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il n'y a rien à faire

The result of pacman -Syu. I run that after hitting AltQ to open a terminal. Then hit AltS, to open SciTE. Which has lead me to write this now

I came into a room smelling of cooking. Kae's cooking something like cinnamon rolls. It's fresh: I don't have much of a sense of smell. (She moved in two days ago. There was something rotting in the kitchen. I didn't know) I don't look for her, since I have to write this first

I'd unlocked the door twice. First I turned it left. I've done that a few times. I was too busy thinking about how to describe my rather prompt behavior. I almost ran into a man wearing red as I rushed out of the half open elevator. He said whoa. Then he said sorry. I didn't say anything

I'd been walking around the elevator in circles. Feeling the texture of the wall. (I like walking in circles. My apartment is a loop. My house was a loop. I'd walk in circles. Until someone told me I was making them dizzy. It's how I brush my teeth. I didn't brush my teeth today. I remembered that when in class it was said that the guy had trouble remembering if he brushed his teeth (Memory is a funny thing. I don't find it that spectacular. I memorize pi when I'm bored. It means my life is going nowhere))

The elevator had already been on ground. I hit the elevator up arrow, it lit red. Upon releasing it, it flashed off. The door opened. I entered, hit 4, then the close button. It took a couple seconds more to close. It's not a phony close button

Before getting into the elevator, a little girl made eye contact as I rushed by. More on her earlier later

Mail for VV. I don't know the man. I get his mail. I did as I was once told: fished out a pen, wrote Blacklist, and pushed it into the mail return slot

I'd overshot the mail key too far to the left. I was walking towards it from the right. I didn't think there was mail when I opened the door, but I still put my hand in. It pulled out an envelope. It probably wasn't for me

A man holds the door for me. I stand behind him while he unlocks the second door. He pulls it open, as it's automatic opening is rather slow. I was annoyed when some other guy had pulled the door too soon after I'd unlocked it once, but it was too soon. So the door shut, and I had to unlock it again. He looked humble when I glared at him for that. He still pulled the door open the second time. He heads left, for the elevators. I head right, for the mail room. A girl is sitting with her mother on the gray bench beneath a print of a work by Monet. The mother's head is wrapped in white

I cut off the man from Cogeco after walking over the filled in tar of a pot hole

yargs. It plays Radio Sun 3 by Tied & Tickled Trio. I couldn't stand writing in silence anymore

I notice a Cogeco van while walking forward while remembering how I'd charged a squirrel, thus making it switch which tree it was heading towards. I'd noticed another squirrel on the sidewalk. They're grounded due to the season

I usually go in the side and take the stairs. But I'm checking mail, so I overshoot to the main entrance. I'm executing this choice while half falling down a hill while thinking about my opinion of this Existentialism course. I'll omit the profanity

I'm hearing Kae in the kitchen. I spied her at the closet. We haven't talked yet. She shut the closet

French toast. She gave me a plate with four slices and two pieces of cheese. I smile at her, and she tells me "I just realized I have a mouse now"

I'lln't go further back. It doesn't matter that I went to the bookstore and bought fifty dollars worth of books and all that cal. I was only intending to write about checking my mail. It's the first thing I've noticed I don't consciously do. Locking and unlocking in general