His Name was Winston Coleridge. A half-drunken, Half-blind Professional Computer hacker whose worked his way through the different cycles of the cynical life of Corporate Giants to get a spot in the Havana Computer Company. 27 years of age, he called himself a poor excuse for a Human Being and wondered if he should live at all, but because of the lover that he was paid to love, he had given up the Ideas of Suicide.

He continued typing away at the Keyboard with the pressure of the company breathing down his neck. An A-Grade Migraine, a Bruised Arm and a Dislocated Shoulder showed his struggle getting home last night. He almost didn't make it, but something led him back.

Tammy: Yeah, I heard it on the News.

Winny: Wasn't it Scary?

Tammy: They Said the Explosion was only small and didn't affect anybody really.

Winny: ...

Winny: ...

'Tammy: Yeah?

Winny: Be Back Soon. Love You, Tam-Tam!

Tammy: Dad!

Winston noticed in the left corner of his eye a couple of suits coming to the door. They had suitcases and from the looks of it, they also had guns. Winston took his .45 and shoved it in the back of his pants. He rushed to the door and opened it.


"Mr. Winston Coleridge?"

"What of it?" I asked. They looked at each other and I noticed one was slowly reaching for his gun. I quickly slammed the door and jumped out of the way. They fired through the door, trying to break it down. Winston pulled his .45 and readied to fire. The First man shot was the first one to break in.

"Get out of the way!" The head of the suits came bursting into the room with a Desert Eagle; a little unnecessary for this kind of situation. Winston jumped out of the way and got a hold of his Jericho 945 on the counter and prepared to fire the half loaded gun.

The blast rang and shot Winston backwards as he aimed with precision at the head of the suits. He hit the wall and his shoulder immediately reacted to it, sending him into a world of hurt. His migraine flared up and caused a terrible aching in his head that forced him asleep.

The other suits came rushing into the room and got ahold of Winston and dragged him into the car. He caught very few glimpse of what happened next, but it became clear they wanted him for something.

"Your name is Winston Coleridge. A.k.a. Netrunner." A voice in the room said. They removed the bag from his head revealing a very bright room. Winston tried to get back to his senses after a while and noticed that the man was a very finely dressed suit that wore a badge of the Net Police.

"They also call me A-Jack, Jack Shit, Jackie Chan, Jack Lee." He became very sarcastic at the last ones. The man frowned, lunged at Winston and slapped him.

"We demand Discipline."

"You demand Totalitarianism." Winston sneered.

"We're not Dictators, Mr. Coleridge. We're Free Men who want a Free and Peaceful World."

"What about that program you guys were cooking up?" The guy began to pay more attention and became curious of what he was talking about.

"Yes? What's the Program?"

"Ha!" Winston began chuckling and then giggled. "You tell me you don't know? Then how come the computer is more advanced than your incomprehensible brains?"

"What Computer?" They began to sound very enforcing and they were more demanding.

"If I tell you, you must keep it a secret. My Migraine's too big right now and I can't risk the world for it."

"What Computer?" He began raising his voice and started shouting it.

"Fine!" Winston Shouted back. "I'll tell ya! It's the BWSC program you guys have been trying to work on! It won't work, I tell ya! It requires somebody with a brain wave magnitude of over 19 BM to be able to start it up!"

The man smiled and looked at the security guard, almost as if to tell him, "Take him out back and kill him. He's of no use anymore."

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