Majin Gaiden is a Japanese Fighting Game made in 2014 and was named the best fighting game in history. It found itself in the Gamer's Hall of fame and was awarded with the Grand Prix. GameInformer gave it a 10 out of ten and Gamespot gave it a five star.

In the world of Akei, the seven demon lords planned to invade and the Street fighter, Tenchi Musuko must stop them before they destroy all he loves and his honor in the Akuma World Tournament. He must fight against and alongside with 15 characters to defeat many enemies to save the world, or else!

Tenchi MusukoEdit

Tenchi Musuko is the main Protagonist of Majin Gaiden. Tenchi is also one of the strongest characters in the game. His Age is 47 and his height is 5"10. His weight is 179 IBs. and he is from Kiseki village.


Born to the Musuko family of Kiseki, he is the eldest of the two children. he was taken away to the Kochi Temple not too far away. He was raised in the way of the Kage and became a demonslayer. He spent his childhood training and becoming stronger, but in turn he also learned from the Kochi priests about the demon lords and their strength. his determination is to become the strongest fighter in the world. He trained for 14 years straight and became the toughest fighter of the Kochi Temple. He was let go as he wanted to prove his strength. He entered the Akuma World tournament and fought his way through many opponents. As he came to the third round, he was chosen to fight his own sister, Yume Musuko who entered the tournament at age 15. As he underestimated her, he nearly lost against his own little sister who was faster than him. He finally knocked her out with a single blow and she went down. The next round he fought Dengen. As he was fighting him, he was nearly swept off his feet. He fought him for 15 minutes when finally, Dengen was knocked out from exaustion. The Semi-finals was the fight against Tate Yohito, who bested him due to Tenchi's exaustion. Tenchi faced defeat until he realized the final fighter is Beruze, the Demon lord of Sin. Tate lost to Beruze and tenchi came up to fight him, but lost to Beruze's Power. The Kochi Temple took him in after he was defeated and gave him even more power than before. They unleashed his kuraichi, his dark energy. Tenchi now felt strong enough to best him.


After three months, the Akuma Regional Tournament happened once more and Tenchi felt compelled to participate. He joined and was too overwealming for other competitors, but Yume Came back once more, this time even faster. Tenchi defeated her, but with a loss. he lost function in his left leg because of a pressure point. he then fought in the Semi-finals and fought against Tsume Kodomo, the star witch of the north. tsume overpowered Tenchi, but he fought back and won. Tsume also brought function back to his left leg and gave him a fighting chance against Yoake Hashimoto. Yoake did weaken Tenchi, but was taken out by Tenchi's Shadow Strike. he went onto the Finals before the world tournament and fought Ochiru, the head of the Taiyo gang. Tenchi fought him in a very tough battle and nearly lost to him, but was given more strength to fight. He finally won and receive the 20,000 Okane given by the world champion who would challenge him. Beruze came and saw his face only to recognise him as Tenchi. He fought Tenchi once more and this time, Tenchi overpowered him and won. Beruze was then banished to the demon realm and was never to return. Tenchi celebrated with his family and his sister challenged him once more. Yume fought and lost a third time and asked to become friends. Tenchi agreed and finally, brother and sister became friends. they all had fun and he didn't realize the fun hasn't begun just yet.

Second TournamentEdit

Tenchi finally entered into the world Tournament and was placed in the advance unit. In Tag Fight, he fought alongside with his sister, Yume and won the entire Tag Fight League. He Then fought in the advanced league and fought to the third round where he met Dengen who lost to Tenchi and swore his alliegence to Tenchi. he accepted and Tengen left for home. The next round was easier and the semi-finals was the final fight between Tenchi and Tsume. During the battle, Tsume claimed that Tenchi was Beruze in disguise. Tenchi proved he wasn't by showing the head of Beruze. Tsume quit the tournament and left for the north. The finals was a fight between Tenchi and Yoake. Yoake tried to overpower Tenchi with her Seigyo strike, but was struck down before she finished. Yoake joined Tenchi and helped him in his goal. As he left, he fought Tsume once more and finally became friends with her. Upon leaving, he returned to his home to find it in ruins along with his sister. he finds out that his father was taken because of his knowledge of the Kage Stone. Tenchi chased after the demon lord Yokubo who threatens to kill his father if he doesn't know anything. He makes it to the Ishio Temple. There he found he must fight three demons to reach his father. His first fight was with Hokon. He fought him and lost. yume took over and fought the Demon, but lost to the demon's speed and taunting. Just as victory was lost, Dengen came along with Tate and Tsume. Yoake was waiting outside the temple and was angry because of his wife. Dengen fought first and won. Hokon went down without a fight. The next fight was between Tate and Namakemono. Namakemono nearly won, but was overpowered by Tate's new move, Gatling strike. Namakemono confessed that the Kage stone is too powerful and must be destroyed. They moved on and finally, Tsume fought Yoku. Yoku nearly overpowered her with his special move, Hell Stone. As all hope was almost lost, Tsume fought against him with her star Style kung fu. Tenchi watched as it was won and he finally entered into the kage Chamber. There was Yokubo with his father. Tenchi fought Yokubo in a final battle and lost the first round, but second round was different. The fight was 5 hours long and finally ended with Tenchi's Shadow Strike. He got his father back and won the round. He returned home and started the reconstruction of his house.


He Continued his training for three years and finally participated in the tournament once more. He fought his sister first who lost to a simple punch. The next fight was Tsume who gave up to him by forfeiting the fight. The next fight was Dengen. Dengen went down with quite a fight.

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