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Novels and Short stories

How to add a new novel or short story (for more details, see the FAQ):
  1. Edit List of novels for a novel, or List of Short Stories for a short story.
  2. Write the name of your new work [[between square brackets]]. Leave a blank line between works.
  3. Save the edited version of that page.
  4. Click the name of the new work.

Shared universes in Novelas

A Shared universe is a literary technique in which several different authors share settings and characters which appear in their respective works of fiction, often referring to events taking place in the other writers' stories. It can also be called a "shared setting."
World Shared universes or shared settings
Contains a list of shared universes in Novelas
World Alternative History
Some stories may take place in an alternative version of history.
World Television series ideas
Submit your television show idea (live-action or animated) as a shared universe for episode scripts
World Fan Fiction
in which a pre-existing shared universe is the basis of new stories.

About Novelas

Victor Hugo

Victor Hugo (1802-1885)

Novelas is aimed at co-operative fictional writing. Current content on this site includes Spanish novels and English novels. You can help by editing the existing novels, add a word to the one-word-at-a-time story, or start your own! Any language is welcome on this wiki. Make sure you give a rating of the persons novel if you happen to read it as well as leave a note if time permits in the discussion area.
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Collaborations and WikiStories

House Neverending
Fantasy with no borders
House Imagipedia
Free imaginary encyclopedia
House Story Tree
Forks in the plot
House The Blank Story
You add the details
House Interactive Fiction
Write Choose-Your-Own-Adventure stories!
House One-word-at-a-time
One word per visit

Featured Content

Book Forgotten Planet
Science Fiction
Book Strings of Fire
Science Fiction
Book Goods
A Forgotten Student
Book Enforcers Japan
Science Fiction
Book The Seventh Denotation
A fantasy Novel

Short Stories:
Novela X-Seven
Novela Luke's Legacy
Science Fiction
Novela Cold Case

Shared Universes:
World The Collectiverse
Shared Universe
World GNUheroes
Shared Universe
World Wikiverse
Shared Universe
Stub Lisa

Book Who Wants to Be... American?
Book DNA Double Helix
Alternative History
Quest Quest
Interactive Fiction
Quest 3Wishes
Interactive Fiction
Quest Chandler's Bookstore
Interactive Fiction


This Wikia can be used for all types of fictional writing, and to discuss the area of fictional writing. To add a new type of fictional work, add it to the list below.

Tasks Scripts
Write scripts for television, film, and radio
Tasks Movie ideas
Submit your movie idea (live-action or animated)
Tasks Narrative Poems
Poems with stories
Tasks Character List
People in Novelas stories
Tasks Sandbox
Experiment Here

Please note everything you write here can be not only freely copied, but freely edited or even erased, without mercy. Sometimes we even erase without any reason, just for fun, specially me and Serprex. If you don't (or can't) agree with these terms, please do not write here. See Novelas:General disclaimer.

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