"All men have been created to carry forward an ever-advancing civilization"
(Baha'u'llah, Gleanings from the Writings of Baha'u'llah, p. 214)

Here followings an account of the long history of the race of beings called mankind. This specific race are now on the verge of extinction after so many years in exsistance and has done so much that I am compelled to record our history - should any other intelligent being find and understand this record, let it be noted that mankind was not as destructive as we may have seemed. -Scythe 678r manoRec (Professor, Historian year 1,658N.H)


Sensors indicate that the Andromedian missiles have been fired. ETA 540 seconds.

The waters around us were quiet, no physical sounds were heard.

They've fired much earlier than we anticipated. To Earth's Hope, everyone!

We swam as fast as we could towards the shuttle.

This needs to be done just right.

Earth's Hope was released from it's clamps.

Missiles ETA 450 seconds.
Earth's Hope Lauch: T-minus 420 seconds.

It was then that I got cold feet. Why was I chosen? A Historian? The others were more adept to ensuring our race survives: Doctors, Scientists.

Now is not the time for those thoughts, Professor manoRec.

There were nine of us, five femails and four males. Our mission was secrecy - it was the only way we could ensure the survival of the Human race.

Missiles ETA 330 seconds.
Launch: T-minus 300 seconds.

Would we ever be able to penetrate the 100 metres of ice?

Our calculations and logic are undeniable, Professor.

What about the many more that die here? Why am I to live while they stay here and perish?

Focus on you mission.

A weak current came, which carried with it the faint chants of the multitudes that are the last remnants of the Human race. They were all praying - on this their final hour they choose to reflect on how they were probably created.

Water filled the Earth's Hope, giving us a fresh supply of oxygen.

Missiles ETA 130 seconds.
Lanuch: T-minus 100 seconds.

As a historian, my thoughts were immediately centered around the massive events that led to this day. No - it was even longer than that, that mankind had sealed their doom.

It now becomes clear to me: The Earth's Hope was meant for the survival of the Human race, and if that fails, at least the survival of our legacy.

You are beginning to understand, Professor.

That is why they chose a Historian.

Missiles ETA 40 seconds.
Lanuch: T-minus 10 seconds... 9... 8... 7... 6... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... We have liftoff.
Misiles ETA 5 seconds... 4... 3... 2... 1...

Noise. This much noise has not been heard for over a millenium. Earth's only nine survivors, hidden amoung the debris of that once great planet, pass uawares to the unforgiving Andromedians.

And so, now that we are on the verge of extinction, I take upon myself the task of recording our legacy.


2,000,000B.C to 200,000B.CEdit

From archealogical records of my race, our race actually began within this time frame, though we were much different. Our spicies, Homo erectus, was thought to have evolved from another species Cercopithecus mona, although with all present and past technologies no link was ever found. Within this time, my race was believed to have formed simple tools and farming techniques.there will be two people to save us.

200,000B.C to 1A.DEdit

My race has evolved into Homo neanderthalensis and then into Homo sapiens. Within this time frame, agriculture and trade was developed and my race settled into the first major world countries - of which names out of histroy such as India and China are prevalent. The year 1A.D saw the first record of years for my race.


1A.D to 1,800A.DEdit

I would describe this age as the age of discovery, where my race, for the first time, realised that our planet (now on the verge of destruction) was a sphere. Within this time period, civilizations spread and grew, and our populations grew to around 4 billion.

1,800A.D to 1,945A.DEdit

This short period was one of both great triumph and great misery for our race. The beginning of the 1,800's saw great advances of technology. With this technology saw want of power. This caused the first (1,914 to 1,918A.D) and second (1,939 to 1,945A.D) great wars of my race.

1,945A.D to 2,035A.DEdit

My race continued to live in relative peace (in thanks to an organization then known as The United Nations, founded after the second major world war.) The name of nations that stood out within this period are America and China. Within this period, my race, due to its rapidly advancing technology, realised the harm they were causing to the planet (and did few things to stop it.) Destrcution was imminent, not from mankind himself, but from outer space. A massive meteor was scheduled to strike earth in the year 2,035A.D, and this caused mankind's greatest collaborative effort to save themselves (this effort, according to history, started around 2,025A.D)

2,035 to 2,574A.DEdit

Massive nuclear power were used to divert the meteor away from the earth, with sucess. The radioactive fallout was greater than anyone had predicted. Numerous mutations in the gene pool of not only mankind, but all other creatures as well, were observed. The effects of this fallout took more than 500 years to dissipate. The result being the furthur evolution of man into Homo neoplasia. After 500 years of abnormality, mankind's gene pool finally regulated with man having four toes increased length of arms and legs, resulting in a massive change of the aver hieght of a member of our race.

The western nations joined forces as the Allied West, the European nations became one and Africa split between Northern and Southern Africa (two distinct nations.) Within the latter years, the organization once known as the United Nations was on the brink of destruction with disagreements from all the member states and war was imminent between the Allied West, Europe and Southern Africa.

2,575A.D to 2,689A.DEdit

War! The longest war in mankind's history broke what was called the lesser peace: a period of relative peace starting from the ending of the second world war. The allied west, once the major powerhouse of the world, was slowly being disintegrated by Southern Africa and Europe, the remaining nations, now grossly underdeveloped and too poor to sustain themselves, were the ones who suffered the most during this period.

There was no compromise made for peace - instead, near the ending of 2,672A.D, a race of highly intelligent species from the planet Zen56 attacked our fragile race. It became apparant that they were waiting for the opportune moment to attack earth, and the time had come. With a massive collaborative effort that rivalled that made in 2,025A.D to save earth from the meteor.

Man's inferior technology mixed with his arrogant will proved more than sufficient for the surprised Zenins. I am sorry to say that near the closing of the year 2,689A.D, the entire Zenin race was annihilated, due to mankind's destructive power. (The Zenins had left their home planet Zen56 since it had become unfit for their form of life - since mankind was responsible for the destruction of every member of that race that came to earth, then it was safe to assume that we were responsible for their extinction.)


1N.E to 154N.EEdit

The spring of 2,690A.D saw the ushering of a new age in the world of men. With the studying of the Zenin's technology, mankind was finally abled to master the technology of short distances space flight - improving on what they previously called space flight, but which was nothing more than child's play for all the other races of the universe.

The project which started in the early to mid 21st century A.D to colonise the planet Mars was finally completed. Carefully selected individuals of my race (about 3 billion of them) were transported to the New Earth. Hence this age became known thus.

The term had ambiguous meaning for those who lived during that period. Coupled with the inhabittation of Mars came a strong peace. Mankind, maybe for the first time in its long history, saw the the importance of peace. People on Earth and Mars lived in a strong peace that rivaled even the relative peace in the late 20th to early 21st Centuries A.D)

The organization known as the United Nations was destroyed upon the starting of the Third World War, which started in 2,575A.D. A new organization, comprising of people from both Mars and Earth now founded the Twin Planetary Union - to ensure that this peace lasts.

155N.E to 230N.EEdit

Interplanetary communication became possible from previous discoveries made from the Zenin technology, and with it came the united urge from most of mankind to wipe out most of these races - before they do the same to ours. There was mass-fear that most alien technologies were far more advanced than ours. The peace between members of the human race continued.

A movement called Uniting the Galaxy, (or UG) was formed, being led by a Dr. Jarek Jona-10. He managed to gather numerous followers, along with numerous opposition (especially from the government officials.)

In the year 198N.E, another race of aliens called the Andromedians (from the Andromeda system) paid a peaceful visit to earth. The UG movement had welcomed them, but the Twin Planetary Union, fearing another invasion, captured the messenger Andromedians and persecuted them along with the UG followers that were caught with them.

This sparked a rift between Earth and Mars - since most of the UG followers were Martian. (Dr. Jarek Jona-10 was an Eartian.) This rift between the planets did not stop the UG movement, although it separated Dr. Jona-10 from a majority of his followers - which led to his persecution in 230N.E, though not beforing sending serious concerns for interplanetary peace with our alien neighbours in space.

231N.E to 264N.EEdit

The Andromedians were a much more powerful race than the human race initially imagined. The year 231N.E saw the first strategic move made by the Andromedians to avenge the death of the few members of their race.

They Adromedians disrupted the delicately balanced meteor belt between Mars and Jupitor, result in significant meteor showers on both Earth and Mars. Throughout the thirty-three earth years (between 231 and 264N.E) meteors continued to strike the two human inhabited planets causing serious damage, especially to the young and vulnerable Mars.

Then, inter-solar tansportation was not yet discovered, and mankind was without an offensive against a more powerful race. The Uniting the Galaxy, in a desparate effort, tried to send peace messages to the Andromedian race.

265N.E to 490N.EEdit

The second strategic move came within this time period, whereby they launched well calculated attacks, not on Mars or Earth, but rather our Sun. Mankind was totally oblivious to the nature of the attacks, which became more and more apparant as the years went by.

The Sun slowly lost its potency over the 25 Earth Years (hence forth referred to as E.Y) and in the year 490N.E, the sun went out all together.

Throughout these years, mankind were seeking alternative ways in producing energy to compensate for the cooling of the sun. These included the exhaution of Nuclear Energy and the development, perfection and controll of Fusion Power. Although they were well aware that, like Nuclear Energy, Fusion was also a limitable, non-renewable resource.

490N.E to 623N.EEdit

These first E.Y after the cooling of the Sun forced mankind to seek warmer temperatures. The Human population on Earth shrunk to about two billion. The remaining humans on Mars returned to their home planet, since the already significantly destroyed Mars could not survive a permanent winter.

The oceans of the world were frozen over, and almost all the planet's forests were killed. Man himself was forced to adapt: Our hairs grew longer, warming our arms, legs and face. around 600N.E, it was discovered that the depts of the oceans were warmer, and still support a form of organic life.

Mankind was forced to live on the ocean floor, where they developed their fusion power. They year 623N.E marked the date when all of Earth's humans were submerged, and there were no other signs of terrestial life. Hence forth, the years were called the Dark Ages (D.A) (The year 1D.A was the year that the sun was exterminated, hence the year 624N.E became known as 133D.A)


133D.A to 1057D.AEdit

The Andromedians had left our galactic system.

In the dark depts of the oceans, our eyes grew more rudimentary. The moisture forced us to develop scales. The ice covering the oceans were lengtening, and with our limited resources, we were unable to venture unto the Earth's surface.

With the help of a few scientists, we developed a method whereby we harnessed the energy of the water vapours and warm gases that evolved from the mantle through cracks in the ocean trenches.

The oganisms at this dept had evolved, becomming more alien-like than their ancestors a few millenia ago. Mankind itself had evoloved, and they now called themselves Homo scalus.

Our numbers grew again to around four billion. Multiple bubble cities lined the ocean floors. Man, again, was king of his planet. There were no other organic life-forms (not including the alien-like life-forms living off the sulphur gases and steam from the mantle0 remaining on earth.

By the year 1055D.A, we were comfortable with ourselves again, and everone had hoped that the Andromedians had exacted revenge enough for the few of their kins that we've destroyed. The year 1057A.D saw the first time that a human set foot on the surface of the earth since 132D.A (623N.E)

1,058D.A to 1,296D.AEdit

It was cold and dark, although the countless stars lit the sky at all times. The few years following the extinction of the sun, all terrestial life-forms were taken with it. Now, so many years later, there were signs of new life.

There were only three species of organisms found on the surface of the earth: The frist two were forms of autotrophs, one was a fixed plant-like organism and the second a form of bacteria (these lived around and fed mainly on vulcanic material and gases, and lived on their warmt) the third was the most spectacular creature mankind had ever seen (it was a flat manta-like organism that lay on the thick ice and received their energy from the starlight and by feeding on the bacteria-like organism - they were particularly surprising because they used so little energy to support their massive size.)

Following the first expedition to the surface, many more were followed, which resulted in a small settlement of humans to be created around active volcanoes. A total of two million people had moved to the surface, and they, appart from being there to study the changes of the planet, were to act as watchdogs against the Andromedians or any other alien life-form.

Many of these two million were the remnants of the Uniting the Galaxy movement, and this time they were prepared to first try peaceful negotiations first before being hostile.

Their first encounter with another form of alien life came in 1,297D.A

1,297D.A to 1,625D.AEdit

Unidentified crafts landed near the active volcano of Sulith Angmagmar, the largest terrestial settlement of humans. At first, the humans thought that these aliens were the return of the Andromedians, here to ensure the extinction of the human race, but it was not so.

These aliens were the Mangot's, a less advanced race of aliens than the Andromedians. Their home planet had been destroyed by the Zenins a very long time ago, and ever since they had been living and progressing on their space station, slowly drifting through the galaxy looking for another home planet.

The UG movement welcomed them, with some disgust to the remaining of the population. The Mangots were more at home on earth than the humans, since they were from a colder climate and the temperature in their space station was cold due to the conservation of energy.

The species that lived above ground (of which only three were previously mentioned - four more were discovered in the following years) were now being hunted by the humans for food and sport. Many of the non-mobile ones developed defensive manuevers which included locomotion and poisions. However, live so many ages ago, mankind was being responsible for the extinction of species.

For the first two hundred years, the terrestial humans and the Mangots lived in peace, sepparate from each other. However, in the year 1,403D.A, a daring Mangot sneaked into the human settlement of Sulith Angmagmar. He was executed on site, which sparked a civil unrest between the humans and the Mangots.

This unrest broke into full war around 1,582D.A. A war which subsided in 1,625D.A after the Mangots shared with the humans a peice of their technology: the Mangot's constructed bio-mechanical suits which promoted thier metabolic processes even in cold temperatures.

1,626D.A to 3,245D.AEdit

The terrestial humans and the aquatic humans lived sepparated throughout this time, and communication was lost between the two races.

Above ground, the Mangots and the humans became closer until they became a single species. Their co-operation saw the utilization of a form of energy source which called for a massive effort to mass-melt all the ice on the earth's surface.

I am unable to report much of the doings of the terrestial humans since they had long been out of communication with those of us below the dark waters.

The year 3,245D.A saw the return of the Andromedians, who killed all the humans, Mangots and all forms of interbred species above the surface of planet earth. Those of us below the surface was again saved, though we were unsure for how long.

3,246D.A to 3,532D.AEdit

The nature and events of the war that occured above the ice of planet earth were unknown to us below its dark waters. We guessed much that happenned. Our best calculations showed that the allied humans and mangots put up the greatest resistance against the Andromedians so far. An Andromedian ship, destroyed though still salvageable, was recovered by my race below the oceans. This marked the first time in the great wars between the two races that we were able to get a chance to study their technology.

Throughout the many years after the first humans stepped above the surface again, those of us below the surface were slowly adapting. It was discovered that we were able to breathe in water (via sensitive organs, much unlike gills in fishes that lives so many years ago) though for short periods. Hence, our new race was called Homo aquatica. After a few hundred years (around 3,000D.A) this organ was perfected, and humans were now able to swim the great expanse of the oceans.

Our bubble cities still remained for two reasons: 1) Our machines were still unable to operate in water and 2) We were unable of any form of communication other than speach, which needed air.

From the Andromedian ship, we were able to decipher the secrets behind the Andromedians' Inter-galactic flight. Though the means to make such a flight possible was still beyond my race. We also managed to decode the Andromedians language patterns and were able to intercept their inter-galactic communication system.

This communication system can in handy. At the start of the 35th century D.A, we intercepted information from the Andromeda System; the hostile aliens were planning to revive earth's sun in the hope of inhabiting earth - they had thought that mankind was finally extinct. This sparked a New Hope in the hearts of the humans, who were eartnestly waiting for the revival of the sun and the chance to defend their homeland against the Andromedians when they returned.


1N.H to 143N.HEdit

The Andromedians begun the revival of the sun, with planetary bases on Venus, Earth and Mars. Throughout this long age, the people of my race just looked on, hopefully, until the day our sun will be revived.

Also, throughout this time, we were constantly examining their movements, and learning of their ways, in the hope that when the time comes, we will be ready to do battle with them for our deal planet.

The year 143N.H, the Andromedians left. We were unable to discern why. The sun had not been fully revived. The partial light and heat comming from the sun was not sufficient for any kind of supported life-forms on the surface of the planet - yet.

144N.H to 547N.HEdit

We had discovered the reason for the abandonment of earth by the Andromedians. They had discovered that the human race was not eradicated, and so they had returned home to prepare for one finaly assult on mankind. But when this assult was to commence was unsure. throughout this time, the entire human race was focused on one thing, the creation of weapons to defend themselves in what may turn out to be either our final or our greatest stand yet.

The Andromedians either disconnected their link with the human-found ship, or otherwise changed their inter-galactic communication systems, but in the year 547N.H, mankind was again left in darkness about the doings of the Andromedians.

548N.H to 1,653N.HEdit

There is much to report on during this period, that may considered to be the greatest (and by some the worst) advancements made by our race to date. This included both advancement in our technology as well as in our biological structures.

The first human to communicate by telepathy goes back for eons, however, 548N.H saw the recognition of such abilities as useful. Since then, all communications were done by telepathy, and mankind slowly lost their ability to talk.

We developed our technology that made water the basic element of life and technology - all our machines were run by water powered engineering. At the height of this technology, a single litre could power an entire city for a day. We had also maaged the technology required for inter-galctic flight - as was discovered from the crashed Andromedian craft.

Eventually, sometime during this time, we also lost the ability to breathe gaseous oxygen, and began to rely wholely on dissolved oxygen. This, coupled with the water powered technology, saw to the destrucion of the bubble cities, which were no longer needed.

It was noted that with telepathy, came a uniform sense of advancement - a one sould one mind idea. The entire human race began thinking like a single well-oiled machine. It was during this time that the idea that the human race might become extinct was surfaced. Beyond all doubt, the survival of the race was priority.

This is what brought about the design of Earth's Hope.

1,654N.H to 1,658N.HEdit

The last war.

The Andromedians had returned, and dived for the first time into the depts of the ocean. They technology was unmatchable, but the environmet favored the humans. For the first two years of this five year war, the humans were winning.

However, the Andromedian's tactical mind drove the war closer to the surface until the humans could no longer give chase. Their they waited for a further three years while the humans continually attacked and spied on that great race.

It was through one such spy that we had learnt of the final plot in the Andromedians war plan - they had finally decided to destroy the entire planet as a desparate hope to get rid of mankind.

There was nothing we could do to stop it, save one: Earth's Hope. Its small size could only accomodate nine people, and it is with deep regret that I must say that I was one of those chosen.

On the 249th day of the year 1,658N.H, the entire planet called Earth was destroyed by a multitude of Andromedian missiles, while nine of us excaped, hopefully unknowingly, in the debris of our beloved planet.


Our ship sails through the galaxy, the debris of earth had long since stopped following. Our sensors had indicated that the Andromedians were unaware of our escaping. It was a shame that such a small thing as killing a few of the Andromedians so many millenia ago sparked such a great war that almost resulted in the extinction of man.

The ship has now run low on fuel - water. We had diverted the water we use to breathe into the fuel chambers, and now we are running low on life itself.

As I look around the room, i'm not sure who is still alive, many of my compatriots seemed dead. I try to reach out to them telepatically, no response.

The water is almost gone, and i'm dehydrating.

There is a light now, hopefully it's death.

Spectacular! Even after so much effort, your race continues to live on in the nine of you.

Something spoke telepatically, but it was none of my companions, it was the light.

I am the soul of the Andromedian race. I am very much like what the human race would have become if you were not so destructive. I am here to simply answer your question. The Andromedian are not a hostile race; it was you humans who first attacked us, and by so doing harm me - their soul. It is only fitting that they exacted a fitting punishment.

The lights of the stars beyond the window of Earth's Hope began moving faster - against mathematical calculations, we were moving faster than light.

And now, I will show mercy upon your race. I will make sure that you will not be able to make advancements beyond this time - you time is over.

The ship seemed to have stoped - no we were still moving and fast. There was a bright light beyond the window of our craft. such a light was only seen during the final explosion of earth, was that what was happenning to our craft?

The was emmense heat, all the water was now gone from the ship. Fire encircled our ship, and we were plumetting downwards. I had given up hope, then there was a splash.

A New EarthEdit

We had landed in a large pool of water. It was a strange planet, but the perfect one. It was much like earth was, though vastly different. There were no terrestial animals or plants, and a majority of the planet was a vast ocean. It was perfect for the continuation of mankind (since we are now a purely aquatic race.)

It had been nearing twenty years since we first landed on this watery planet. We have established ourselves, and the population of nine had now grown to sixteen.

I now take upon myself the task of going to the surface, in the nights, to determine exactly where in our massive universe we were. From my calculations, we were the second (or third) planet is a system of eight (or nine) planets. The systems around us told me that we were still in the Milky Way Galaxy. But something seems wrong - according to my calculations, we were on planet Earth.

The soul of the Andromedian race had sent us back to the beginning of Earth, before human was recorded in history (including this history.) We were before the time that any major evolutionary changes were made.

I chuckled to myself. The age-long question from where man evolve had been answered - We evolve from ourselves. I begin to see it now, the changes that would be made (or rather the reversals,) we would soon come to live upon the land, stand erect and create massive civilizations. But then we would again make the same dreadful mistake which would result in our extinction and the cycle would continue.

There is only one hope that we break out of this cycle, and that is this article. It is my hope that when man rediscovers speach and language, and is rebuilding our great civilizations, that they would read this article, and never again make that mistake.

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