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The Fiction wikia invites you to interactively create short novels and all other kinds of fiction, including fan fiction, scripts for film, television or plays, and more. Read, rate and review our stories: There are templates to make it easy. Even more, you can get a featured article like those ones below.

This wikia is also aimed at co-operative creative writing and has its own IRC channel. Current content on this site includes novels, stories, and more... in English, Spanish, French and other languages. If you want a Spanish-only wikia, go to Ficciones. Unfamiliar with wikis? Consult our help portal.

There is a guide to writing where you can read and write about the topics of creation, inspiration, constant reading, proofreading and more. You can expand it if you like.

We have 2,434 stories since 11 January, 2005. You can see All pages here.

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March: Solman's Into the Graveyard is a short journey into one of the many phenomena that shadow our world, just beyond our reach

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