is found and handed. Never did see it again

Blisters are complained of, as per usual

Road loops about a field. The field is crossed, finding wet mud in the fence. Ease crosses only to laugh at the following stumbles

A golf ball is found and bounced a distance

Podiums stand in the river, stood upon only in idle chatter

The joy finding odd bookmarks in used books is noted. Troy

Water is wanted. A fountain is found in the middle of nowhere. It's decided not to drink from it

America's Next Top Model. Noted like for the bald one gone

A giant beer bottle is found smashed, the probability that it was smashed in a hurray of drinking such a binge is noted

Bagels are found on the ledge past the under of a bridge. Noted lunch to be found, was asked if bagels would be consumed, stood to finding lunch of some other

A band aid is found as was desired for blisters

A tree house is found, invading it is considered. Graffiti is near by

Talk of fashion is had. That the standard jeans and t-shirt are unallowed, lest resulting in commands to remove such blasphemy of styleless style

Music. Lacks variety observed. Apocalyptica doesn't suit biking, favor lost. Talk of lyrics. That bands like Notwist and Subtle have neat lyrics, but one can't take Garbage seriously. A childhood where Garbage's lyrics were taken to heart

Noting the greatness of a mattress and blanket under a balcony

Afternoon drunks under a bridge commend hat, are shown there to be three

Geese are found and given lunch. Giggles at their chase, being that they'd chase from the area, and ignoring of the by stander's complaint of relationships doing such petty things

Peers of contrast with dark skin and dark hair or bright skin and bright hair exchange nods in recognition

Ended up where chess was once turned down and left at jokes about not playing with one's self in public, a joke which resulted in being told to not make such jokes. Also children in carts carried by bicycles being told to go faster and doing such while drunk

Ended up where once chess was played with ducks

A toy car is at the bottom of a tall cliff. Talk of returning, of retrieving, of all the despair. Power houses with signs noting electronic surveillance cause talk of robot security guards. A sign is found noting itself crash gate 7. Multiple are found in joy, as previous run ins were of only a single gate calling itself out as a crash gate, to which fruitless search was found when looking for their formal function or images of trucks barreling through, explosions going off in the background. FM96 stickers are plastered about

Ducks are fed lunch, pretentious by standers discuss the health effects of ducks' incapability to digest bread

Talk of mothers and hospitals. Sitting in a tree talking about the play here years ago. Sports. The map is faded

A bridge is found with the rails moving outwards, causing one to feel as if there are cliffs on both ends. Causes noting of cats feeling anxious when left in hall ways

Stone skipping. Laying on the rocks, circling the small trees. Children being falsely ridiculed for having stopped at the bridge when racing to it but stopping after their father tells them to stop at the end, but then laughs that they didn't cross, causes noting of wanting children. Though not now

of Montreal. Found dislike, already knew that when noting that only one piece was liked such would be The Past is a Grotesque Animal. Mentioned previously liking Women's Studies Victims. Notes having heard and not liking later. Thoughts of fathers like the bass in Wraith Pinned to the Mist and Other Games and Bunny Ain't No Kind of Rider. Of showing the wonderful composition of following Sink the Seine with Cato as a Pun

Rocks by the river are hopped, told to stop in case of falling and drowning. Calling to follow, and noting the ease to lift out of the water causing note of grand scenes being ruined

Talk of drowning. Basement sky lights about the hospital show plants. A slow train is watched coming head on, noted that previous death of another student was by such a slow train. Note that it was most definitely suicide. Talk of ambulance suicide. Talk of if lethally crashing into someone was inevitable, it'd be cool to be the killer. That it'd be interesting to experience someone close die. Noting that sisters are close

Homeless kids are found with a boring sign. Pharmacies are checked for things they don't have

Sister is at a dance, talk of childhood friends having dated sixteen year old brothers of drug dealers takes place while walking about on a table in waiting. A number of friends follow the sister. Pizza is discussed, money is considered but running is done instead. Yellow rope is found, it'd be used later while making kiwi strawberry pie. Heading one way finds confusion, heads to tail in passing previously parted and homeless. Darted down a street to cross my mother's workplace. Veered down rail to try find a shortcut, ended up wobbling in a river to take a piss by some odd warehouse