These are a major part in The Premordial Scripts because they have been founded as the current heroes in the scripts. Because of these heroes, we see some of them rather frequently.

Main CharactersEdit

Tanil -

Emperor Madir -

Kiem Chentis of Purieas -

Avias -

Luadim -

Ruphir -

Kiljri -

Zuzuri -

Avi -

Supporting CharactersEdit

Tanil and the Iron KingEdit

Question of RealityEdit

A Game of FateEdit

The Journeys of KiemEdit

Kiem's Triumph of TulgirEdit

The Nest of BirdsEdit

Luadim and the ProphecyEdit

Head of a TailEdit

The Laments of HeavenEdit


Gods AlikeEdit

Zuzuri and the Glass PalaceEdit



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