I was walking down the hall one day. I saw someone coming toward me. I stopped and stared to see who it was, and by golly if it wasn't a female geek. Oh, oh, how beautiful she was with her red hair in pigtails. Oh, oh, how comely she was with her porcelain-white buck-teeth. Oh, oh, how absolutely gorgeous she was with her indigo-blue eyes behind magnifying glasses and those cute, cute freckles spread 'cross her cheeks.

Though most would have probably shunned her, I said, "hello, beautiful."

She stopped to look at me, and she took off her glasses. Gosh, her eyes were even more beautiful without the glasses.

She said, "hello, handsome."

Oh, oh, her voice was so heavenly; it sounded like an angel was playing a harp, and, and she kissed me on my blushed cheek.

She said to me, "thank you for being so kind as to call me beautiful."

I responded saying, "you're welcome."

Then, then she asked me out to dinner. Oh, oh, my gosh, gosh, gosh, I am going out with a girl who is a geek . . . I think I may faint.

Before I leave you with this story unfinished, I have but one last thought to impart: "I love girls, and that should be obvious. The thing that may not be so obvious is that I especially love the ones that are geeks. I am such a sucker when it comes to female geeks."

On that very night, I and she went out for dinner at Bojangles'. Oh, oh, her smile was so, so beautiful, and she was so cute when she blushed. I asked the girl her name. She said her name was "Teri." She even spelled it out "T-E-R-I." Oh, oh, what a beautiful, beautiful name was Teri.

I even said, "oh, you have such a beautiful name." She giggled because she was flattered. Then, then she kissed me on the lips, and she began to cry.

I asked, "what's wrong?"

She said, "I am so, so happy that a boy did not shun me. Thank you so much for being so kind." Because of her crying, I began to cry too. I got up from the table.

I told her, "get up," and she did. We shared an embrace, which left tear-stains on my white shirt because she had buried her head in my chest. After she finished crying, we sat back down to eat, and, and for the rest of night, we had a grand, grand time.

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